Billy Cravens, top Coldfusion developerView Profile
Billy Cravens4.9
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Spring, United States

Ruby on Rails, Angular2, jQuery, DevOps on AWS, and more since 1999

I run the Houston ColdFusion Users Group. I've spoken on the CF Hour podcast. I've spoken at many ColdFusion conferences: cf.Objective(), RIACon, NCDevCon, Adobe MAX. I was a technical reviewer on Wrox's ColdFusion title. I've been using ColdFusion since version 4.0 (1999), and have also worked with Railo/Lucee and Open BlueDragon for 4+ years
Erik Gassler, Coldfusion freelance coderView Profile
Erik Gassler
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Winter Garden, United States

Full Stack .NET Developer

Coming from a C# background, I introduced a lot of new ideas to my peers using Coldfusion after being hired at Softrock Inc in 2011. The tech team at the time developed very linearly. Through my code I introduced them to object oriented programming. After only 4 months of using Coldfusion, I was training programmers with 4+ years of Coldfusion experience.
Roman Smolkin, top Coldfusion developerView Profile
Roman Smolkin5.0
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Pompano Beach, United States
The primary development language at my job, this has been the most important aspect of my job and where I have the most experience along with SQL Server.
Jeffry Houser, top Coldfusion developerView Profile
Jeffry Houser
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Meriden, United States

Experienced UI Programmer

Your project can benefit from my extensive experience powering web sites with ColdFusion. In the Y2K era I published three books on ColdFusion through Osborne McgrawHill and continue to use it on this day. I wrote the beginner’s column in the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal until its demise. One of my more recent projects includes a book about integrating Angular and ColdFusion. As a consultant, I worked on multiple client projects across many industries including eCommerce sites and internal business applications.
Adam Tuttle, Coldfusion freelance programmerView Profile
Adam Tuttle5.0
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Coatesville, United States

Doing Web & Mobile since Web & Mobile became things. I dream in code.

I've been developing applications with ColdFusion since 2000, served as a CF User Group Manager, Adobe Community Professional for ColdFusion, and was a member of their Customer Advisory Board.
Matt Dyer, freelance Coldfusion programmerView Profile
Matt Dyer
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Kalispell, United States

Full Stack Web Developer

As part of a team I developed a complete ecommerce system written in cfml. We designed the database and wrote the whole system ourselves. The features include, product catalog management, payment gateway integration, shipping integration with all major carriers, integration with Ebay and Amazon, import and export of products, and many other features.
Justin Auch, Coldfusion freelance programmerView Profile
Justin Auch
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Grand Forks, United States

Seasoned Team Lead with Design and Development Experience.

16 years of Coldfusion development experience in many different technologies and companies. We have worked for the government(NASA), start ups, manufacturers, distributors, publishers, universities, and more.
Scott Widmer, Coldfusion freelance coderView Profile
Scott Widmer
Freelance Coldfusion developer in New Hartford, United States

Full stack CFML Developer / Designer

Experienced full stack web developer with a focus on frontend development, content management, backend programming and usability. Involved with all aspects of the development cycle. I have developed countless websites for large corporations as well as medium and small businesses throughout my 18+ years of experience. I’m most interested in content management, developing content and organization plans that can scale as needed and always working as efficiently as possible. Logical thinker, solution and results-oriented problem solver.
Paul Rojas, Coldfusion freelance developerView Profile
Paul Rojas
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Medellin, Colombia

Senior Full-stack Web Developer / Database Developer

Vast experience using this scripting language.
Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán, senior Coldfusion programmer for hireView Profile
Angel Chrystian Torres Guzmán
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Full Stack ColdFusion/JavaScript developer and Software Engineer

A lot of experience creating web applications with ColdFusion, Object Oriented Programming at the core of all my projects. In the last 6 years I've been implementing MVC specifically with Coldbox.
Techvalue Tree, senior Coldfusion developerView Profile
Techvalue Tree
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Hyderabad, India

Team of Web developers

Have been with CF for the beginning of my career.
Manuel Avelar, top Coldfusion developerView Profile
Manuel Avelar
Freelance Coldfusion developer in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
I did work for an oursource company, where I learn how to work with load balancers server, high-availability and more enterprise structured development.
Michael Bean, Coldfusion freelance coderView Profile
Michael Bean
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Bremerton, United States

Fullstack in Coldfusion, PHP, Java, and Python. Experience with Kubernetes, Docker, and Elasticsearch. Exposure to Golang. Great attention to detail.

I have submitted bugs to Adobe itself for the ColdFusion language. I have worked with both tag-based and non-tag-based ColdFusion.
Phil Harvey, Coldfusion freelance programmerView Profile
Phil Harvey4.9
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Atlanta, United States

Senior Web Developer, Application Architect, 15+ years experience

I am a senior web developer, specializing in backend/API development. I strive to strike an appropriate balance in my work between production and perfection, the pragmatic and the ideal. I love design discussions, weighing trade offs and coming to practical decisions that move us forward to implementation on firm ground. Known among my peers for quickly finding application to everyday problems from theoretical/philosophical foundations, I am a go to person for things like REST/Hypermedia API design, HTTP, caching, testing strategies, program correctness/software verification, code reviews, code quality, and software architecture.
Chris Tsongas, top Coldfusion developerView Profile
Chris Tsongas5.0
Freelance Coldfusion developer in Marysville, United States

Expert full-stack web developer with 17 years of agency, startup, and freelance experience.

I've taught for several code schools including Code Fellows, Portland Code School, and Thinkful. I recently published an online course about freelance web development, details are at

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