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I am full-stack web engineer and I work with Rails and Node. I am good at front-end as well. I use vim + tmux.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 5 years experience
This is my favorite programming language :) Sometimes I enjoy myself doing some metamagick with it :)
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
I use javascript for both back-end and front-end. I follow best javascript model and perfect understanding of it's object model.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
I'm quite good at PSD to HTML
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 5 years experience
I have successfully completed about 10 projects and am working with Rails since Rails 2. I usually use RSpec and Cucumber for my tests, SLIM for my templates, Sidekiq for background jobs and many more gems. Moreover, I understand how to do things by hand and currently I'm going deeper and deeper into the framework to look how do things work under the hood.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I used it in a couple of my projects. I use Express framework and Socket.io for my apps. Also, I'm the author and maintainer of the following node package: https://github.com/CodingFu/typeof
Jquery expert help jQuery - 4 years experience
I've used it for every web project I wrote. I use chaining and caching as i write jQuery, use it for ajax. Also I'm aware of it's more or less advanced features like Deferred objects.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 4 years experience
I know and use some stuff like joins, indexes, views and stored queries. However, usually my interaction with MySQL is done via ORM (namely ActiveRecord), although sometimes I write raw SQL.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I use git everyday in gitflow-like fashion.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 2 years experience
I generally prefer CoffeeScript to javascript, because it's faster to edit and read
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 2 years experience
I've created rich front-end with Backbone.js + Backbone.Marionette in two of my projects.
Server expert help Server - 10 years experience
I'm using linux for about 10 years and experienced in writing shell and init scripts, setting up software, updating configuration, monitoring process statuses and deploying node and rails apps to a server. Also, recently I started using Chef for server automation and I'm the happiest person when I see my servers setting up without me typing the commands in terminal for every single thing to set up.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 1 year experience
I've used it in one of my projects as a primary data storage.
typeof 3   1
node module extending typeof functionality
JavaScript CoffeeScript
mq 3   0
Translates http query string to mongoose query string
vds 1   3
VDS setup guide
LuckyNumbers 1   0
InterviewStreet Lucky Numbers problem solution in Ruby.
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Amazing mentor!
Houston Golden Jun 23, 2016

The best CodeMentor of all time.
Houston Golden Jun 22, 2016

Seva was a great in helping me solve a business issue I was stuck on with my Rails application. He quickly understood my needs and was a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend.
Remy Abdullahi Jun 21, 2016

Fast and effective. : )
Will Van Wart Mar 13, 2016

Seva is terrific! Thank you so much for your help! Really knowledgeable, really quick and really professional! Many kudos!
Surma Mar 04, 2016

I feel very pleased with the help Seva provided.
David Feb 20, 2016

Master at work...
Gustavo Pares Feb 05, 2016

Awesome help! really sat me through a bug that took ages to fix and solved it with me.
mark Feb 04, 2016

Best session I've had so far
Will Van Wart Feb 03, 2016

Seva was a big help with a Slack bot I am building!
Nate Hindman Feb 03, 2016

Always knows what do!!!
Basileo Feb 01, 2016

Expert and fast. (in this case Ruby on Rails and mySQL)
Caspar Nov 20, 2015

Awesome as ever.
Adam Knight Oct 28, 2015

Great job on helping fix a jquery issue I was having.
mikiah Sep 12, 2015

F***ing awesome.
Adam Knight Jul 31, 2015

Seva is the single best mentor I've worked with -- he's my secret weapon
Mike Mayer Jul 24, 2015

Seva is awesome! He helped solved the problems I had in no time at all!
Stephen Young Jul 21, 2015

Seva Rocks!
Ken Adler Jul 08, 2015

Really smart guy!
Ruben May 31, 2015

Great work!
rob Apr 26, 2015

Great job!
rob Apr 26, 2015

Seva is a magician
Mike Mayer Apr 25, 2015

Seva has been a great mentor and has helped me a lot. Very good experience with him.
Giancarlo Apr 13, 2015

Seva was awesome, got down to the root of my problem and we got it solved. He showed me alot along the way and we made great strides in refactoring my spaghetti code!
Glenn Espinosa Apr 13, 2015

He is a very good teacher and is very knowledgable.
Peter Lucas Apr 13, 2015

My problem was solved quickly and I couldn't be happier. I'd been scratching my head for hours and it was solved in minutes. Great mentor!!
Peter Lucas Apr 13, 2015

Very knowledgeable and quick to grasp what's going on. Explains things very well, and provided additional resources to check out to learn certain tricky new concepts in more depth.
Jason V. Apr 12, 2015

All the questions I needed answering were answered and he sorted out a problem I had. Can't say better than that!
Alistair Quinn Apr 09, 2015

Great guy, helped me with my code in minutes! Thanks
Joe Apr 08, 2015

So awesome!
Elie Schoppik Apr 07, 2015

Very Knowledgeable guy!!
marvin Apr 06, 2015

He definitely knows his stuff! Very helpful. While I wish he would have explained a bit more why he was doing what he was doing, the issue was resolved and I needed help quickly so I'm very happy with the outcome.
John Balladares Apr 03, 2015

Seva is the man! He's totally awesome -- can't wait to work with him again.
Mike Mayer Apr 03, 2015

Seva did an incredible job! Super happy with his work.
Stephen Young Mar 09, 2015

Great work as always!
Tyler Feb 22, 2015

Really recommend, fast, great guy. will use again for sure.
Adam Clarke Jan 18, 2015

Great guy.
Patrick Herold Nov 11, 2014

Great as always
Tyler Oct 11, 2014

Tyler Sep 13, 2014

Seva helped me implement a flexible shopping cart today! Great work, as always~
Houston Golden Sep 13, 2014

Great work again today! Seva flies through issues and creating new features at light-speed! ~ Cheers
Houston Golden Sep 12, 2014

Great work again, Seva! Will definitely ask for help the next time I'm stumped on a Rails bug. ~Cheers
Houston Golden Sep 11, 2014

Seva is a Javascript/Rails guru who works efficiently and communicates clearly. A+
Tyler Sep 10, 2014

This guy was Awesome x2
Devin Jackson Sep 10, 2014

Great help, as always!
Tyler Sep 10, 2014

Seva (aka CodingFu) was a great Coding Mentor! He helped solve my issues with CoffeeScript and the MapBox API and explained the debugging process in a way that really helped me understand how to avoid these issues in the future! I will definitely be contacting him again when I need help. Thanks!
Houston Golden Sep 10, 2014

Seva is an absolute guru and a class act. He was wonderful to work with and worth every penny.
Devin Flynn Sep 05, 2014

Seva is my go-to guy on Codementor. Really quick to identify problems and provide a fix. Highly recommend him.
Nate Hindman May 18, 2014

He was able to work through everything once again no problem
Jeff Horsch Apr 15, 2014

He was able to understand my coding problem right away and worked towards a solution at a very nice pace without any major bugs along the way. I will most definitely be working with him again. Thanks so much!
Jeff Horsch Apr 09, 2014

Steve Benjamins Apr 09, 2014

Seva did a great job helping me optimize my Node.js app.
Brad Cerasani Apr 08, 2014

Great problem solver =)
Paulo Fonseca Apr 06, 2014

Really helpful thoughts on how to work through our issues, think about tradeoffs, and manage server costs. Thanks!
Erik Lukas Apr 02, 2014

Second time I've used Seva. He was outstanding again. Solves everything quickly and correctly. Highly recommended.
James Ingallinera Apr 01, 2014

He is a wizard. Understood what I was doing immediately and flew through the code with ease. Best person I've used on this website so far.
James Ingallinera Mar 31, 2014

Seva was amazing. Really good at what he does. He knows his area very well. When in doubt he applies an efficient method to find a solution to something that might not be working. His ability to work through a problem is very effective. Great mentor to work with. I highly recommend him.
thiago velozo Mar 29, 2014

It's away a pleasure to be mentored Seva. Looking forward to the next session.
Anthony Francis Mar 23, 2014

Very helpful. Simply knows his rails!
Issam Mar 18, 2014

Great developer, knew exactly what he was doing!
James Jenkins-Yates Feb 06, 2014

Once again, super speedy and helped solve my problem. Looking forward to being mentored by Seva Rybakov again. :)
Anthony Francis Feb 06, 2014

Seva was vey helpful and quickly understood and solved my problem. I would recommend his services.
Anthony Francis Feb 06, 2014

Very nice person. He was really patient with my difficulties.
Fred Guth Jan 20, 2014

seva is a good guy, helpful, and pointed me in the right direction to fix my bugs.
EC Jan 19, 2014