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Nitin Surana

Nitin Surana

Java | Spring | Solr | Php | Js | jQuery | Backbone | MongoDB developer & Webscraper

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I am a full-stack developer with keen focus on debugging/solving problems. I have been working on java for more than 5 years now and have a total of 8+ years IT experience. Worked on a wide-range of technologies with Struts2 at height, I'm diving currently into the world of javascript. More details about me can be found on http://nitinsurana.com Feel free to ping me, if I can be of any help. If we cannot solve your problem then I will refund the session fees.
9 JavaScript
6 Java
5 jQuery
4 Backbone.js
Php expert help PHP - 3 years experience
Have written lots of scraping code using curl, phantom & casper js. Modified wordpress plugins. Written opencart and magento extensions/plugins.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 1 year experience
Completed MongoDB course for java (85%) Written few applications backed by MongoDB and using Java Currently, working on the MEAN stack.
No icon Spring - 3 years experience
3+ years. Good experience in core, mvc, security, rest, oauth, data.
No icon Apache solr - 2 years experience
Deployed multiple solr servers and connected with webapplications using java/spring & node.js backend. Experienced in full-text search, re-indexing, dynamic-schema.
Struts2-Examples 31   54
Struts2 Examples
CSS Java JavaScript
jsPlumb-Persistence 10   3
This plugin provides the ability to convert a jsPlumb diagram into a JSON & vice-versa. Hence, providing the ever missing feature of persistence in jsPlumb.
CSS JavaScript
Backbone-Cordova-Bootstrap-Boilerplate 6   3
Backbone RequireJs Bootstrap Boilerplate
D C# C++ Java Shell JavaScript Objective-C
Litecoin-Bitcoin-RPC-Java-Connector 3   4
A wrapper around the JSON-RPC provided by the bitcoin/litecoin
Vaadin-7-Examples-In-Maven 2   1
Vaadin 7 maven examples
CSS Java
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Amazing !!
yara Aug 21, 2016

Simply wonderful. Very knowledgeable, you will learn alot.
James Hala Aug 18, 2016

Nitin, is a long-term mentor. He is teaching me different s/w as well as basic concepts. He is outstanding and reliable.
Marcela Aug 18, 2016

Great lesson! Really helped me out.
Zoe Shaw Aug 11, 2016

Very helpful mentor. Made sure to explain everything to me and covered all of my issues. Highly recommend.
Zoe Shaw Aug 11, 2016

Once again Nitin helped me out tremendously!
Kenyon Johnston Aug 11, 2016

Great mentor
Nelson Ho Aug 09, 2016

Nitin was GREAT help. Very proficient and knowledgeable. I will be seeking his assistance in the near future again and again.
Kenyon Johnston Aug 07, 2016

Nitin was very helpful and knew how to troubleshoot my problem immediately, would love to work with him again
Arjun Iyer Jul 31, 2016

Fantastic work!
Eric Kotitschke Jul 31, 2016

Exceeds student's expectations!
Marcela Jul 28, 2016

Learning from Nitin has helped me tremendously in learning how to debug large programs.
Marcela Jul 26, 2016

Marcela Jul 26, 2016

Aweome ... quick catcher.. :)
Amar Jul 25, 2016

Another excellent session with Nitin!
Bryan Miller Jul 21, 2016

Nitin is not only an excellent programmer, but he can also communicate and explain. As well, he is patient. Thank you, Nitin
Marcela Jul 18, 2016

Did a quick session to help with some TDD using JUNIT in SPring, was very helpful.
Shravan Deolalikar Jul 18, 2016

Excellent mentor, can truly guide in problem solving.
Marcela Jul 11, 2016

Good work. work done as stated and quick.
Raj Jul 11, 2016

Excellent knowledge of software engineering. Thanks!
Marcela Jul 09, 2016

Nitin was very helpful. I am a long time developer but new to Backbone.js so his comments helped better understand the framework.
Bryan Miller Jul 01, 2016

I was interesting to see your work flow and research process. Will ask again for future help. Thanks!
Pat Oct 05, 2015

Really patient and very thorough.
Hannah Kim Sep 28, 2015

He has a wonderful grip on JQuery and a pin point approach to the problem. Look forward to have more sessions with him.
Sujith Gannamaneni Sep 17, 2015

Nation worked to understand my Javascript problem and came up with a solution very quickly!
Greg Garrison Aug 28, 2015

Awesome Mentor.. has so much knowledge on jquery, js, html, DOM,
Steve Apr 27, 2015

He is on point
Babafemi Apr 26, 2015

Excellent mentor!
Marcela Apr 26, 2015

Very helpful and quick to help resolving my issues. Not very deep technical issues at this point but looking forward to working more together.
Bendik Lovas Apr 23, 2015

My mentor, Nitin, has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Unlike, most mentor's who "dump the student/client" at the start or middle of the project or first bug, Nitin has availed himself to follow through. I have learned enormously and I am very grateful for his work ethics. Thank you, Nitin.
Marcela Apr 22, 2015

Marcela Apr 20, 2015

Excellent!! Patient and highly knowledgeable.
Marcela Apr 19, 2015

Immediately provided answers and highly helpful.
Marcela Apr 17, 2015

Quickly appears online and is ready to help!
Omid Apr 13, 2015

A small JavaScript / Scraping task, I'm satisfied!
Omid Apr 07, 2015