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Dan Draper

Dan Draper

Ruby/Rails Expert, Agile Coach, Entrepreneur and host of Codr.TV

Sydney (+11:00 DST)
I've lived and breathed Ruby since 2006 and have worked on and run some very large and complicated projects. I also dedicate a lot of my time to the community and mentoring through meetups, events and hackathons. I've been using Rails professionally for years and I always strive to follow best practices. I am passionate about Object-oriented design and correct use of design patterns. I have put a great deal of effort into writing solid RSpec and my test suites consistently run in under a minute (even for large apps). My specialty is repair. I have updated dozens of apps from as far back as Rails 1.x through to the latest rails (4.2 as of writing). I can get code coverage up (>80%) on poorly tested apps and help improve overall code quality. You can also take my Ruby course on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/newbie-to-ruby/ and if you do a session with me you get the course for free! I'm also the host of Codr.TV in which we cover a range of topics to help coders be better coders. I've taught and mentored dozens of students and turned absolute newbies into highly employable, capable developers.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 9 years experience
I've personally written or been involved in over 100 applications over the past 9 years ranging from small weekend apps to huge enterprise projects with big teams and big budgets. I've seen some terrible code (I probably wrote some in the early days) but I've learned a set of best practices that work really well in Rails. I follow an object-driven architectural approach (presenters/decorators, query objects, services etc), use TDD and use heavily linters and code metric tools such as code climate. My specialty is repair. I have updated dozens of apps from as far back as Rails 1.x through to the latest rails (4.2 as of writing). I can get code coverage up (>80%) on poorly tested apps and help improve overall code quality. If you are learning to code, learning rails or just stuck on a problem I can help you through it.
No icon Postgresql - 12 years experience
Experience with PostgreSQL in large scale app clusters with hundreds of millions of rows. Partitioning, PLPGSQL, Table-spaces, optimisation and clustering.
No icon Elasticsearch - 4 years experience
I've used elastic search for high performance, reliable search systems and have even written my own gem to enable it in my projects. I consulted on a project last year that had an elastic search cluster of over 50million records.
No icon Agile - 7 years experience
Getting things delivered while maintaining quality (eg. high text coverage, code-climate metrics etc). Worked with internal teams at my own company and have consulted to large companies around Australia.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
jQuery has been a huge part of my projects and there is little I can't do with it.
No icon Bootstrap3 - 3 years experience
Over the last few years I have put a lot of work into my CSS3 and HTML5 understanding including responsive design. I use twitter bootstrap to streamline this process for many apps.
ey-provisioner 1   4
Ruby client gem for the EngineYard instance provisioning API
httpi 1   0
Interface for Ruby HTTP clients
referr 1   0
Tumblr Referrer Proxy
Ruby JavaScript CoffeeScript
savon 1   0
Heavy metal SOAP client
tumblr-api-v2 1   0
Tumblr API v2
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I can't speak more highly of Dan, as a person and and mentor.
Stephen Shooster Sep 09, 2015

Dan has the rare ability to take complicated things and break them into small byte sized ideas that will become foundation blocks you can build upon.
Stephen Shooster Aug 03, 2015

I don't think I could ask for a better mentor.
Stephen Shooster Jul 27, 2015

Really awesome mentor. He helped me get through a challenging problem step-by-step. He is really patient and teaches you along the way.
james lee Jul 22, 2015

Super Awesome!!!! Dan "The Rails Guy" Draper
Tejas Mehta Jul 13, 2015

Excellent Mentor!
Danny sun Jul 04, 2015

Dan was incredibly helpful. He not only helped me with my immediate problem but helped me understand the background behind what was going on.
Paul Blackwell Jul 03, 2015

Awesome! I am working on a personal RoR project and it is clear that Dan knows Rails. The real cool thing was that he was able to explain things in a way that I would understand. We made a lot of progress and my app is at a great place. Thanks so much!
Tejas Mehta Jun 29, 2015