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Rails Developer, Web Designer and Computer Software Ninja

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I've been working with Ruby on Rails since 2007, and haven't looked back. Everything from simple apps, to large scale apps with mobile counterparts, I've had my hands in nearly every stage and level of the development stack. My experience ranges from back-end development to nearly all client-side development using React.js.  I have several years of experience in design and UX both for web, mobile, and tablet applications. I currently work as a software consultant for Reenhanced.  Feel free to explore some open source work I am involved with. I created and maintain the open-source project GitReflow which won the 2015 Fukuoka Ruby Award judged by Ruby's creator Matz.
6 JavaScript
6 Ruby on Rails
5 Ruby
3 React
Ruby expert help Ruby - 8 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
I actively maintain the git workflow command-line tool git-reflow, which won the 2015 Fukuoka Ruby Award.
No icon Reactnative - 1 year experience
I have been working on translating a client's existing iOS and Android apps into a single solution using ReactNative.
spree-core-seo 14   8
SEO enhancements to the Spree ecommerce system
spree_product_documents 13   8
Document manager for every Product within the Spree e-commerce system
bookings 5   2
Ruby gem to allow any model to take booking requests, and confirm them
resource_controller 1   1
Rails RESTful controller abstraction plugin.
BaseApp2 1   0
BaseApp2 - A RoR starter application with authentication, themes and mobile views
CSS Ruby JavaScript
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Awesome, demonstrates strong knowledge of debugging and ReactJs. Also provide useful links to help me out.
Damian Simon Peter Sep 22, 2016

Good stakeholder management.
Damian Simon Peter Sep 21, 2016

Valentino was very patient and walked through my multiple layers of state, components, and actions with React/Redux. I will definitely seek his help in the future.
Michael Melton Sep 01, 2016

Always helpful:)
Ernesto Rivas Aug 24, 2016

Amazing mentor!
Ernesto Rivas Aug 16, 2016

A pleasure to work with. Helped fix a few issues I had pretty fast.
Ernesto Rivas Aug 03, 2016

As always very very helpful
Mick Jul 28, 2016

Always a pleasure to work with
Mick Jul 12, 2016

Worked through the issues and explained the answers extremely well
Mick Jun 27, 2016

Again extremely helpful and knowledgable
Mick Jun 24, 2016

Mick Jun 23, 2016