What makes a good software engineer job description?

Published Jun 03, 2017Last updated Jun 29, 2017

If a resume is your first impression on a potential employer, a job description is a company’s first impression on you. That said, not all job descriptions are created equally…


What do you think about this software engineer job description?

software engineer job description

What attracts you? What’s missing? In general, what do you look for in job descriptions?

Thank you for all of your inputs! We did some additional research and interviews and wrote a post that includes some of your advices! Read the post 👉🏼 here!

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Shantha Mohan
3 months ago
3 months ago

There’s a lot missing to this. First off what kind of person are they looking for? Entry/grad level? Medium-Senior level? I for one hate the “need 5-10 years doing x y z”, but the experience needed is useful to know. Entry level is 0-3 years, anything beyond that is medium-senior. Second, there’s nothing specific about those programming skills. For all I know the job could be web dev using ASP, or embedded dev with C++. Third, none of those points tell me about the company, what they do, and who they are besides the same old vague business rhetoric. Just my thoughts really.

Esteban Negri
3 months ago

A big issue besides the job description itself is the types of roles companies seek. Most of the times those roles are pretty unique, almost non-existent.

For starters, the number of required tech skills is too big, but also the differences between these skills are too broad.

This usually happens because companies start doing stuff in Java, then in PHP then in React/JS and so on so they try to find one person that can do all that… impossible!.

Maybe companies should find roles not based on required tech skills but in the ability to learn those technologies.

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