What is the next technology you want to try on production?

Published Jun 20, 2017
What is the next technology you want to try on production?

What are some technologies you've been testing out or playing around with? Our dev team has recently been exploring Elixir, Go, and GraphQL.

What technologies do you want to try next on production?

Let us know in the comments section 👇 or in your own post.

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Robert Moskal
2 months ago

I’m thinking I will use one of the javascript fantasy land spec implementations. It will be nice to wade further into the monadic waters. Can anyone recommend an implementation?

Ben Yeh
3 months ago

Personally, I’ve been doing some data analysis work recently, and I found a few interesting tools like:

Jupyter Dashboards Layout Extension

It gives you a dashboard using the awesome Jupyter notebook, which means you can use numpy and pandas to aggregate data with a bunch of data sources (csv, json, database, etc.)


Cloud resource provisioning (i.e. new RDS instance, DynamoDB Table, CloudWatch Event) is common work for back-end developers, but as your stack grows, it can become a nightmare. Terraform is a tool that lets you write code to provision cloud resources, so you can describe your infrastructure as code.

Ian Wang
3 months ago

I’d like to give GraphQL a try.
it looks like a very promising tool for modern web apps, and the ecosystem seems to grow pretty fast

Lee Benson
3 months ago

Shameless self-promotion, but check out my ReactQL starter kit @ https://reactql.org/ for GraphQL. It solves the tedious boilerplate without hiding any of the important libraries.

(I’ve also put together a 45 min tutorial on how to build a GraphQL server that you can watch for free on YT - https://youtu.be/DNPVqK_woRQ)

Ian Wang
2 months ago

Thanks for sharing Lee!
ReactQL and the tutorial look nice, will give it a try!

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