What does your workspace look like?

Published Jun 28, 2017
What does your workspace look like?

Show us your world! Take a picture of your workspace and share it with us in the comment section.👇👇 Let us also know where you are! 🌏

Here's an easy way to do that:

  • upload your picture on Imgur
  • copy the image address and add it as a comment using Markdown: ![](image_address)
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İlkay Ayas
3 months ago

Multitasking with Windows and Mac. Sometimes, PS4 :)

Jason (@iDoMeteor)
3 months ago


Circa 2011:

3 computers (only one visible, two NUCs behind monitors) each running two monitors (vertically aligned), two UPS backups (visible).

One computer with 3 dual-port Nvidia cards… a laptop w/external (highest) and another computer in the corner.

Both setups running Linux, Xmonad, Synergy, Xscreensaver and controlled using one keyboard/mouse.

  • Updated 20170705 w/top image
Asad Saeeduddin
3 months ago

I have i3wm managing an X server running in a Win 10 alternate desktop, so I basically just need to use Ctrl+Win+Left/Right to switch between Linux and Windows UIs (yes, even UIs from VMs/containers I’m SSH-ed into). I call it Winux:

Asad Saeeduddin
3 months ago

Alas, looks like the markdown is broken. Here’s the image link anyway: http://i.imgur.com/b5L8Mf1.gif

3 months ago

Seems to be working fine!

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