Do you have a programming ritual?

Published Aug 02, 2017
Do you have a programming ritual?

Before we begin, yes, there is a difference between a routine and a ritual. A routine is something you do every day at specific times; whereas a ritual is something you do (at different times) when you are about to accomplish a certain task.

With this in mind, do you have a certain set of things you do before getting started on a project? For example, maybe a cup of coffee to ease the brain? Anything that is hopefully not along the lines of ordering sacrificial lambs. πŸ˜…

Let us know in the comments below πŸ‘‡ or in your own post.

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Γ‰ric Bergeron
a month ago

I do shots after releases.

Neel Shah
a month ago

Have a Piece of 72% dark chocolate or some times the whole thing.

2 months ago

Always get started on a new project by first thinking through the project requirements and defining the basic architecture for the business logic before writing a single line of code.

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