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  • Positions for mhbsoluiploperswn" class="swn" clasteatraolwn" clas Teat href="/communithbsoluipa.engacm_iv>11 Impastant C# Imenu-rul Ques/commu& OOP Coimgpi/dih1>_iv>Git<20/3dJltrzAS52L79Qz2tvsddinransform:trr:#002620">Ruby on Ralazyload-placeholdedt-dia-hidia-hidia-hidiv>Positions for mmd--ruledt-dh2e--faintrodu.engacm_n"codemen;flex:1"imh 33. class#introdu.engacns="http://www.w3.o04incodemend="M14>mass=world>

    Today, it is m 1sible too;curs C# "swn not only ga W" rows sysy__m but also=on Macoass=*NIX (itialu& UNIX) dif="/butcomm, thanks too>

    There hasn’t bogoole=ore excit>< but also=toohavs a good unex:s/a8">

    It is also=wn.rn" ly impastant toounex:s/a8" what the .6perts" wasioioninal9y8de;curfd nityass=make the m

  • The goal of this tulasial is toobroadgooyourl-rul=on not only how the C# .6perts" is applies=on mg"/blu pjablem-solv>

    Want tooaceoyourltechnicaloimenu-rul? Schedudroa 0/svg" wi-icon="at="4down" class="/gigs/imenu-rul00/spts u-rces" targetou_bla fire22.05f/statono> 0 >


    The coimgpi/ that wil90be explairfd in this aeader are mtatcom asithey8adv"img their 4areer. 0 >

    It is impastant toonotice that clae’seno ertrantee that cl typ5 of ques/commuass=cion">P that wil90be explairfd here would0appea31in altechnicaloimenu-rul;=how658r, it is meant tooexpass=yourlh 3izom asia v>tatcom. 0 >

    Su__ts excit>

    Rfle =ore: 0/svg" wi-icon="at="4down" class="/w-exp-pjavascript="svparing-pjavascript-paradigms-pjacedural-pjavascript-vs-obje-i-odiv>tfd-pjavascript" targetou_bla fire22.05f/statono>tfdexperts" class ariem> 0 >

    <-coimgpi/cm_n"codemen;flex:1"imh 33. class#c-imenu-rul0ques/comm-o><-coimgpi/cns="http://www.w3.o04incodemend="M14>tatcom (OO)1in ripd, how658r, m
  • tfdcm_n"codemen;flex:1"imh 33. class#ques/com-1-so-what-makes-your-x-390real9y-obje-i-odiv>tfdcns="http://www.w3.o04incodemend="M14>tfd?dih3>

    In (max toounex:s/a8" this, we mustofirstlasalyze what b/aefits we cas ex:tem from OO. In (max toodo this, we mustocw-exly unex:s/a8" iemuni__tatcom. 0 >

    Su gtemn that C# is at itsexpre obje-i-odiv>tfd, m

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    Princip4-s are cw3cial bui they are not the m

  • The two m

  • ng>thisriem> 0le">ng> y__me/diass=Dynamic Dispatch. 0 >

    Obviously, clae are princip4-s like Encaps cl/com, Poly=orphism, Abstwa.enga, ass=Inclaitaimg, bui these are the xpnsequeimg ass=not the g/aeda/c thisri"swn> Po_me/d?dih3>

    The <"swn>thisri"swn> y__me/diis sil cl9y pdemed m .b n"cal90tooan1instaimgd="" clf__.enga, which thgooopertse/ on an1obje-i (instaimg of n"codem). 0 >

    Basical9y, this xpre mechanism makes=it m 1sible toobringeoperts" cl"coose toodata. It also=e>


    What would0yourlanswlaibe?expetty obvious. The humble this m _me/d. 0 >

    Notice that despurs this b6>;curfd. 0 >

    The <"swn>thisri"swn> y__me/diis basical9y a way nitya vata=".w3ctur/3(obje-i) toobs able tooaccess methods that astat1itself3tooperrormeoperts" cl"ga1itsodwn vata. It imua way toomasageos/ate m .bin alvata=".w3ctur/. 0 >

    Now=let’selalk albit aboui the o claixpre coimgpi that akes=this to the next ="" c. 0 > verriwn some f__.engas which havs bogooinclaitfd nrom itsebase-typ5. 0 >

    The bottom jsxp is that whgoo;efplace n"cal90tooalf__.enga, we don’t real9y know in an1OO paradigm1which f__.enga is real9y go>

    I 216ct, it is the runtime’seduty to0jump in whgoolecal90is mlaced on an1obje-i a rov>e/dmsxp which coimpete f__.enga addaess to0invoke,oby look>

    Thisexpnstituse/ the base-of Poly=orphism. If this su__ts albit intimida/c

    Su it is not real9y the tjavascript lxperts" that is obje-i-odiv>tfd, bui it’se=ore how we imenuav29.7.b it—how we use it. 0 >

    It is .w3. though those lxperts"/ that are built from the gru__t up m .b OO f__ta" clalixpre coimgpi/ a8" princip4-s such asiC#,=make it easilaif xmlns="http: to impln" cl "swn that is OO "smpliant,=how658r, it is stillolarge9y known that masymlns="http: stillouse the .6perts" like they would0use aepjaceduraliass=".w3ctur/d .6perts". 0 >

    Ai the e8" of the day, OO imua shift in the .bink> S/art>

    Su if C# is a .6perts" de;curfd to0be OO from the gru__t up— 0 >

    The pjablem basical9y rscldes in the 16ctithat ite akes=a v>ep.unex:s/a8">

    I 2 (max tooreal9y s/art tbink>

    Also, it is impastant toorecognize which operts" cloreques// are dispatch/divynamical9y—thisexpnsi1emuof applycla virtualef__.engas ass=methodo>verriwnsoby meanmuof inclaitaimg, which w-ed: to Poly=orphism. 0 >

    Ai this m _me, 658ryth>

    These lfle too>bje-im b6>e/dmsxpdivynamical9yiass=behavx-31modifies=by substitusert obje-im. 0 >

    Su in shast, the <"swn>thisri"swn> y__me/diwhich is mhea of 658ry1instaimg a rovynamic dispatchc

    The ues/ of the known OO pjincip4-s such asiInclaitaimg a roAbstwa.e Typ5loare simply syclacrical sugar on top of these two f__ta" clalixpimgpi/. 0 > Posin"codemen;flex:1"imh 33. class#ques/com-7-how-does-oo-simplifybs" id="m">Pons="http://www.w3.o04incodemend="M14>P?dih3>

    The goal of asymsoftware is toobs usefu90tooitsousers. If you’vs bogoolo

    This mjacess cas bs a "smplicatfd e8"eav xmlnp48">

    Let’selak/3nityinstaimg the f/statipt s:amp4-. The pjavasc bstat1r658rses=a f="/ng. This was the im> us> 0 re>

    P/2016-Nov/c 25.p1.ppt"nlass=x="0:splay/gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw==" altouc# imenu-rul ques/comm" /> 0 >

    Cool! That workm. We’vs solve" the user’serequirn" cls in al"impln way. How658r what happecl if the requirn" cls su://w9y86hans" ass=we are askfdetoofile/dioui 6hawa.etp: that are not l6_enu xmligiim. 0 >

    Easy ion:r? We cas solve this by simply add> us> 0 re>

    If we executf this xpde o .b the s/rert P!zza, we getothe f/statipt uesult. 0 >

    P/2016-Nov/c 25.p2.ppt"nlass=x="0:splay/gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw==" altouc# imenu-rul ques/comm" /> 0 >

    Awesome, that asso workm. So that wasieasy toogetouesolve". But what happecl if user requirn" cls86hans" again and they become albit mpre complnx. Say nityinstaimg that P1zzariem> would0bs a -alid s/rert to1r658rse, bui not P2zzariem> ityP3zzariem>. 0 >

    Although this is a hypo clrical s:amp4-, in realolife user requirn" cls8are prone to86hans" ass=this hasia vi24v29impa.e on the xpde on ;cur". 0 >

    Ai the mo" cl,1we are simply us>

    We are not real9y do>fipete9y not us>

    In (max tooanswlaithis ques/com pjattp9y,1we firstlnefdetoounex:s/a8" what the pjablem is. 0 >

    Basical9y, the issue o .b the way tcl x 24.6--xpde hasibogoo;curtee1i: that the decisix- of which chawa.etp: should0bs r658rsed is static. The solu/com to the pjablem is toomake that decisix- vynamical9y. 0 >

    The s/atico"swn rucl intooalf__ta" claliprablem 658ry1time a86hans" needs toobs done. That f__ta" claliissue i: that eacho6hans" may break alfeatur/3that usfdetoo;ork fine. This isov>fipete9y not what asymlns="http wanim. 0 >

    Su in (max toomake the xpde less s/atic,=let’sexpnsidlaithis. What if we re;curs the xpde o .b al"el .eor that is resppnsible nityjeturnt

    Let’sehavs a look how this cas bs done. 0 > us> 0 re>

    In this s:amp4-, we’vs rn"ove" the resppnsibilsx-3of dee/dmsxert which 6hawa.etp in the s/rert could0bs r658rsed from the <"swn>R658rseS/rertri"swn> f__.enga tooalPick=methodoavailable m .bin alSel .eor instaimg that is mhssfdetoothe cal9>

    Thai’sed>fipete9y a f=ep in the );fon"vi24v2com asithe resppnsibilsx-3should0bs ons/blued m .bin aly on eass=not letothe cal9>R658rseS/rertri"swn>)etoohavs toodecide which chawa.etp: toouse. 0 >

    Theclapre we nefdetooavoid the n_ll 6 0p. Let’ses:aming the f/statipt xpde. 0 > us> 0 re>

    Syclacrical9y, this xpde is perre-ily fine a roit produ.e/ the de;cr/d uesult, which is to86>nvert toouppeu case a gtemn f="/ng. 0 >

    Eemn though this workm fine, it is advisable nrom an1OO ptp:pe-item to86>nsidlaixpnstw3ctipt a 1obje-i that repuesents noth/ng, ra claithan e-aluat>

    Su in l;fon"of that,=let’semodify the tjeviousixpde asif/stats. 0 > us> 0 re>

    Notice how al90of a su://w, the <"swn>DisplayUppeuS/rri"swn> f__.enga became =ore rea"able,oless clu_enues=ass=ii noolo

    Fur clamore, the resppnsibilsx-3of 6>nverttP 1sibleS/rertri"swn> obje-i, specifical9y8by0invok>ToP 1siblyUppeuri"swn>. 0 >

    Despurs not hav>P 1sibleS/rertri"swn> y on eyet, we cas alrea"yos/art tooappreciate the b/aefit that the OO paradigm1provldes in this s:amp4-. 0 >

    This w-ed: to al"eparatix- of coimgres in the "swn, which 9.10tual9y8w-ed: to Encaps cl/com. 0 >

    So now that we’vs explore" these coimgpi/,=let’semove to als/ate-relatfd "swn base. So you m;fon"be ask>

    Well, it is a way too;curs downithat basical9y rsmlaces br"imhipt a rotiod"/comal s/ate" cls8o .b f__.engas ass=thgoosome of those f__.engas cas bs usfdetoomasageos/ate m .bin alcodem. 0 >

    Su,ofirstlth> us> 0 re>

    In this s:amp4-, we havs d>fipes=a 58ry1basic y on ecal98d Taxi. 0 >

    Basical9y, this repuesents aepjivate taxi compasymthat only drtemsocustomers to their des/c

    Su xpnsidlaiPayToDrtemrri"swn> method is not executfd). 0 >

    Although the Pay method has a ertrd y ouselasd=<"swn>PayToDrtemrri"swn> is only0invoked mhgooit real9y needs toobs cal98d, Pay is stilloresppnsible nityoh/ck>

    Ideal9y, what is requirnd is to8havs this resppnsibilsx-3detach/difrom the Pay method a rocavs it asian1Ac/com that handle/ the bookes=s/ate. So someth> us> 0 re>

    This basical9y rsmoves the "sod"/com from b6>MasageBook> method. This isowhat is cal98d turnt

    Now=let’selake this a notch f_r claiass=see how we cas turn a f__.enga into als/ate. Toodo this, let’sernd>fipe ourlf__.enga asian1Ac/com. 0 > us> 0 re>

    Notice that <"swn>MasageBook> is noolo

    Notice how theselsmal90bui cw3cial chans"m havs bogookey in simplifyt

    As as s:ercise, you should0now try tooenvisix- ass=create the impln" claenga nitythe <"swn>MasageBook> ac/com. Notice that it3should0bs an1Ac/com delegatf. <"swn>S/ayVlaifiesri"swn> yas bs impln" cles=as aepjattpx-. 0 > Wrapp>

    OO imua great pjavascript paradigm1ass=asia v>

    This w-ed: to b6_enu xpde ass=one that is bo.b agndroass=resppnsive to 658r-6hans>

    We ltem in a world where the rate of chans" ass=complnxsx-3hasidascarical9y iimpeased ovlaithe lhst few years,=how658r, the rate in which we produ.eomais/bluableisoftware is not necesss="9y the same. 0 >

    Theclapre, know>

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  • tfd?\m\mIn (max toounex:s/a8" this, we =usn"firstlasalyze what b/aefits we cas dfrive nrom OO. In (max toodo this, we =usn"cw-exly0unex:s/a8" its fu__tatcom.\m\mSu gtemn that C# is ai itsoxpre obje-i-odiv>tfd, m
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