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An experienced Python/Django developer and functional programming enthusiast.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
Although I have coded JavaScript for a long time, my true exposure thereof began 4 years ago, with OpenLayers and a GIS application where most of the work were done on the client side. I got (re-)introduced to a lot of client side concepts later when KnockoutJS came along. I had always preferred treating JS as a "language" and not a CMD+C/V element, even before NodeJS became hip. I have opened up a separate section on AngularJS here to talk more about this language I personally dislike (yet helpless to try anything else ;-)). I take special interest in doing functional programming stuff with JavaScript.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
Just because I have 8 years of experience with HTML/CSS doesn't mean I am super awesome with it. It had always been auxiliary with all the other projects I did. And since I mostly do web applications, my HTML/CSS development sense is mostly in administration interface and other smaller app-centric interfaces. And yes, there's bootstrap, foundation etc.
Python expert help Python - 12 years experience
I have learnt Python as my second language (after being forced to learn Java in the University). And after that, for almost all my tasks, I use Python, either for prototyping or the real thing. I am also actively taking part in all things Pythonic in my area, including training, talks, seminars, write-ups. Most of my blog posts are about Python. Professionally, Django took up for most of my Pythonic projects, although I write scripts here and now for task automation, migration etc. I have also wrote a GPS Server using the excellent Twisted framework and currently using Pandas/Numpy/Matplotlib for some data analysis tasks at work.
Clojure expert help Clojure - 1 year experience
I am a Clojure enthusiast. Been loving it ever since I found out about it in 2011 (It was a part of my one programming language a year programme). I write about Clojure every now and then in my blog and only recently I have smuggled Clojure into my work-place with writing a small daemon, and ClojureScript for an internal help-desk project. I am personally an evangelist for functional programming and use it even in my other programming. I am rating myself less here because I haven't done much industry work with Clojure. Syntax/Semantic-wise it'd be an 8.5 :)
Django expert help Django - 5 years experience
All of the applications mentioned in the AngularJS section were developed with Django as the back-end. I have developed a custom code generator in Django (not open-sourced, yet) which eases up development of CRUD applications using Django, Django Rest Framework, and AngularJS. In summary, I have created 4 Vehicle Tracking Applications, a School Management Application, a Business Automation Tool, an experimental geo social networking application, and currently with an event management system, ticket booking/reservation system, and application processing system with Django.
modular-mobx-boilerplate 24   0
MobX + React + JavaScript + Aphrodite + Enzyme + Mocha + Hot-Loading + Redux DevTools
HTML Python JavaScript
algorithms-in-clojure 6   0
Implementation of various algorithms with Clojure.
django-cljs 6   0
Django + ClojureScript (with Reagent) Template
HTML Python Clojure
pyachal 3   0
Pyachal: A minimalistic chatting application written in Meteor. I am using it for my presentation in the Meteor conference.
CSS JavaScript
tornado-cljs 3   0
A boilerplate for using Tornado and ClojureScript
HTML Python Clojure