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Patrick Kosterman, Cloud architecture freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Cloud architecture developer in City of Victoria, Hong Kong

Full Stack Developer: Ready to aid and abet the self-proclaimed geek.

Since the impressionable age of 12 years old, I’ve been excitedly coding and eagerly solving problems - tech and otherwise. To this day, I more than welcome the supposedly unsolvable and the utmost challenging. I pride myself on my love of learning and desire to expand and further my knowledge on tech topics, and hope this energy is something I can share in influencing others. I am a full stack developer (15+ years experience), with strong knowledge & passion for Golang, AngularJs, CouchDB, AWS and your good old fashioned HTML/CSS. At PassKit, I head up our Engineering team, and am responsible for leading our Enterprise Client integrations. It's my job to make it a piece.of.cake. for other techies, marketeers and companies to get their content into the exciting space that is Mobile Wal...
Dylan Buckley, top Cloud architecture developerHire Now
Freelance Cloud architecture developer in Dublin, Ireland

Full Stack Cloud Software Engineer

Have experience with design and implementation of a cloud Data Management solution which involved implementing an ACID compliant database-sharding system using consistent hashing ( Comfortable with administrating instances, volumes, configuring networks and load-balancers. Experience with TLS and debugging TLS issues.
Davide, Cloud architecture programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Cloud architecture developer in Southampton, United Kingdom

Senior Web Developer

I have been working as software engineer in web services for the last 5 years, I can work across the full stack, I am specialised in building solution for highly scalable web services with php, javascript, golang, mysql and nosql on google cloud platforms

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