Ben Yorke, freelance ClojureScript programmerHire Now
Ben Yorke5.0
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

React Expert - Clojure Hacker - OSS Contributor

ClojureScript is my go to technology for algorithm training, front end development, and system scripts. With the developer experience of Clojure, and the distribution experience of JavaScript, you really get the 'best of both worlds'.
Daniel Glauser, senior ClojureScript developerHire Now
Daniel Glauser5.0
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Denver, United States

Founder at Cambium Consulting LLC

I've recently been working a lot with ClojureScript, mostly re-frame and reagent. I have some old experience with Om but have recently modernized my front end stack. I have a great design and workflow that I'd like to share with others. The errors when working with ClojureScript and can be daunting, luckily I've spent a lot of time working through them.
Ian Truslove, ClojureScript freelance coderHire Now
Ian Truslove
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Fort Collins, United States

Senior Clojure and ClojureScript Engineer

In the last year I've been spending more time building front-end code using ClojureScript, Reagent and Re-frame. Re-frame is a surprisingly deep subject; it's conceptually simple but knowing how to design a SPA to use re-frame "properly" takes some experience. I frequently see seemingly innocuous problems (logic in view components, overly simple or generic subscriptions, ad-hoc db structure) grow to consume much more time and effort than they should, and I can help unravel these threads and get things into their proper places.
Thomas Getgood, senior ClojureScript developerHire Now
Thomas Getgood
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Montreal, Canada

Prototyping Expert

I have over seven years of experience in bringing new ideas to life, and quickly iterating to find the real value behind the idea. I've built MVPs for apps and websites, test projects for bringing in (or bringing in newer and better) machine learning to existing products, and refactored or rewritten apps whose development has stalled to bring them back up to the point where rapid development can resume.
André Thieme, ClojureScript freelance coderHire Now
André Thieme5.0
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Marbella, Spain

Engineer, Entrepreneur and Thinker of solutions that work

I like ClojureScript so much that I’m using it to implement my own products with it. Thanks to my deep knowledge of Clojure and Common Lisp (experience of more than a decade) I was very quickly productive with it. I implemented open source libs as addition to Om.
Jake McCrary, ClojureScript freelance coderHire Now
Jake McCrary
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Chicago, United States

Experienced Software Engineer and Technology Leader

I was an early adaptor of ClojureScript and have used it since shortly after it was released. I've submitted patches to the ClojureScript core and helped maintain some open source libraries. Lately most of my experience in ClojureScript has been developing rich web interfaces using the libraries re-frame and reagent.
Dom Kiva-Meyer, senior ClojureScript developerHire Now
Dom Kiva-Meyer5.0
Freelance ClojureScript developer in San Francisco, United States
I have built front-end applications with ClojureScript, written ClojureScript libraries, and published articles about ClojureScript.
Christopher Small, ClojureScript freelancer and developerHire Now
Christopher Small
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Seattle, United States

Functional programming, data science, and distributed systems

I've built a number of tools for building Reagent apps using in-memory DataScript databases, and am at the forefront of ideas in the ClojureScript community.
Roman Liutikov, senior ClojureScript developerHire Now
Roman Liutikov
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Kiev, Ukraine

JavaScript/ClojureScript web developer

Doing UIs in ClojureScript exclusively for the last two years.
Udschal Imanov, senior ClojureScript developerHire Now
Udschal Imanov
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Yehonathan Sharvit, ClojureScript software engineer and devHire Now
Yehonathan Sharvit5.0
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Jerusalem, Israel

Clojure and ClojureScript Expert

I have been a SW engineering since 2001. Clojure SW engineer since 2012. ClojureScript engineer since 2013. I have been in several leading roles in mid-size companies and startups: dev lead, team leader, project manager. I am a Clojure and ClojureScript expert. I maintain Clojure and ClojureScript open source projects of my own. See for instance with more that 1500 Github stars! I blog about my technical interests and discoveries at Education: - B.Sc in Electronics - M.Sc in Mathematics
Michael Dougherty, ClojureScript freelancer and developerHire Now
Michael Dougherty5.0
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Vancouver, United States

Experienced full-stack engineer, functional programming aficionado, musician, & meditator

When I was 13 I brought a "Learn C++ in 21 days" book with me on a family vacation, and I've been writing code ever since. I've been pro for 8 years and have worked on a wide variety of projects, both as a freelancer and as an employee. I spent several years as an avid hobbyist game developer, and I always have at least one side project going on. I love learning new skills and finding the best way to do things, so I am constantly learning new languages, frameworks, and best practices that I hope to share with you. I also love to teach!
Ertuğrul Çetin, senior ClojureScript developerHire Now
Ertuğrul Çetin
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Full Stack Clojure & ClojureScript Developer

Full Stack Clojure Developer who is creating cool things with Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic. Creator of Clojurecademy, Clojure News and GlueList projects. Reengineered multiple systems that fueled improvements to productivity, efficiency, uptime and accuracy for global business operations. Developed code, system design and test/QA plans for all solutions and often coordinated the national or international rollout. Developed new procedures for requirements gathering, needs analysis, testing, scripting and documentation to strengthen quality and functionality of business-critical applications. Developed large-scale, portable, thread-safe and ultra-high performance foundation and application infrastructure libraries. Trained and mentored junior programmers in programming methodolo...
David Jarvis, ClojureScript freelance coderHire Now
David Jarvis
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Islington, United Kingdom

Senior full stack engineer and architect

I've built a career in technology by being unreasonably lucky. Focus areas include financial technology, developer tools, and scalable system design. Author of Learning ClojureScript (Packt Pub 2016). I'm extremely comfortable in Clojure, with Go/Python being tied as second-favorite languages. I've done odd frontend jobs before, but my true expertise lies in the backend.
Lily, top ClojureScript developer for hireHire Now
Freelance ClojureScript developer in Brooklyn, United States

Frontend engineer

Seasoned frontend developer. React enthusiast. CSS nerd. Care about API design and best practice.

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