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Trevor Nemanic

Trevor Nemanic

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I have been actively developing Android apps for two years, both as a solo developer and as part of a startup in San Francisco. When I am not working towards finishing my Computer Science degree in the heart of Silicon Valley, I enjoy participating in hackathons and weight lifting.
Android expert help Android - 3 years experience
I've developed Android for two years and published a dozen apps to the Google Play store, which had over 200,000 downloads total. My apps have used real-time communication (RTC), Facebook logins, and location services.
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
I've used Java for the past five years to work on college and personal projects alike. I have a solid understanding of quality Java practices in software development. My work includes a strong focus on object oriented design.
No icon Visual basic - 2 years experience
In VBA, I developed an algorithm that did tens of thousands of comparisons to efficiently match components of heart valves. I also used Visual Basic to teach a machine how to measure heart valve components to hundreds of an inch. A GUI was added onto this program for an operator to guide measurement.
No icon Microsoft excel - 4 years experience
My years of experience with Excel include coding functions, thousands of lines of Visual Basic for Applications with multiple files and sheets, and beautifully designed spreadsheets with maximal functionality.
No icon Microsoft word - 8 years experience
I've mastered Microsoft Word after being dependent upon it through middle school, high school, and college.
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Demonstration of Video Chat app using opentok
C HTML Ruby Swift JavaScript Objective-C
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RReservation "Disrupting the college student built restaurant reservation systems"
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Support class for pre-Lollipop versions of Android that changes the color of the status bar
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