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Matt Griffiths, senior Clean code developerHire Now
Ralf Westphal, top Clean code developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Kassel, Germany
In 2009 in founded the German Clean Code Developer initiative now listing some 4000 members (as of end of 2014). I´ve been teaching clean code principles and practices since then. This is one of my main fields of expertise.
Bogdan Zaharia, senior Clean code developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Bucharest, Romania

Fullstack JavaScript Developer, interested in Functional Programming

I've been a constant member of the local Agile community for many years. In this group I had the chance to learn a lot about Clean Code and XP-related practices. There were also many occasions when I practiced these skills, during Code Retreats or Coding Dojos.
David F., freelance Clean code developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Ashburn, United States

Freelance Javascript Engineer

I am a very focused and motivated programmer. I love what I do and I make efforts to give from me to those that work with me. I always try to find the most modern and the most stable solution available in the market. Since 2005, when I started to learn C, and I had a some PHP and Javascript works. Since then, and as a freelancer and as employee, I have worked on a different projects in Portugal. Since then, I have contributed for a CMS for hotels websites in Ireland, an Electronic Patient Dossier in The Netherlands. Recently, I have been part of the, a online payment provider by ING.
Eliran Goshen, top Clean code developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Wrocław, Poland

UX focused Android applications developer

Starting as a hobby, I developed Android applications for the last few years. I worked on various types of projects, some starting from scratch or coming at later stages, some alone and others as part of a team. I'm friendly, communicates well, and is highly motivated.
Freddy Chiron, top Clean code developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Paris, France

Senior Java Developer, Agile Enthusiast

I am a senior java developer with more then 13 years of experience. I a am an extreme programming enthusiast, I practice mob programming on a regular basis. My areas of interest : Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Clean Code and Refactoring, Mob programming.
Matt Nowack, Clean code freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Antioch, United States

Experience Engineer that wants to help you learn

I've loved to write code since a very young age, I also have always loved helping people learn and master new things. I've worked as a professional software engineer for over a decade learning from experience how to structure problems and software in ways that are performant, understandable, and scalable. I'd love to help others understand the joys of programming and solve interesting problems, no matter where you are at on the experience scale. With a focus on well-tested, well-structured solutions that you can confidently build on.
Peter Mbanugo, top Clean code developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Ashburn, United States

Software Developer - C#, ASP.NET MVC/API, JS, PWA, AWS. Interested in Architecture, Security, and Offline-first

I'm a software developer with the passion for delivering quality software that is easy to use, maintainable, and extensible. My interest areas are Software Architecture, Security, and Offline-first.
Bogdan Dumitrescu, Clean code freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Frisco, United States

Technical Coach & Developer

I am a highly motivated and passionate Agile technical coach with over 11 years of experience in software development. During this time, I have worked on various projects, in three different countries and within a variety of industries such as insurance, retail, medical, e-commerce and auto racing. Achievements: • Founder and organizer of San Francisco Software Craftsmanship community (community focused on clean coding practices, SOLID design principles, XP, TDD, mentoring, pairing; I also organized the Global Day of Code Retreat 2016 in San Francisco, California) • Founder of London Agile Book Club (community based in London, UK, focused on Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodologies; the group still has regular meetups today after I mov...
Petr Sima, freelance Clean code programmerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Ashburn, United States

iOS developer (5 years, involved in 35+ projects) and teacher (private and university courses, talks)

Available in all timezones. Excelent English. From single person projects to Czech e-commerce app of 2017, from an Australian startup to large international clients in retail, telecommunications and banking, from teaching talented kids to giving talks on functional programming, I've seen a lot of iOS thoughout the years. My job has always been not just to make great apps, but also to improve the quality of development on all of our projects. I think we need to talk. Allow me to clean up your code, spruce up your app architecture and teach you all you need to know about Swift and iOS in the process. I can propose multiple solutions to any problem, and choose the one right for you. Also, feel free to use the sentence "Just shut up and fix my code." at any time during our session.
Yonas Woldemariam, Clean code freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Ashburn, United States

Senior .Net Developer

• More than 13 years of overall software development experience having expertise in all stages of the whole software development life cycle. • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .Net • Proficient in Object Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD), Object Oriented Programming (OOP), ,design patterns, software development best practices, Agile development Methodology, and TDD • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills, productive relationships by working effectively with team members at all levels; easily adapt to new environments and with great potential to learn. • Have a great passion about technology and always try to keep up by reading tech blogs, checking out developer podcasts and webcasts, and attending developer training classes
Samnang Chhun, top Clean code developerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Experienced Ruby/Rails Developer

I have been developing software professional for the last 10+ years. I am an agile practitioner. I have have working on Rails since Rails 2.3 came out. During the last 4 years I have worked extensively on Ruby on Rails projects of varying complexity. Ruby on Rails becomes my primary development tool. I have strong experiences on backend application and RESTful API.
Allan Reyes, Clean code freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Federal Way, United States

AI lover, robotics enthusiast and basketball fan

Hi there! My name is Allan and I have a passion for AI, robotics and basketball. I am also an advocate of clean code and good software principles. I strong believe there is always room to make the code you write better. I am a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time student; so, I spend my days engineering software at Amazon Web Service and my nights, pursuing a M.S of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Here is a small FAQ that might help you decide if a session with me is what you are looking for: ** Why Codementor? ** I had the opportunity of mentoring new hires on my team and the experience was so satisfying that I am looking to continue doing it outside of my daily job. By sharing knowledge not only do I help other people grow, but I help myself to keep growing too! ** Why shou...
Jonathan Milgrom, Clean code dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in Los Angeles, United States

Love teaching as much as learning. No such thing as a bad question.

Lead client-side architecture for a SAAS company in ad-tech. Current stack: React, Redux and Typescript and PHP 7 (JSON only) API; Legacy stack: Angular 1.5+ (built with Grunt) and a PHP (JSON only) API. In my free time, I dabble in other languages like Scheme - next up will likely be C or Go.
Marcos Iglesias, Clean code software engineerHire Now
Freelance Clean code developer in San Francisco, United States
Software Engineer at Eventbrite. Efficient and clean coder, I am specialist on Javascript development and test-driven d3 charting.

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