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Awesome mentor!
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Great with all kinds of APIs! Really helped out a lot with News APIs and Video APIs. Also uses a fantastic screen sharing application.
Gabrielle Dec 08, 2016

Very good insight and skillful.
peter wang Dec 05, 2016

This was a wonderful experience, he explained what I was doing wrong and nudged me in the right direction. Just awesome!
Codementor Aug 05, 2016

Cluadius was helpful and skilled to solve my json/PHP issue
Paulo Jul 28, 2016

Super friendly, qucikly helped me resolve my issue on my website in no time! :) Thank you!
daniel Feb 25, 2016

Good work. Very helpful.
Per Egil Kummervold Feb 24, 2016

Great great mentor. All over good.
Julia Feb 16, 2016

Amazing Mentor! Helped me a ton.
Julia Feb 14, 2016

Best person!
Julia Feb 13, 2016

Knowledgable and interesting to talk with.
Tom Dec 13, 2015

pat Dec 03, 2015

excellent job!
Arjun Dec 02, 2015

great work! resolved my issue in under 15mins.
Bon Osonwanne Nov 25, 2015

Took his time, patience, and effort to assist me with my Python programming assignment. Stellar service. Recommended to all.
Quentin Nov 17, 2015

He is very analytical
David Nov 15, 2015

awesome and solved problem! thank you!
Cole Fox Oct 16, 2015

Arjun Oct 15, 2015

Very good
Dustin Fraker Oct 09, 2015

do not have skill to solve the problem :(
Emint Sep 17, 2015

It was a great!
idntknw1 Sep 10, 2015

He solved my problem in thirty minutes. He is very fast!
Kehlin Swain Sep 10, 2015

He gets right to the point and begins figuring out solutions to your issues asap. He definitely knows his way around PhoneGap, AJAX and jQuery. Definitely recommended!
James Sep 03, 2015

Really helpful Mentor, helps a lot and his performance is outstanding
Michael Sep 02, 2015

Outstanding performnace
Michael Sep 02, 2015

Fixed. Fixed. Fixed. That is all I can think about right now. I am so happy!
Sam Gabbay Sep 02, 2015

Amazing yet again. Quick and easy solution!!
Sam Gabbay Sep 01, 2015

Was quick in figuring out what the issue was and was even faster in creating a solution.
James Aug 29, 2015

This dude rocks!!!
Nikhil Tumne Aug 24, 2015

Great thanks for your help
Ruben Feb 05, 2015

Great to work with A+
Derrick Feb 04, 2015

Great help. Had a really complicated issue. He persisted until it was solved. Thanks for your help.
Brian Jan 19, 2015

Claudio solved my problem quickly and efficiently.
Eric Dec 20, 2014

Great guy, very knowledgeable for mySQL/PHP. Definitely helped me!
Ruben Dec 10, 2014

Very good, honest, and straightforward. Had my problem resolved in <3 minutes, but went over code review for a while longer.
Daryl Dec 09, 2014

Good, but needs to explain more
Azmat Dec 06, 2014

So awesome.. He worked on the fly and was able to fix a problem i had going on for days. I will definitely work with him again. He was detailed, good, and really understands code.
quitano Dec 04, 2014

Claudios helped greatly but our error was too difficult to figure out.
Dustin Andrews Nov 30, 2014

Truly innovative, easy to understand and writing code str8 away.
Klauss Nov 28, 2014

quick and efficient and a good teacher
Fareez Ahmed Nov 27, 2014

Helped my find a better open source package for doing oauth.
Tom Atkinson Nov 26, 2014

Fantastic work. Got the job done quickly and professionally.
Francesca Nov 19, 2014

He is really good!
Fareez Ahmed Nov 18, 2014

ClaudiuS helped us resolved a two week long problem in just a few hours. A pleasure to work with. Great communicator. Strong analytical skills
David Gitman Nov 17, 2014

Precise and to the point. You would make an excellent teacher.
anwar Nov 01, 2014

Resolved issue quickly and was able to explain my mistakes.
Calvin Froedge Oct 31, 2014

Great mentor.. simply great
Steve Oct 29, 2014

Resolved my issue in less than 15 minutes and provided detailed notes on how he arrived at that solution. Very helpful for future referencing!
Nahlyee Oct 28, 2014

Solved the problem quickly!
Nahlyee Oct 28, 2014

Proflific in js, understood my problem really quick. Developed a high quality solution without a blink. Will work again for sure
Nelson Oct 27, 2014

He was fast!! really good
Steve Oct 26, 2014

Very helpful. Determined to help make the code simpler and implement best practices.
Michael Edwards Oct 09, 2014

No audio but great communication via chat, etc. Very helpful overall, solved the immediate issue I was having an helped a bit on another one in the allotted time, which was great.
Jeremy Oct 05, 2014