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“In building your skills as an Angular developer, sometimes reaching that next level in more advanced topics can be difficult to grasp, or perhaps you simply haven't had the need to delve into certain aspects of the framework deeper.

This 4-week class will not only expose you to new and more in-depth topics, but also give you a better understanding of just how AngularJS works under the hood.

Kevin Farst

Kevin Farst is a software engineer with over 6 years of experience in web development. Working primarily as a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, he has since switched to AngularJS, helping to build a large production application from the ground up. He has a passion for helping others and is dedicated to "paying back" those who have helped him develop his career by building the skills of others as a mentor and teacher. Additionally, Kevin has contributed to many open source projects and continues building his skills to in turn help others as the development landscape changes.

Learn AngularJS with Prerecorded Classes + Live Q&A

Who is this class for?

This class is for those who have a decent understanding of the core principles of Angular and actually have experience building Angular applications, but would like to explore topics that either aren't necessarily used on a daily basis, or just haven't realized the power behind some of the components that make up the framework. It is also for those who would like hands-on experience with these topics through small weekly assignments.

What will you learn?

Over four weeks, this class will cover: ui-router, a state-based router from the Angular UI team; directive communication, specifically between parent directives and their children; advanced transclusion topics; Angular 2 upgrade basics. The topics will each have a weekly assignment to go along with the teachings, as well as support for any questions you may have.

Codementor Intermediate AngularJS Class: Syllabus

Lesson 1


  • What is ui-router?
  • Ui-router vs ngRoute
  • Additional features of ui-router beyond ngRoute
  • Lab 1 - A small personal website with nested states


The live Q&A session for this class will be held at 6PM PDT, Aug 11.

Lesson 2


  • Directive communication
  • Directive controllers
  • Lab 2 - Sharing data between child directives through an interactive card game


The live Q&A session for this class will be held at 6PM PDT, Aug 18.

Lesson 3


  • Why test?
  • Unit testing with Jasmine
  • End-to-end integration testing with Protractor
  • Lab 3 - Implementing testing in the real world


The live Q&A session for this class will be held at 6PM PDT, Aug 25.

Lesson 4

Preparing for Angular 2

  • Angular 1 vs 2
  • The Angular 2 upgrade path through ngUpgrade
  • A brief look at the community created upgrade path ngForward
  • Lab 4 - upgrading our week 1 angular app


The live Q&A session for this class will be held at 6PM PDT, Sep 1.

You Will Get

4 Hours of Live Q&A Sessions

Touch base with your mentor every week and get the advice you need as you learn core concepts and work on exercises at your own pace.

Hands-on Exercises

Get practical coding experience through hands-on projects, with guidance given by your mentor during the weekly live Q&As.

Unlimited Playbacks

Need to pause and think through a concept before moving forward? You can watch and review all prerecorded classes whenever you like. All live Q&A sessions will also be recorded for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other courses?

For only $99, you’ll get to learn AngularJS live with a real online mentor. This includes 4 prerecorded classes and 4 weekly live Q&A sessions with instant feedback and hands-on exercises. Having live interaction with a mentor makes learning much easier than just watching recorded video tutorials.

What do I need to know before the class?

To get the most out of this class, please make sure you have a decent understanding of the core principles of Angular and actually have experience building Angular applications.

What if I miss a live Q&A session?

All sessions will be recorded and you‘ll have access to the recordings at any time. You can also ask questions in our Slack channel and get help from other members of the community.

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This is an Intermediate AngularJS class.
First prerecoreded class released on Aug 4, 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT
First live Q&A session on Aug 11, 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT
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Class time and plan