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Class time and plan

Live Mentor

Small Group

Hands-On Learning

“You'll be confident at working with Git and GitHub workflows and quickly recover from mistakes. Video diagrams and quizzes ensure you fully grasp concepts. You'll understand the impact of Git command sequences by experimenting with changing commands in my batch scripts.”

Wilson Mar

Wilson Mar (@wilsonmar) has been building and bringing secure enterprise applications to market on major platforms—from mobile to server clouds to IoT—as an architect, developer, DevOps engineer, and manager. His website wilsonmar.github.io provides concise, in-depth advice on leading software development technologies.

Master Git and GitHub in 4 Weeks with a Live Instructor

Who is this class for?

This class is for those who have had some exposure to Git and GitHub, but are looking to master its fundamentals. No knowledge of any existing frameworks or tools is necessary. With an instructor teaching the class live, you'll be able to remove all hurdles you might encounter.
Attendees need to have their own Mac or Windows 10 machine configured to run PowerShell. This will likely require installation of the latest versions of software. Once registered, you will get the full step-by-step tutorial document and access to videos. Some of the content is pre-work to ensure you'll be efficient at learning.

What will you learn?

You will learn the basics of what is needed to use Git and GitHub securely, including fundamental commands, its capabilities, and recovering from mistakes. Instruction on configuration of Windows and Mac OSX to run Bash scripts is included. Bonus optional activities are in the Workbook for those who complete labs early and have extra time.

Codementor 8-Session Git and GitHub Class: Syllabus

Lesson 1


  • PREP: Create GitHub Account
  • Alternatives to versioning and GitHub
  • Download a Zip of a repository (git-utilities)
  • Create your own repository and static website
  • Open an issue on GitHub with a graphic
  • Create Pull Request on GitHub
  • Know the GitHub Workflow
  • BONUS: Identify famous repositories on GitHub

Lesson 2

Git on your laptop

  • PREP: Configure a text editor to edit files
  • Know the Git Workflow
  • Select a Git client to install
  • Install the Git client best for you
  • Use git reflog command to see history of changes
  • Use git status command to see statuses
  • Enable script folder, set verbosity, variables, exits
  • Run idempotent script to create a repository
  • Lookup git commands and their parameters
  • Keep secrets in a local hidden enviornment variables file
  • BONUS: Configure command line prompts
  • BONUS: Identify options for testing locally

Lesson 3

Secure communications

  • PREP: Create a public and private key pair
  • Add collaborator to a private personal GitHub repository
  • Generate a Secure Shell certificate key pair
  • Add public certificate into GitHub
  • Install gpg utility for signing tags
  • BONUS: Add a picture to your static website
  • BONUS: Create GitHub Key for GitNotifier.io

Lesson 4

Analyze and Change a Repository

  • PREP: Install
  • Clone to view a repo with known commits ("sisters")
  • Compare GitK and other Git GUI to view commits
  • Identify parameters to commands
  • Create alias to commands
  • Use blame command to identify who made changes
  • Create and configure new Git repository
  • Checkout files to specific commits
  • BONUS: Configure multiple GitHub accounts

Lesson 5


  • Checkout a commit vs. new local branch
  • Make changes in a local repo
  • Use local RefLog command to see history of changes
  • Stash & un-stash tracked files temporarily
  • BONUS: Code Markdown text

Lesson 6

Recover and prevent mistakes

  • Ignore files in repo and globally
  • Amend changes locally
  • Rebase locally to squash commits together
  • Clean files in various buckets
  • BONUS: Process GitHub repos automatically

Lesson 7

Commit and Push to GitHub

  • Add and Commit changes
  • Define and use a Tag
  • Sign tags
  • Push to GitHub
  • Revert changes in GitHub
  • Verify a signed tag
  • BONUS: Know commit message etiquette
  • BONUS: Optimize personal statistics on GitHub

Lesson 8


  • ​​Update from upstream location
  • Fetch changes
  • Identify differences in remote tracking branch
  • Merge changes from remote tracking branch
  • Resolve a conflicting merge condition
  • Install and try different diff/merge tools
  • Clean-up locally

You Will Get

8 Hours of Live Classes

The live group lecture is the core of the class. The mentor will teach the curriculum live and students can ask questions directly.

Hands-on Pair Programming

You'll get the chance to code live via hands-on exercises. All students will work on the exercises together and get instant feedback from the instructor via screen-sharing.

Unlimited Lesson Playbacks

Had to miss a class? Fear not. All lessons are recorded and you can review the recordings in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other courses?

For only $99, you’ll get to learn what is needed to use Git and GitHub securely live with a real online mentor. This includes 4 weekly live classes. Having live interaction with a mentor makes learning much easier than watching recorded video tutorials.

What do I need to know before the class?

This class is for those who have had some exposure to Git and GitHub, but are looking to master its fundamentals for great good. No knowledge of any existing frameworks or tools is necessary.

What if I miss a class?

All classes will be recorded and you‘ll have access to the recordings at any time. You can also ask questions in our Slack channel and get help from other members of the community.

What is a Delayed Live Class?

Delayed Live Class is for those who couldn't make it for the live sessions. With Delayed Live Classes, you'll be able to watch recordings uploaded within 24 hours after each session, and have access to our Slack community to ask questions and discuss with your peers and the instructor.