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Class time and plan

“Learn side-by-side how to develop an end-to-end application from scratch by buidling a Pomodoro-technique time-tracking application with Node.JS and jQuery.”

Gianfranco Palumbo

Gianfranco Palumbo before starting a Digital Agency was previously working for MongoDB. After graduating with a Computer Science degree from DIT and finding out about the startup scene, he got involved with several side projects as full stack developer. Being a generalist he enjoys all aspects of development, information architecture, and user experience. When he's not developing websites for small businesses or projects of his own, he mentors students on JavaScript (Angular and Node.JS), HTML/CSS and modern web technologies.

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Who is this class for?

Having basic knowledge in JavaScript Front-end and Backend (Node.JS) is an advantage but it's not a requisite. We still start from the beginning not assuming anything and making sure all the concepts are covered.

What will you learn?

The application we will be building is a Full Stack Web Application which uses modern JavaScript libraries and standards. The web app will allow users to register, sign in with Facebook, Google or email, and track their Todo list tasks with a timer. There is also overall ranking available to see who is the most 'productive' person in the network (user can opt out). We're going to use Node.JS, of course, and ExpressJS for the back-end. We're going to use MongoDB as a Database to store our user's information, and finally, we're going to use jQuery and Bootstrap to control and display the front-end and finally query AJAX requests.

Codementor Full Stack JS development Class: Syllabus

Lesson 1

Introduction and Application structure

  • Understanding the components of the web application and their role
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Introducing Express and concept of routing
  • Getting "Hello World!" working from back to front-end

Lesson 2

Front-end Application with jQuery and Bootstrap

  • Simple interface design for the pomorodo timer
  • and putting all together with AJAX requests
  • Gulp build tool to refresh the browser when a file is saved and to speed development

Lesson 3

Further back-end development with Node.JS and MongoDB

  • Dive into MongoDB
  • Introducing CRUD and API requests
  • Working with data in MongoDB using Mongoose

Lesson 4

Putting all together with AJAX requests

  • Registering users with Facebook
  • Storing session information
  • Developing the leaderboard of the most 'productive' users on the web app

You Will Get

Learn Full Stack JS at Your Pace

Need to pause and think through a concept before moving forward? Go through the classes at your own pace and learn the core concept of Full Stack JS!

Hands-on Exercises

Get practical coding experience through hands-on projects.

Unlimited Access to All Videos

Didn't get the concept fully the first time? You can watch and review all prerecorded classes as many times as you'd like, whenever you'd like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other courses?

For only $69, you’ll get unlimited access to prerecorded Full stack JavaScript for beginners. This includes 4 prerecorded classes, 8 hours of Full stack JS courses and hands-on exercises. Enroll to this class and schedule your own class time. Make your learning much easier by doing it at your pace.

What is the class structure?

You will have access to 4 prerecorded classes, which will ALL be available once you enroll. Each prerecorded class is around 2 hours long. You will get to code along the recordings at your own pace and able to check back on them whenever you like!

What time are the classes?

The prerecorded classes will be released all at once upon enrollment and will be available indefinitely. You can schedule your time the way you like and even go back to review ALL 4 classes any time!

What do I need to know before the class?

To get the most out of this class, it would be great for you to be comfortable with using JavaScript. Make sure to have the latest node.js installed.

Class Enrollment Starts Now

This is a prerecorded class for those who are familiar with JavaScript.

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Class time and plan