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Class time and plan

“In the 4 lesson sequence, each of the four lessons will focus on different areas of JavaScript knowledge and skills. The “old school” ES5 JavaScript app, Exploding Canvas, will be used as the starting point; and we will leverage “new school” ESNext techniques that we are about to learn and incorporate them into Exploding Canvas.”

James Womack

James used JavaScript for the first time in 1998, for his middle school band’s website. JavaScript has come a long way since then, just as James' career development has. He used to be a jack-of-all-trades, but has focused on transitioning teams to full-stack JavaScript since 2012, including stints at Amco & Sony. Today he helps teams at Netflix use JavaScript to build & deploy data vis apps that transform billions of records of data—and visualize it in a way that’s easy to understand.

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Who is this class for?

This class is for those who are looking to gain the ESNext knowledge needed to work on applications typical of junior-level programming positions, or senior programmers looking to get a head-start in their journey toward ESNext expertise.

What will you learn?

Attendees will gain knowledge, skills & confidence to use features from the latest JavaScript standard to not only create applications that match their vision, but also enhance their profile and capabilities with respect to career opportunities.

Codementor ES6 Class: Syllabus

Lesson 1

Course Introduction & Syntax

Course Introduction

         — Guidelines for getting the most out of the course

What You’ll Need

         — Installing Chrome 52

         — Installing Node 6

         — Running the app

Overview of the Anatomy of JavaScript


         — const v. let

         — Spread operator

         — for…of

         — Destructuring declaration

         — Destructuring assignment

         — Object literal extensions

         — Being able to use syntax is like being able to form a sentence in English

Lesson 2


         — A syntax refresher

         — Function overview

         — The name property

         — Default parameters

         — Rest parameters

         — Destructuring parameters

         — Arrow functions

         — Promise

         — Generators

         — Being able to use functions is like being able to make a point

Lesson 3


         — A function refresher

         — ES5 Prototype vs. static overview

         — Object, Array, String & Math statics

         — Array, String, RegExp & Number prototypes

         — Typed arrays & ImageData

         — Reflect

         — Using built-ins is like being able to use a quote or make a pop culture reference

Lesson 4

Modules & Classes, Learning Validation & Next Steps

Modules & Classes

         — A built-in refresher

         — A brief history of modules

         — import

         — export

         — class as syntactic sugar

         — Subclassable built-ins

         — Organizing your code into modules

         — Sharing data across modules

         — Sharing modules from your application for re-use in future projects

         — Using modules is like other people being able to quote or reference you—you’re the star here

Learning Validation & Next Steps

         — Summary of key elements

         — Learning validation (Q&A)

         — Suggestions of what to do next

You Will Get

Learn ES6 at Your Pace

Need to pause and think through a concept before moving forward? Go through the classes at your own pace and build an Angular app from srcatch!

Hands-on Exercises

Get practical coding experience through hands-on projects.

Unlimited Lesson Playbacks

Didn't get the concept fully the first time? You can watch and review all prerecorded classes as many time as you'd like, whenever you'd like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other courses?

For only $69, you’ll get unlimited access to prerecorded ES6 courses. This includes 8 hours of prerecorded ES6 classes and hands-on exercises. Enroll to this class and schedule your own class time. Make your learning much easier by doing it at your pace.

What do I need to know before the class?

To get the most out of this class, it would be great for you to brush up your JavaScript skills before the class starts.

What is the class structure?

You will have access to 4 prerecorded classes, which will ALL be available once you enroll. Each prerecorded class is around 2 hour long. You will get to code along the recordings at your own pace and able to check back on them whenever you like!

What time are the classes?

The prerecorded classes will be released all at once upon enrollment and will be available indefinitely. You can schedule your time the way you like and even go back to review ALL 4 classes any time!

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Class time and plan