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“After 4 classes, you will learn how to create a Single Page Application with Angular through building a project; you will also know what to expect in Angular2.”

John O'Connor

John is an entrepreneur, engineer, and educator. He's also an assistant professor of Computer Science at Norco College, with 15 years of experience; he's also an author of node.js development frameworks.

Codementor Online AngularJS Class - Schedule Your Own Classes!

Who is this class for?

Students entering this course should be familiar with the principles of Front-end Web Development with HTML / CSS and browser-based Javascript. Students should also be familiar with the JQuery library and Document Object Model (DOM). Students who want to learn AngularJS but current classes' schedules don't work.

What will you learn?

Students that have completed this course will be able to create a Single Page Application (SPA) with Angular ui-router module, routes and controllers.

Codementor Beginner AngularJS Class: Syllabus

Lesson 1

Introduction to Angular and Modules

  • Overview of AngularJS

    • ⁃  What is Angular JS?

    • ⁃  What problems was Angular designed to solve

    • ⁃  A brief history of data-binding and web applications

    • ⁃  Comparison of Angular to other modern front-end frameworks

  • Angular Modules

    • ⁃  Creating a New Angular Module

    • ⁃  Retrieving an Existing Angular Module

    • ⁃  Bootstrapping an Angular Module using the ng-app directive

    • ⁃  Bootstrapping an Angular Module manually

    • ⁃  Dependency Injection and Using Other Angular Modules

    • ⁃  Methods for Structuring Angular Modules

    • ⁃  Angular Module Lifecycle and the Digest Loop 


Lesson 2

Controllers, Services and Factories​

  • Angular Controllers

    • ⁃  Introduction to Angular Controllers

    • ⁃  Adding an Angular Controller to an HTML Element

    • ⁃  The $scope variable and 2-way data binding using ng-model

  • Angular Services and Factories

    • ⁃  Injecting Services Into Controllers

    • ⁃  Using the Built-In Angular Services

      • ⁃  $http

      • ⁃  $q

      • ⁃  $resource

    • ⁃  Creating a new Angular Service using a Factor

    • ⁃ Demonstration Wrapping the currency.js Library

    • ⁃ Configuring services using Providers 

Lesson 3


  • Angular Directives

    • ⁃  Introduction to Web Components

    • ⁃  Creating a new Angular Directive

      • ⁃  Structure of an Angular Directive Descriptor

      • ⁃  The “link”, “compile”, and “controller” functions

      • ⁃  Injecting Services into an Angular Directive

    • ⁃  Using JQuery within an Angular Directive

    • ⁃  Using Directives from Other Modules

    • ⁃  Built-In Directives

      • ⁃  ng-click

      • ⁃  ng-change

      • ⁃  ng-checked

      • ⁃  ng-repeat

      • ⁃  ng-href

      • ⁃  ng-class

      • ⁃  ng-style 

      • ⁃  ng-if

      • ⁃  ng-disabled

    • ⁃ Forms and Validation Directives

      • ⁃  ng-maxlength

      • ⁃  ng-minlength

      • ⁃  ng-required

      • ⁃  ng-form

      • ⁃  ng-submit 

      • ⁃  ng-cloak

      • ⁃  ng-show/ng-hide

      • ⁃  ng-src


Lesson 4

Single Page Applications and Angular 2

  • Single Page Applications Using the ui-router Module

    • ⁃  Module Config Functions

    • ⁃  Configuring the ui-router using the $stateProvider

    • ⁃  Angular ui-router States

    • ⁃  Adding Routes using the Config Object

    • ⁃  Using Templates in a Route

    • ⁃  Using the ui-view Directive

    • ⁃  Using the ui-sref Directive to Link to States

    • ⁃  Adding a Controller to a State

    • ⁃  Angular Named Views 

  • A look toward the future: Angular 2 and typescript

You Will Get

Learn AngularJS at Your Pace

Need to pause and think through a concept before moving forward? Go through the classes at your own pace and learn to create apps that match your vision.

Hands-on Exercises

Get practical coding experience through hands-on projects.

Unlimited Access to All Videos

Didn't get the concept fully the first time? You can watch and review all prerecorded classes as many time as you'd like, whenever you'd like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other courses?

For only $69, you’ll get unlimited access to prerecorded AngularJS courses. This includes 4 prerecorded classes, 8 hours of Angular 1.x courses and hands-on exercises. Enroll to this class and schedule your own class time. Make your learning much easier by doing it at your pace.

What is the class structure?

You will have access to 4 prerecorded classes, which will ALL be available once you enroll. Each prerecorded class is around 2 hour long. You will get to code along the recordings at your own pace and able to check back on them whenever you like!

What time are the classes?

The prerecorded classes will be released all at once upon enrollment and will be available indefinitely. You can schedule your time the way you like and even go back to review ALL 4 classes any time!

What do I need to know before the class?

To get the most out of this class, it would be great for you to be familiar with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and jQuery and the DOM.

Class Enrollment Starts Now

This is a prerecorded beginner AngularJS class featuring Angular 1.x .
If you'd like to learn Angular 2 instead, vist here: Beginner Angular 2

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Class time and plan