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Chris Alatorre

Chris Alatorre

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I've used Famo.us since it's public beta release and have used it with cordova to develop and deliver multiple mobile apps for clients.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
Go expert help Go - 2 years experience
No icon Cordova - 2 years experience
please just mimic phonegap here.
No icon PhoneGap - 2 years experience
I've used it to develop multiple applications mostly with android more recently with iphone / ipad as well. I've used angular, jquery mobile, and famo.us to develop apps using this technology. I've run into a few edge cases and have tweaked multiple plugins and even written my own for android. I haven't worked much with objective C so my skills on the more in-depth questions related to ios is my weak spot.
Famous expert help Famo.us - 1 year experience
I've developed several apps for clients and I'm currently the top ranked SO for [famo.us] in the last 30 days. It is an amazing framework with a lot of potential. It solves so many of the speed issues with Cordova/Phonegap when properly implemented.