Erik Eidt, freelance Chrome extension programmerHire Now
Erik Eidt5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Hayward, United States

Assembly Language, Introductory Programming, Compiler Techonology, Instruction Set Architecture , and much more!

I've written a chrome extension that I'm in the process of publishing.
suresh atta , Chrome extension freelance coderHire Now
suresh atta 5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Hyderabad, India

Sr Web and Java Developer by profession, your friend by nature. 1000+ sessions completed so far.

Worked on few extensions and I developed many extensions for my daily routing in browser.
Cory Forsyth, Chrome extension freelance coderHire Now
Cory Forsyth5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Clifton, United States
I have taught a course at NYU for several years on developing Chrome Extensions called "Hacking the Browser"
Zach Sadler, Chrome extension freelance programmerHire Now
Zach Sadler
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Fort Myers, United States

Chrome Extension Wizard | Javascript Hacker | .NET Engineer

I've developed dozens of Chrome Extensions that have over a combined 500,000 users and integrate several APIs including Salesforce, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, and Flickr.
Maciej Jankowski, Chrome extension dev and freelancerHire Now
Maciej Jankowski4.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Łódź, Poland

Coder, consultant, startupper

I have built several browser extension for Chrome. The most complex being adBlock clone.
Mahesh Pal, Chrome extension freelance developerHire Now
Mahesh Pal4.9
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Rohtak, India

Helping create better web

I have a great passion for Javascript. I have worked with many modern Javascript frameworks like Angular 1.x , React, Angular 2.
Nathan Ridley, top Chrome extension developerHire Now
Nathan Ridley5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Kelvin Grove, Australia

Australian full-stack developer/designer with almost 20 years of experience: Learn: advanced JavaScript/Typescript, HTML/CSS, software architecture/design, functional/reactive programming with streams, Photoshop, UI/UX design, career guidance and more.

Note: I am often in "away" mode when I am working. I work for myself though, so if you're reading this and would like a session with me, disregard my "away" status and shoot me a message anyway. I'll do my best to accommodate you. I also let my regulars add me on Skype, in order to message me more easily. We'll then tend to jump into Codementor for a session. "TEACH A PERSON TO FISH AND YOU'LL FEED THEM FOR A LIFETIME" My strength is helping you learn to code, debug, structure your application, and in general, how to be a good developer. If you want to develop the skills to build anything you can dream up- to switch easily from one language to another, to implement existing algorithms and data structures, design your own algorithms and data structures, analyse any codebase, debug any pro...
Fernando Irarrázaval, Chrome extension programmer and consultantHire Now
Fernando Irarrázaval
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Santiago, Chile
I have created chrome extensions in the past.
Alex Long, freelance Chrome extension programmerHire Now
Alex Long5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Tampa, United States

Cybersecurity Researcher

With development experience working with five different startups over the past three years, Alex is experienced in both prototyping ideas from scratch as well as driving progress in existing platforms. As a self-driven freelance developer, a large part of his time was also devoted to non-coding tasks including communicating with clients, providing ideas and guidance, and rapidly becoming familiar with a new project or problem-space. He is currently doing research applying data science to cybersecurity problems such as malware analysis.
Nick Karnik, Chrome extension freelance programmerHire Now
Nick Karnik5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Seattle, United States

NodeJS | React | ES6 | Javascript | C# | C++ | Python | Debugging | Elastic Stack | Search | Microservices | Software Architecture | Data Structures | Algorithms | Visualization | Computer Science | Training

Nick started programming at 10 and shortly after caught the entrepreneurial bug. Since graduating at 19 with a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, he has founded multiple startups. He was accepted at YCombinator, awarded the Investors Pick at Startup Weekend, and most recently worked on a TED talk that featured some of his work. While at Microsoft, Nick was recognized for his work at Bing with the Best Idea Award, a patent in Intelligent Intent Detection from Social Network Messages, and a nomination for the Microsoft Engineering Excellence Award for creating the Big-Data Validation Framework. He is passionate about large-scale distributed systems, spatial data structures, machine learning, search, and visualization. He also loves taking courses on Coursera, Udacity & U...
Flavio Wuensche, Chrome extension software engineerHire Now
Flavio Wuensche5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rails Developer. Microsoft Excel & VBA specialist.

Industrial Engineer. Web Developer. Relevant financial background. Flavio is prepared to become an immediate contributor on tasks concerning the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications (both front and backend), querying databases, and managing work with git. Based on previous experience, further qualifications he can offer are mostly related to Finance, Analytics, and Process Automation.
Abhishek Bind, top Chrome extension developerHire Now
Abhishek Bind5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Lucknow, India

Software Developer in Microsoft and programmer with 7+ Years of Experience in C++/C & 4+ in Python & R

Coding and Mathematics Enthusiast Currently, I am final year student at Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi. Won Microsoft's Hackathon Code.Fun.Do in Jan 2016. Created a Windows Phone App which is a navigation assistant app which helps identify the least air polluted route to one’s destination. I do Competitive programming. I have won many college contests.
Shahid Thaika, top Chrome extension developerHire Now
Shahid Thaika5.0
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Business Analyst and Enterprise Level Software Implementer

US MS(IT)+MBA dual degree holding professional, with 8+ years of work experience in business, functional and technical roles. Skilled in understanding business requirements, analysing and presenting data, and problem solving. Fluent in English. Have regularly taught and mentored team members with a conceptual understanding as opposed to just teaching them the syntax.
Laksh Arora, Chrome extension freelance programmerHire Now
Laksh Arora4.9
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Delhi, India

Expert Python Developer, Web Developer and Data Scientist.

Ask me anything :) I'll do my best guiding you in areas of front end development as well as back end development using Python, Version Control System (Git) and Machine Learning. Did some awesome projects and work with other startups in Data Science field mainly focused on Computer Vision. Used seaborn and matplotlib libraries for analysing the result of prediction models. I've been to a lot of hackathons, won some of them nationally. Currently, I'm doing independent research on Machine Learning and Computer Vision.
Glen Little, Chrome extension freelance programmerHire Now
Glen Little
Freelance Chrome extension developer in Edmonton, Canada

Enabling people with software tools that simplify a complex world!

More than 30 years of experience in database and web programming, in numerous languages and systems. Specialties: Web application design and coding using HTML, Javascript, C#, and various networking technologies. Database design and development using SQL Server. Baha'i calendar and election systems.

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