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Armando Alvarado

Armando Alvarado

Central America (-06:00)
Spanish, English
Programmer for 10+ years. Experience mostly in web development (backend) and a little bit of mobile. Have worked on enterprise applications, personal side projects and "experimented" with game development/modding/hacking.
6 Python
4 Django
Django expert help Django - 5 years experience
I've used Django to develop many different projects over the years. Within our team, I focus mostly on the back-end aspect of things (i.e. designing models, managing model migrations, writing views/urls, writing custom middleware, as well as any custom template tags/filters we might need). Pretty much everything except writing html/css for templates. <3 Django documentation. I sometimes read it on the toilet.
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
Started learning Python alongside Django, though I only started seeing Python in itself as one of my tools a while later. I've used python mostly for task automation at my workplace (database connectivity, data manipulation, HTTP request/response communication, etc). Currently in a semi-serious relationship with this language. I'm in love.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
Most of the JavaScript I've written has been for frameworks that use it (among others) as their server-side language. For front-end development...well, now a days there's nothing that jQuery can't do in a better, more browser-independent way.
No icon PhoneGap - 2 years experience
Developed a couple of apps with Phonegap, one for our local mobile phone carrier which they baked into their new line of phones. It included push notifications which told the app when to download new content from a Django powered CMS, which we also developed alongside the app. Experience in plugin development for phonegap.
No icon Msil - 1 year experience
Most of what I know about Microsoft Intermediate Language has been learned while "modding" unity games. I started out editing values here and there, tweaking the game a bit, and ended up adding functions/classes to add completely new functionality to the game. Very fun (if not the most fun) type of programming IMHO.
No icon Cil - 1 year experience
Most of what I know about the Common Intermediate Language has been learned while "modding" unity games. I started out editing values here and there, tweaking the game a bit, and ended up adding functions/classes to add completely new functionality to the game. Very fun (if not the most fun) type of programming IMHO.
No icon Alfresco - 3 years experience
Developed a document management application (5+ million documents) with webscripts (javascript) for the Alfresco Share Interface.
No icon Unity - 1 year experience
Some experience in game development, as a hobby.
calendar 0   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
conecta2server 0   0
HTML Python
django-dirtyfields 0   0
Tracking dirty fields on a Django model
form-wizardry 0   0
HTML Python
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
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Excellent developer, very knowledgeable of Django and related technologies. Recommended!
Alvaro Fuentes Nov 18, 2016

Helped me really quickly and knew exactly what my issue was! Thanks!
John Williamson Jun 19, 2016

Kumar V S Jun 18, 2016

Kumar V S Jun 11, 2016

Always willing to help.
Julian Galvan May 30, 2016

Fabulous as always!!!
Kumar V S May 28, 2016

Fabulous again!!!
Kumar V S May 25, 2016

Kumar V S May 22, 2016

Excellent session
ned May 21, 2016

Great Mentor. Recommended.
ned May 21, 2016

Great guy and always willing to help you out if you have any questions.
Julian Galvan May 21, 2016

Kumar V S May 17, 2016

For the second time, Armando has helped me to solve a big assessment. He doesn't waste your time and also explains really well. I highly recommend.
Rodrigo Scherer May 15, 2016

Awesome again!!!
Kumar V S May 12, 2016

As usual fantastic!!!
Kumar V S May 09, 2016

Excellent as always :)
Kumar V S May 02, 2016

I would have completely understood if he would have gave up on me. But he never did. His ability to problem solve and work through some faulty configurations on my computer is staggering. This is the guy you want if you are at your whit's end.
Joshua Towns May 01, 2016

Very patient in listening and understanding the problem to the core and neat in executing.
Kumar V S Apr 28, 2016

Again, very helpful live session with Armando to clear out all questions I have from the previous offline help.
HK Apr 26, 2016

Impressive! Armando has delivered outstanding offline help within a very short time frame. The codes are very clever and well thought out, accompanied by plenty of helpful comments to facilitate my understanding. Really appreciate Armando's patient and professional follow-up with my questions with a detailed live discussion and step-by-step explanations. Had a very productive and fruitful learning experience through this offline help and am most thankful about it.
HK Apr 26, 2016

Had a productive consultation session with Armando who is once again very helpful in solving the problems at hand. Armando is also an excellent communicator and understands the questions and objectives very well with minimal explanations. Shall proceed with more mentoring sessions as well as offline work with him.
HK Apr 25, 2016

Great guy. Very professional. Help me out with everything that I neeeded. I much appreciate his help and recommend him at least in javascript the guy is a gun.
Rodrigo Scherer Apr 25, 2016

Good work done, and very helpful
Geoffrey Apr 19, 2016

Gentleman, explained everything he done, can't fault him!
Edward McArdle Apr 17, 2016

Always on Top!!
Vasily Kichigin Apr 08, 2016

Excellent Communication and Gets the Work Done on Time!
Vasily Kichigin Apr 05, 2016

Great, take his time. Very thorough. Highly recommend
Tony Apr 04, 2016

Very Good Communication and gets everything done at the right time! Best Mentor for Python here!
Vasily Kichigin Apr 03, 2016

Always on Top!
Vasily Kichigin Mar 28, 2016

He again solved my problem in just a few minutes
Iakovos Belonias Mar 28, 2016

Awesome like Always!!
Vasily Kichigin Mar 24, 2016

Very patient and helpful. I would recommend him without hesitation
Iakovos Belonias Mar 23, 2016

Fast and well explained
Yanick Moregola Mar 23, 2016

Very helpful follow-up session with Armando! Not only have we solved all questions, but also got a chance to discuss topics relating to databases and Chrome developer tools. Simply awesome!
HK Mar 20, 2016

Excellent Codementor! Armando is a very smart, patient and competent problem solver. During the session, we solved a JSON problem and also went ahead to render the views step-by-step. Really appreciate his help and follow-up.
HK Mar 19, 2016

Really great help with python problem. :)
Mollie M Mar 18, 2016

Most helpful and logical
Ben Elliott Mar 15, 2016

Very good and insightful. Very good experience.
Alex Schneider Mar 14, 2016

Mentor was excellent once again. Definitely will continue to use this mentor if needed again.
andy lalaram Mar 14, 2016

Armando was great to work with. He has a deep knowledge of Django, and knew lots of little development tricks that I'll add to my tool kit of other projects. I hope to work with him again on another project sometime.
Andrew Tennikoff Mar 14, 2016

Very Professional! It's a pleasure to work with him!
Vasily Kichigin Mar 03, 2016

Best Experience Ever! Delivers quickly and Excellent Communication Skills!
Vasily Kichigin Mar 02, 2016

Always on Top! Gets the Job done quickly and Explains everything in Details! Best mentor here!
Vasily Kichigin Mar 02, 2016

My mentor was excellent at helping me, very knowledgable . I would recommend my mentor with no doubt.Thank you.
andy lalaram Mar 01, 2016

Great help!
Inspiring Feb 28, 2016

He is fantastic mentor and a human.
Kumar V S Feb 27, 2016

Fourth Session super excited.
Kumar V S Feb 26, 2016

Kumar V S Feb 23, 2016

This guy was very great in breaking down the problem for me to understand. Definitely recommend him if you have any python help.
Alan Nguyen Feb 22, 2016

Third Session just amazing!!!
Kumar V S Feb 19, 2016

Second session was just wow.
Kumar V S Feb 17, 2016

Wonderful! Always on the Top!
Vasily Kichigin Feb 16, 2016

Instead of just writing code for what was requested, he puts us with questions and dive's deep to understand better to teach us better, I feel this gives us a satisfaction that I learned something better. Flexible, good mentor, knowledgeable.
Kumar V S Feb 13, 2016

Always Incredible Job! Very Very Happy to work with Armando!
Vasily Kichigin Feb 08, 2016

The best experience always!
Vasily Kichigin Feb 03, 2016

It was amazing working with Armando! He exceeded my expectations. Excellent communication skills and knows what he is doing! Wonderful first experience at Codementor!
Vasily Kichigin Jan 28, 2016

One of the best guys on CodeMentor
John James Jan 11, 2016

3rd time remains a charm with Aramando. Thank you!
Quentin Dec 17, 2015

Very good and helpful
Inspiring Dec 14, 2015

Second session with him—satisfaction guaranteed.
Quentin Dec 12, 2015

Armando, you godsend. I'll never think twice but to hire you for future help! You provided me with a semester's worth of education in an hour and a half. I mean it—thank you. Very reasonable pricing and stellar assistance. Have questions? Contact Armando and you'll leave with none!
Quentin Dec 11, 2015

Worked perfectly, super helpful and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking help 10/10
bencowley111@gmail.com Dec 09, 2015

Great Guy !!!! Knows his stuff and really good at explaining what's going on
John James Dec 06, 2015

he's the man.
Grant Stanley Dec 03, 2015

He is the best over here.. He is so kind and considerate. He actually knows everything. I would recommend him to everyone. Genius..
Sandra Nov 30, 2015

Friendly and helpful would definitely use again!
Steven Haddock Oct 26, 2015

Inspiring Oct 26, 2015

Wonderfully helpful.
Thomas Newman Oct 23, 2015

Armando was quick at helping me solve and explaining my problem so that I wouldn't make the same mistakes in the future.
Marcus Oct 21, 2015

Fue rapido y explico facilmente donde esta el problema, me ayudo a enteder de fondo que pasaba.
Ernesto Vargas Oct 21, 2015

really awesome just as i asked! thank you veryyy much!!!!
Wasker AHG Oct 18, 2015

Very patient and helpful
Mohammad Musa Oct 04, 2015

Really good!! Help was quick and accurate!!
Ralph Sep 22, 2015

Great session. Quickly understood and solved my issue.
Nicholas Aug 27, 2015

Awesome, thank you!!
Kennedy Jul 30, 2015

Very helpful, patient, eager to explain any questions I had for him.
Eric Jun 16, 2015

he is the best. Smart and very intelligent
Babafemi May 25, 2015

Awesome! Awesome! The best tutor ever
Aubain May 06, 2015

Aubain May 05, 2015

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Solved my problem quickly and correctly.
brett hersley Apr 20, 2015

resourceful and versatile
zackn9ne Apr 14, 2015

Can't describe how amazing he is. Excellent help.
Aubain Mar 30, 2015

Amazing help - in minutes!
miguel sanchez Mar 26, 2015

Probably the best help I've had ever! really cares and goes into details explaining.
IronReaper Mar 13, 2015

Solved my problem very quickly! Very nice to work with.
Cameron Mar 12, 2015

Get to business quick and explain every step.
Aubain Mar 09, 2015

He was helpful and did a great job with getting my problem solved.
Josh McQuiston Feb 18, 2015

Armando is an amazing mentor -- very knowledgeable and patient.
miguel sanchez Feb 16, 2015

I had some issues making cx_Oracle module work on my mac. Armando helped me fix the problem. He was very helpful, and will connect again regarding some python help.
tkazi Feb 09, 2015