How I learnt ReactJs

Published Aug 06, 2017
How I learnt ReactJs

About me

Software developer, I have been programming for about 2-3years

Why I wanted to learn ReactJs

I love to try out new programming languages, ReactJs had been on my mind, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” - Henry Ford, l love the idea or concept of breaking down things into smaller parts or components that is why I decided to focus on ReactJs

How I approached learning ReactJs

I started learning ReactJs by building a project on called document management system, so it was really tedious to learn and code together, but it really helped me learn and deliver faster, unlike reading then applying knowledge, I applied knowledge as I read through the documentation ReactJs provided for me.

The learning process was was tedious but I have found a new way to learn, its called learn as you go.

Challenges I faced

I was new to ReactJs and I was also new to Redux now that was the issue, using two new technologies for the first time, I had to leverage on my JavaScript knowledge to scale through, There was a time when I was stuck, the router was changed in React but could not find and update for it, I had to reach out to my colleagues at work and also visit stackoverflow to get help.

Key takeaways

Learning cannot be in a box, you can learn in different ways. If I am stuck I reach out to other developers for help no man knows it all.
I enjoyed trying something new, it felt like an adventure to me

Tips and advice

Learning can be done in different ways don't let your old way of learning come in between you and your goals, if you are to adjust your learning patterns do it immediately so you can achieve what you set out to, currently working on a mobile app, and I have never worked with Android before.

Final thoughts and next steps

Learn it all...

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