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Charles F. Munat

Charles F. Munat

Freelance web developer (18 years), instructor (2 years) - ES6, Ruby

Wellington (+13:00 DST)
I teach web development in intense, immersive long-term classes (8-12 weeks) as well as shorter classes: Rails, AngularJS, and Meteor; Ruby, JavaScript, CoffeeScript; HTML, CSS, accessibility, and usability. Have been a full stack developer since before there was such a thing. B.S. Informatics, magna cum laude. Taught C back in the day. Explaining things is what I do.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 10 years experience
Not really a huge fan of Ruby (I admit that I love strictly-typed, immutable, compiled languages and wish that I could write everything in Haskell -- and am learning Elixir as fast as they write it). So I try to learn only what I need to know to be good enough at Rails to teach it well (and make money cranking out great sites quickly). But I've been doing it for a decade now, so I guess I'm not bad at it.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I know what a closure is and how to use it. I know how prototype inheritance works. I understand variable hoisting. I "use strict" and lint all my code. I write JSON APIs to jsonapi.org standards -- have been for about a year. I've built enterprise sites in node.js with backbone and underscore, and have taught AngularJS, Ember.js, and Meteor. Lots of experience with jQuery and many, many other libraries. I can even write generator functions. Hooyah.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 18 years experience
I wrote my first professional website in 1997 using CSS with absolute positioning (really) and standards-compliant HTML. I was building sites to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines before they were even a Candidate Recommendation, and I sat on the Working Group to revise the standard to WCAG 2.0 back in 2001. I was heavily involved in semantic web stuff back in the day (RDF, OWL, ontologies, etc.) I teach my students 100% standards-compliant HTML and CSS *using the validators religiously* and understand both separation of concerns and the semantic function of HTML. (I was also a big proponent of XHTML back in the day, and once wrote a complex CMS purely in XHTML and XQuery storing it in the BaseX XML database -- with homemade caching! Ah, those were the days...)
Sql expert help SQL - 15 years experience
I've worked with more databases than I can count (relational, xml, object, document, graph -- you name it). When I started building dynamic, database-backed websites in 1998, you had to know SQL intimately. I still teach it. I also like to "cheat" on my Rails sites and go straight to SQL treating the output as pure data (functionally) and avoiding inflating objects when not necessary.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 10 years experience
I first starting building sites in Rails before version 1 when I was a senior programmer for the University of Washington (and desperately hated PHP). Switched to Scala around the time MERB and Rails merged. Then began doing more Rails work (mostly moving legacy code from 1 or 2 to 3.2) in 2011. Since I started teaching Rails almost two years ago I've become quite adept at it. That said, I am not a fan of heavy use of gems or magic and like to write things by hand. I'm also a bit of a minimalist.
Scala expert help Scala - 7 years experience
I got involved with Lift (and remain, oddly, a committer) very early on and built numerous sites in Lift, then Circumflex, then Xitrum. Still love it but a bit rusty these days after nearly two years teaching Rails.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
I use Git and GitHub every day (from the command line exclusively). I teach using Git every day (branching, merging, rebasing, cherry picking, forks, pull requests, etc.) Can't say that I love it, but it's the best tool out there. Used Mercurial for years before that, and before that Subversion, and before that CVS.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 3 years experience
I teach CoffeeScript and use it more than I use JavaScript these days. I have a fairly strong background in functional programming (several years as a Scala developer), and really like the functional aspects and the syntax of CS.
No icon Polymer - 1 year experience
Been working with Polymer for a few months. Expect to have a few sites online soon. Using koa.js with io.js and RethinkDB on the back end. And material design. Currently converting my sites from 0.5 to 0.8.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
Been working on a major website based on react.js with material-ui. Hope to debut it in the next couple of months. Painful, but exciting work. No expert (yet) but happy to share. All in ES6 with io.js. Koa.js on the back end. PostgreSQL with pg-bricks, too.
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Charles is amazing. Clearly highly knowledgeable and a great communicator. I'd recommend him to anyone.
Marc Plotkin Oct 13, 2014

Fantastic. Wish I had met Charles 6 months ago, when I started this software journey!! He's filling in all the gaps and more. Delighted.
Elaine Oct 13, 2014

Excellent - Charles completely understands where I am and what my issues are. He is really down to earth and refreshingly jargon-free explaining concepts in a easy-to-understand way. Charles has gone over and above to meet my time constraints and challenges and I will definitely continue to work with him for the foreseeable.
Elaine Oct 12, 2014