Be A Good Programming Teacher

Published Nov 24, 2017
Be A Good Programming Teacher

Being a good programming teacher is a challenge. I worked for a few months at a company where I had to learn an in-house software solution from scratch.

The problem was that we did not have enough documentation and we had to rely on help from other colleagues.

Only a few people in the company were able to teach well. Not everyone is a good programming teacher.

One reason someone isn't a good programming teacher is that they don't like to share information with others (knowing more than others can make them feel superior, like they have an advantage).

Patience is important also, not only in solving programming errors but in teaching programming also. Some people don't have the necessary skills to have patience with others.

Teaching someone is being unselfish and wanting the person next to you to succeed. Some people cannot rejoice when others succeed.

Being a good programming teacher is not something that you can learn. It is more than that.

It means you have special qualities that enable you to be a good programming teacher and to enjoy teaching.

It's very important how you relate to other people.
This world needs more good teachers!

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