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Nick Nguyen, Career advising freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Career advising developer in Saint Paul, United States

Full Stack Developer and Product Manager

I taught myself to code several years ago using all of the amazing free resources out there. I learned by building things, searching the internet for answers, and asking other developers for help. I parlayed this into a full-time web developer job and now I manage a team of developers while continuing to code daily. I love to share my journey with new developers who are looking for career advice, as it can seem scary to think that you could be a professional developer when you are just getting started.
Ryan Sobol, Career advising freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Career advising developer in Seattle, United States

Developer and Mentor | 13+ years of experience | 900+ people trained

🎉 Spring Special - 25% off mentorship for May 2017 🎉 When I was ten years old, my parents gave me a book on the BASIC programming language. You could say it was love at first if-statement because all I could dream about was building castles and spaceships with code. Years later, after earning a B.S. in Computer Science, working in the field for over a decade, and writing code from a beachside hammock in the South Pacific, I formed a new dream—to help others make their own journey into the world of programming. Since becoming a mentor, I've been responsible for the technical, mental, and emotional education of over 900 code school students. And now, I'm eager to share my expertise using CodeMentor and work one-on-one with developers like you. I look forward to meeting you!
Eric Himmelreich, Career advising dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Career advising developer in Ashburn, United States

Full Stack Rails and JavaScript developer

I've been working as a full stack software engineer for over a decade now. In addition I have extensive experience doing 1 on 1 tutoring so you'll find that I'm patient, a good listener, and an encouraging teacher.
Charles Allison, Career advising software engineerHire Now
Freelance Career advising developer in Ashburn, United States

Experienced Software Engineer... Loves music.

I'm a software craftsman, a professional at what I do. I love to make complex things really simple with great depth of knowledge in software design and architecture. I don't just write code, I enjoy designing and creating awesome software applications. I've got 8+ years of developing applications using Java, PHP, and exactly 5 years with the C# language. My experience includes both web and desktop applications. While I currently develop in C# and XAML, I'm a Java enthusiast. I can say I've got some emotional attachment to Java. I love cartoons and enjoy music as I write code; nonetheless, I am achievement oriented and goal driven.
Alexander Luberg, Career advising dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Career advising developer in San Jose, United States

Expert full-stack developer(Python/ES6/React/Redux) with 8+ year of experience. @LinkedIn

Sr. Software Engineer @ LinkedIn, 8+ years of experience
Pedro Paulo Jr, senior Career advising developerHire Now
Freelance Career advising developer in Ashburn, United States

Very seasoned developer with an eye for business efficiency and problem solving

Over the years I hired and trained dozens of people. Most of them are in very good positions now and it's one of the things I'm most proud of as a professional. We can be excellent developers, awesome data scientists but if we mentor someone and make them better than us, that's the ultimate achievement.

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