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Clark Monte, Caliburn micro freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Caliburn micro developer in Manaus, Brazil
I have expertise with caliburn micro framework by 2 years on Windows / Windows Phone Platform to apply MVVM project archiecture
Tom Cassey, Caliburn micro freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Caliburn micro developer in Carmichael, United States

.Net developer with over 10 years programming experience.

I've been working professionally as a Software Engineer for the last few years and prior to that I completed a Ph.D. and masters in Computer Science from the University of Bristol in England. In my current role I'm a Software Engineer and project manager working on R&D projects for an engineering and manufacturing firm in San Diego. I have experience mentoring students learning programming and, while a graduate student, I assisted teaching several university level classes.
Sergii Shumakov, Caliburn micro software engineerHire Now
Freelance Caliburn micro developer in Olm, Luxembourg

Software Engineer II at Microsoft

Sergii Shumakov is a software engineer at Microsoft. His passion is the development of distributed systems including those which are hosted on Azure. In his professional career, Sergii is mainly focused on development with C#/.NET, ASP .NET Core, Azure Service Fabric and other Azure products. In addition to that, he has also advanced experience working with ASP .NET, WPF and lots of other frameworks written for .NET. Since JavaScript development improved a lot recently, Sergii also became more interested in client-side development and had a chance to work on projects written in Angular 2 and React.

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