Dylan Brams, C# . net freelance programmerView Profile
Dylan Brams5.0
Freelance C# . net developer in Jerusalem, Israel

Experienced programmer who can clarify things quickly.

I have been developing Web-based database-backed applications with the Microsoft .Net environment since 2000.
Graeme Humphrey, C# . net software engineerView Profile
Graeme Humphrey5.0
Freelance C# . net developer in Commerce City, United States

Engineer, Problem Solver, Coach

Extensive knowledge of .net full stack development on compact frameworks, interfacing with robotic instruments, various sensors, radios, and GNSS via bluetooth, cable, and WiFi. Ported driver code from unmanaged code to .net where hardware and performance permitted. Created UI engines to provide unified look and feel in and across applications. I have maintained desktop products using the full .Net framework and also created ASP.Net websites for internal use. I would not call myself an expert in either of these two platforms (desktop, web) but I do possess the skills to produce quality applications.
Max Cervantes, top C# . net developerView Profile
Max Cervantes5.0
Freelance C# . net developer in Mexico City, Mexico

C# developer / OOP designer

Experience using web api to design restful web services keeping the representation separated from the domain. Experience creating reusable libraries. Experience using and helping others to make better use of delegates, extension methods and generics in order to create code that is more object oriented.
O. Efrain Renteria B., C# . net coder and developerView Profile
O. Efrain Renteria B.
Freelance C# . net developer in Ciudad Delicias, Mexico

Backend software developer

I've been working with C# in a variety of projects using C# for desktop applications, and mobile environments.
Xavier Jefferson, C# . net dev and freelancerView Profile
Xavier Jefferson
Freelance C# . net developer in La Mirada, United States

Full Stack Microsoft Platform Developer

I've been using C# since about 2001. I'm involved in mostly public facing and internal business applications, and C# serves as a swiss-army knife. I was formerly a Visual Basic developer, then transitioned to Visual Basic .NET, and having learned the framework, was able to transition much of that knowledge to doing C#. My early days involved a lot of Webforms work, which now is a rare occurrence. I am still involved in a lot of MVC development, with the occasional console, Winforms, Windows Service, or WPF application. I've done SOA work with the Web Services tools as well as the REST api tools. Just for kicks, I've been doing a lot of library development and sharing the source and artifacts on Github and Nuget, respectively. A lot of it involves work around the FluentNHibernate ORM...
Yuriy Faktorovich, C# . net freelancer and developerView Profile
Yuriy Faktorovich5.0
Freelance C# . net developer in Chicago, United States

Lead Developer

Over 12 years of experience in building software using the .net framework
Calvin Brown, C# . net freelance coderView Profile
Calvin Brown5.0
Freelance C# . net developer in Atlanta, United States

Enterprise Software Architect / Cloud Architect / Software Developer

I'm a senior .NET enterprise architect and developer. I've developed tons of products with software and am considered an expert with the tool.
Pradeep Kumar, top C# . net developerView Profile
Pradeep Kumar5.0
Freelance C# . net developer in Hyderabad, India

Senior Developer - Microsoft Technologies

Developed different reusable modules in a product using C#.Net
Robert Schuchman, C# . net dev and freelancerView Profile
Robert Schuchman
Freelance C# . net developer in The Bronx, United States

Full Stack .NET Engineer

Experience in this area ranges from Web Services w/ Front End MVC development to Enterprise nTier solutions. I have worked with Cloud/Azure as well deploying multiple webapps and Service Fabrics to live environments. I have experience developing small to large multi user applications as well as developing API's and services for other major internal applications.
Andrew Whiteside, C# . net dev and freelancerView Profile
Andrew Whiteside
Freelance C# . net developer in Lewes, United States

Team Lead / Full Stack Developer / Architect

Working on client based projects as well as products built with C# for 12 years. Originally working on Windows, then through to Web forms After that progressed to MVC based applications and most recently using Web.API. Have used various flavors of data access along the way, this includes Entity Framework in its three forms.
Hernán Carrizo, senior C# . net developerView Profile
Hernán Carrizo
Freelance C# . net developer in Kensington, United Kingdom

Software Craftsman

After learning Java, I learn C# which I also felt it was a better language than Java (from the language perspective). Since my previous experience with Java, I learned really quickly C# and adopt similar tools that I was already using in Java, but in .NET world (like NHibernate). Had experience with ASP.NET (but prefer ASP.NET MVC), WFC to expose API's (and connect with them). I've always been fun of automation, when I used .NET I spent a lot of time automating the build process (with MSBuild) and building our continuous delivery pipeline reducing the release process of our project from ours to minutes. Automation is key for this, I've promote and adopted TDD (using mainly NUnit and Moq) to increase the quality and reduce our build time (so far, we were doing end-to-end test with Seleniu...
Gabriel, C# . net developer for hireView Profile
Freelance C# . net developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Experienced Software Developer and Applied Mathematician

I developed a C# mathematics library that is using for artificial intelligence. I have developed a lot of c# application in my field as a senior reservoir engineer. I also have the ability to use third party c# applications like Prism 4.0, Actipro and DevComponents
Lukasz Olbromski, C# . net dev and freelancerView Profile
Lukasz Olbromski
Freelance C# . net developer in Vaerlose, Denmark

Full Stack Developer

C# and .NET are my go-to language and a development platform. I appreciate the support and constant development of the language and the platform.
Andres K. Tejada, C# . net dev and freelancerView Profile
Andres K. Tejada
Freelance C# . net developer in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Salesforce | Xamarin | Dotnet => Developer

I used c# primarly for all my personal projects. I have done several web apps for my clients using this tech ,always have been using cutting edge tech such .net core, xamarin among others. I also have experience using VB.net.
Herve Roggero, top C# . net developerView Profile
Herve Roggero
Freelance C# . net developer in Boca Raton, United States

Enterprise Architect and Microsoft Azure MVP

Worked with the .NET development platform since its inception and developed dozens of applications using C#. Strong experience building OOP solutions from the ground up. I have held multiple software and enterprise architecture roles in large US organizations.

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