John Simons, C# freelance programmerView Profile
John Simons4.9
Freelance C# developer in Eton Wick, United Kingdom

Full stack developer with a focus on javascript based stacks.

Built several tools that act as a layer between industrial PLC systems and RDBSs for logging Built KinEmote, software to translate 3D camera readings to remote control commands for e.g. media center software, games Mentored a CS student for several months with the basics of programming
Humayun Shabbir, C# software engineerView Profile
Humayun Shabbir5.0
Freelance C# developer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

I have worked with Visual Studio and C# since the beginning. I started my career as Visual Basic and ASP developer but soon I was comfortable with C# and I welcomed it since it was released.
Justice Gray, C# freelance coderView Profile
Justice Gray
Freelance C# developer in Richmond, Canada

Full-Stack CEO, Lean Startup Consultant, Super Genius, Force of Nature

Director of Technology / Senior Consultant (Aequilibrium) Implemented a variety of server-side API functionality for Fortune 500 client Built two ASP.NET MVC/Angular based applications for environmental client Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder (inContract) API-driven C#/ASP.NET MVC backend, with Angular and JQuery responsive front-end Solution Architect (ESSA Technologies) Rearchitecture, rewrite, user interface/experience redesign of ESSA's flagship fish water management tool to bring it in line with relatively modern day technologies Design, business requirements, architecture, development for an environmental Decision Engine for use by water conservation agencies across North America Solution Architect (Students Finance System 2.0) (Alberta Advanced Education (Government of ...
Lucas Bertoni, top C# developerView Profile
Lucas Bertoni5.0
Freelance C# developer in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil

Keep it simple :)

I've coded in a lot of languages, but when I migrated to OOP I found in C# the best environment to work on. On my current job I deal with it all day and our main system is very interactive built with WPF-MVVM standards, It's a major audio player (aka automation system) here in Brazil and we are planning to expand to US this year because we got a lot of excelent feedbacks. It's a critical mission software (if it crashes the radio station go silent) so it is a robust and reliable program.
Michael Urvan, top C# developerView Profile
Michael Urvan5.0
Freelance C# developer in Miami, United States

C# .NET, Unity 3D, jQuery, AJAX, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SQL, Entity Framework,Code First developer with 10+ yrs exp

All of my development projects from 2007 until now have been Microsoft .NET C# based projects. The majority were web applications, but there were some windows forms applications as well. I have a strong understanding of object oriented programming, and I use Domain Driven Design as a basis for project structure. Prior to C# I was a C++ developer for 10 years.
Doug Gale, freelance C# programmerView Profile
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance C# developer in Oshawa, Canada
I have developed GUI applications, and console tools in C#. I have strong multi-threading and concurrency skills. I have experience with building highly robust implementations that can recover properly from error conditions.
Dylan Brams, C# freelance programmerView Profile
Dylan Brams5.0
Freelance C# developer in Jerusalem, Israel

Experienced programmer who can clarify things quickly.

I can help you debug or redesign anything, from C# and stored procedures to C++ to C to Python to Verilog to assembly. I started programming seriously at the age of 14, and built a Mandelbrot calculation / display program that worked in parallel before I graduated high school. Since then, I have worked on various web-based projects across the entire stack from database design to front-end display tuning. I additionally studied electrical engineering, giving me an understanding of how the fundamental pieces of computers work. My specialty has recently been database-backed web programming; I have worked for a year or more with each of various versions of MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostGRESQL, Access, and FoxPro. My experience cross platform - with MS products, Oracle products, and Open Sourc...
Camilo Aguilar, senior C# developerView Profile
Camilo Aguilar4.9
Freelance C# developer in Ottawa, Canada

Software developer with experience in: iOS, AngularJS, NodeJS. - Python and AI learner.

I've been playing with c# from my very first job before I finished my bachelor degree. Even today I teach students to learn this excellent programming language and how to get the benefits of it.
Aman Priyadarshi, C# dev and freelancerView Profile
Aman Priyadarshi5.0
Freelance C# developer in Delhi, India

Expert Developer, Hacker, Machine Learning enthusiast

I have experienece in building .NET based windows application. I have developed great tools using C# that you can check on my GitHub profile. I developed my own operating system in C# that required me to completely manipulate compiler stage and .NET libraries.
Nathan Ridley, top C# developerView Profile
Nathan Ridley5.0
Freelance C# developer in Capalaba, Australia

Australian full-stack developer/designer with almost 20 years of experience: Learn: advanced JavaScript/Typescript, HTML/CSS, software architecture/design, functional/reactive programming with streams, Photoshop, UI/UX design, career guidance and more.

I've used .NET and specifically C# since version 1.1 in 2004, in both private and paid projects, and in salaried and contract positions in lead developer roles. I've built everything from Winforms applications, to 3D graphics applications, to ASP.NET MVC/Razor web applications.
Jaspalsinh Chauhan, C# software engineer and devView Profile
Jaspalsinh Chauhan4.9
Freelance C# developer in Ahmedabad, India

.NET, C# & Xamarin stack code monkey, hoping since 7+ years

C# earns the bread and butter for me. I have worked with different aspects of C# including architectural stuffs, patterning, memory & performance optimization, code maintainability improvements, re-factoring.
Don Oktrova, C# freelance programmerView Profile
Don Oktrova5.0
Freelance C# developer in Philadelphia, United States

Senior Software Developer

I have been developing both personally and professionally with c# for more than 10 years.
Ivan Novikov, C# freelance coderView Profile
Ivan Novikov5.0
Freelance C# developer in Tver, Russia

Experienced full-stack software engineer specializing in .NET, Javascript, AngularJS, React and VueJS

C# is my favourite language for building backend. Nowadays we can write C# application and run it on Linux, AWS, etc. I like C# because it's really succinct and expressive. There are a lot of NuGet packages solves common problems but I can help you to do the rest tasks including developing at every stage and publishing your application.
Tom Swindell, C# freelance coderView Profile
Tom Swindell5.0
Freelance C# developer in Altrincham, United Kingdom

Head of Mobile Development

I am a professional Games developer and unity if my choice of game engine. I have also used C# in XNA previously.
Jamie Hurley, C# freelance coderView Profile
Jamie Hurley4.8
Freelance C# developer in Fairfield, United States

Lead Software Engineer - Writing code for 21+ years

I transitioned from VB 6 to C# and VB.NET in 2001. Since then, over 90% of my application and website development has been in these languages.

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