Andrew Halls, C programming language freelance coderView Profile
Andrew Halls5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Mandurah, Australia

Startup Coach | App Developer | Ski Instructor

The foundation of my programming experience was developing software in the C programming language on engineering workstations. Although I've moved on to other langauges, they core of many of them reflect their roots in C. Need help with understanding pointers, structs and the other complexties of the langauge, hit me up.
Ákos Gyimesi, C programming language freelance coderView Profile
Ákos Gyimesi5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Budapest, Hungary

Programming Language Polyglot, Long-time mentor

I learned C in primary school, and I used it ever since. I used it for video streaming applications, both client and server side. I wrote and maintained a cross-platform networking library for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and ThreadX (a real-time OS used in embedded devices). I also had a C programming course in a high school for 3 years, so I have years of experience explaining its concepts to students.
Nish Kumar, C programming language freelance developerView Profile
Nish Kumar4.7
Freelance C programming language developer in Delhi, India

IT professional with 9+ years of experience and C++ expertise

I have a great passion towards teaching programming. Have real life projects exposure working on different sorts of project on different platforms. Have worked on various projects and have excellent teaching experience in C Programming.
Pankaj Kumar, C programming language freelance coderView Profile
Pankaj Kumar5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Ranchi, India

Open Source Software Developer

C language was the first language that I learnt in 1997
Jay, senior C programming language programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance C programming language developer in Mysore, India

I can help you with .NET, Android, Web, iOS, C and Azure.

I work has a solution architect, and have been training in one form or the other for the last 5 years. I am good at teaching those who are completely new to a particular topic. For instance, lets say you have been a web forms (dot net) developer all this while. However, you have been advised that you will be working on dot net MVC from the next project. In situations like that, where you are learning something entirely new but still wish to harness what you already know, I am the guy for you. Another instance would be, you are really now starting your journey into the wonderful but terrifying world of development (it could be android, web, iOS or Azure) and you want someone to ease you into this. Well, I am that trainer. I am patient, i can be wonderfully funny, use all sorts of dramati...
Garvit Bansal, top C programming language developerView Profile
Garvit Bansal5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Singapore, Singapore

Software Developer

Skills: Programming(C++/JAVA/ Python), Data/Text Mining, Software Development Personal SIte:
João Henrique Machado Silva, freelance C programming language programmer for hireView Profile
João Henrique Machado Silva5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Software Engineer at MessageBird

Self taught developer with about 16 years of experience with software development, I acquired a vast experience in many programming languages, frameworks and all the fases in a software development cycle. I also have a bachelors degree in Business administration with a minor in International Commerce and have post-graduate degree in Business Management. I have a pretty strong entrepreneurial spirit, very pro-active, communicative and loves to develop or contribute to new products, one who loves to keep things simple. For me the best solution is usually the simplest one! Open Source Contributor! Specialties: - Software development and deployment, Agile Methodologies. - About 6 years of mobile software development, mostly for iOS (Objective-C and Swift) but also a little Android and h...
David Jones, C programming language freelance programmerView Profile
David Jones5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Hamilton, Canada

Computer Science PhD (Stanford), expert algorithm design & implementation

I have a PhD in Computer Science and I have extensive experience in scientific computing. I have deep expertise in C & Matlab, and I am also very proficient with PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, Excel, and so on. I have completed many projects involving computational modelling, statistical analysis, experimental data analysis, and innovative algorithm design & implementation.
Abhishek Bind, top C programming language developerView Profile
Abhishek Bind5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Varanasi, India

Software Developer in Microsoft and programmer with 7+ Years of Experience in C++/C & 4+ in Python & R

Coding and Mathematics Enthusiast Currently, I am final year student at Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi. Won Microsoft's Hackathon Code.Fun.Do in Jan 2016. Created a Windows Phone App which is a navigation assistant app which helps identify the least air polluted route to one’s destination. I do Competitive programming. I have won many college contests.
Surbhi, C programming language programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance C programming language developer in Delhi, India

Your most patient Programming Tutor

I am a software engineer. I graduated (with Honours) in Information Systems from my country's most prestigious college "BITS Pilani". I was course topper for many of the curriculum subjects we had. I am a full-time online tutor and have 4 years of online tutoring experience, teaching students of all levels ranging from Kindergarten to University. I help students get better grades. I also used to help juniors in my college by sharing my knowledge and experience with them. I have also volunteered to mentor rural kids in a non-profit organisation.
Pavel Sutyrin, top C programming language developerView Profile
Pavel Sutyrin5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Moscow, Russia

Programming tutor: from basics to real-life freelancing

I am 34, I program for 20 years and tutor programming for 10 years, both for students of Moscow State University and privately. For 7 years I've worked in couple of startups, and last 5 years I do freelance work in web-development and cloud services In tutoring I like helping people find their uniqiue way through learning material, clarifying concepts and providing real-life examples.
Gérald Gainant, senior C programming language developerView Profile
Gérald Gainant
Freelance C programming language developer in Dallas, United States

Generalist Video game programmer

Demomaker on 16/32-bits computer, video game graphics network gameplay tools programmer on AAA titles
Alessandro Flati, C programming language dev and freelancerView Profile
Alessandro Flati5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Rome, Italy

Full stack web developer / Senior Java developer

I am an experienced developer (and mathematician) with almost a decade in the field across many languages, primarily in full stack development for web applications. My specialties are debugging, software design and optimization.
Gili Levy, freelance C programming language programmerView Profile
Gili Levy5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Petah Tikva, Israel

Software engineer with 20+ years experience

Developed real-time software in multiple companies from design phases till maintenance of commercial versions. Likes helping people, debugging and solving coding problems.
Aleksandar Ogrizovic, C programming language programmer and consultantView Profile
Aleksandar Ogrizovic5.0
Freelance C programming language developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Software Engineer at Symphony

Hello, my name is Aleksandar and I am programming now for more than 7 years. I have a strong algorithmic and mathematical background, competed through all high school and won several awards, including 1st award at Nationals in informatics, several international super-competitions, in which i came out as a finalist, etc I have expertise in various area of programming including: C, C++, Pascal, JAVA (Done for algorithms and making smaller applications),Javascript, React.Js + Redux (Frontend), Html/Css, Familiar with PHP and Laravel. I am currently a student at College of Computer Science in Belgrade, but am also working in as a full-time software engeneer in one of the strongest companies in country, mostly doing start-ups for San Francisco. Currently working on frontend, but am a full stac...

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