AJ Tatum, freelance Business development developerView Profile
AJ Tatum
Freelance Business development developer in Annandale, United States

Senior .NET Software Developer, IT Business Analyst,, Technologist

Having started my own startups and work with others, I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to Business Development overall, but especially implementing the right technologies/infrastructure so that the business could grow without too many growing pains. Over the past 5+ years, I've implemented Atlassian's JIRA, Confluence, and HipChat products and worked within the organization to get people on board.
Juan Bernabo, Business development freelance coderView Profile
Juan Bernabo
Freelance Business development developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Agile & Pragmatic Management Coach

I am a very experienced tech, product & business mentor, lately preferring to work with people that is using Node.js, Meteor, React + Redux, GraphQL, but have a lot of experience with C++, Java and C# as well. I'm very experienced introducing agile, scrum, kanban in large organizations and have mentored at least 40 startups too on most aspects of new product & business development, focusing acquiring the right mindset and perspective, and adopting a systematic approach to it.
Nicholas Hirsch, Business development software engineerView Profile
Nicholas Hirsch
Freelance Business development developer in Seattle, United States

Doer, Technologist, Aviator

Hi, I'm Nick. I've been programming since I was 12. I started with Borland C++ and asked for Visual C++ for my birthday not too long after. I get excited by just about any technical challenge. From implementing 2D SLAM for a hacked Roomba to building scalable web apps, it's safe to say that most things technical hold my interest!
Benjamin Daniel, Business development software engineerView Profile
Benjamin Daniel5.0
Freelance Business development developer in Burlingame, United States

Graphic designer, website developer, sales & marketing background.

Hi, I've been part of the Silicon Valley startup community since 2011 and am excited to share my skills with the CodeMentor community. Areas of expertise: - Graphic design (UX, UI, branding, promotions, decks etc) - Website development (CMS systems and integrations, blogging, content development, SEO) - Sales (B2B, SaaS, presenting) - Marketing (outbound & inbound) I'd like to help you with your project, let's get started!
Jamie Osborne, top Business development developerView Profile
Jamie Osborne
Freelance Business development developer in Mansfield, United Kingdom

Tech Consultant and Entrepreneur

I am a software industry veteran with over 17 years of experience in a wide range of tools and technology. I have worked in many industries from defence to games to web technology. I've lead small and large teams in multiple startups and most recently was the CTO of a well known startup in the UK.
Brad Davis, Business development freelance developerView Profile
Brad Davis
Freelance Business development developer in Cleveland, United States

Product Manager with 5 years of Javascript Experience

Self-motivated web developer and part time entrepreneur. I have worked on a series of e commerce and food industry websites. I have worked on business of almost any size, ranging from Dealer Tire that has 450+ people in Cleveand and warehouses across the country, to start ups, to running my own website (it now has around 60 unique visitors a month). Experience with .NET stack, Node.js, angular.js, backbone.js, unit and integration testing, and service based architecture. COMPETENCIES o Marketing - developed marketing user stories, business requirement documents, product timelines 0 Website development - Experience developing user interfaces in javascript along with server side javascript and scripting Specialties: UI design, javascript, node.js, mongodb, ...
Glenn Stovall, top Business development developerView Profile
Glenn Stovall
Freelance Business development developer in Athens, United States

Full Stack Engineer & Consulting

Thiago Garcia, top Business development developerView Profile
Thiago Garcia
Freelance Business development developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I'm a Brazilian entrepreneur and software developer specialized in growing sustainable products

I help teams and companies build better products. In the last 5 years I've lead development teams to build better products for their clients. I created a mindset to build simple, modular applications. I believe tools that make people more agile have only one purpose and non-obtrusive interfaces.
Mario Montoya, top Business development developerView Profile
Mario Montoya4.5
Freelance Business development developer in Medellín, Colombia

Helping companies to build the best apps

+20 years of experience. Multi-faceted, full-stack developer. I do front and back-end. I do web sites, web apis, desktop, monolith apps, n-tier, mobile, utilities, database, analytics, charting, APIs, integrations, etc.
Takayuki Sato, top Business development developerView Profile
Takayuki Sato
Freelance Business development developer in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Best instructor at IBM

CTO at an Edu-Tech startup. Ex-IBMer and awarded as Best instructor. Full stack developer. Ruby, PHP, Java, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, etc

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