Justice Gray, Business freelance coderView Profile
Justice Gray
Freelance Business developer in Richmond, Canada

Full-Stack CEO, Lean Startup Consultant, Super Genius, Force of Nature

A leader. A brother. (Possibly) Your secret lover. Also referred to as “Who was *that*?” or “What just happened here?”, Justice Gray is what would happen if a professional wrestler and a computer scientist had a baby, that baby married a hurricane and they had a child named Justice. He is passionate about Lean Startup principles and ideals, and Agile like a vast, predatory bird. Most importantly, he is a builder who loves to build: building applications, building teams, building businesses and building dreams. When he's not saving the world one company at a time, he can be found espousing his thoughts either on LinkedIn or at whoisjusticegray.com. Note: If you are looking for a much less prohibitively expensive - but possibly more talented and equally handsome - resource to singlehand...
Jamie Hurley, Business freelance coderView Profile
Jamie Hurley4.8
Freelance Business developer in Fairfield, United States

Lead Software Engineer - Writing code for 21+ years

21 years of experience in building and managing enterprise software solutions throughout the Cincinnati and Dayton, OH areas. Expertise in Microsoft.NET development with emphasis on web development. Experience managing small to medium-sized teams of developers, project scope, budget, and customer-facing sales. Specialties: .NET Technologies, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET Webforms and MVC, SQL Server, Agile development, Project Management, Unit testing, Quality Assurance, Test Driven Development, Jquery, Bootstrap, REST services, LINQ, Angular 2, TypeScript, .NET Core
AJ Tatum, freelance Business developerView Profile
AJ Tatum
Freelance Business developer in Annandale, United States

Senior .NET Software Developer, IT Business Analyst,, Technologist

After discovering my passion for bringing the human side of technology & web development to help individuals and organizations level up, I never looked back. I truly enjoy working within the technology field as I have the opportunity to work with others to figure out not only what they want, but why they want it. I want to feel what they are envisioning. Afterwards, I can look back and know that not only was the right solution implemented, but a great relationship was also cultivated. I look forward to utilizing my 20+ years of wearing many hats involving technology and my 10+ years of .NET C# Web Development to help teams and organizations level up. Experience Summary: 20+ years’ experience with: • Standard Web Technologies • Online Marketing & Advertising • Business Development • Relat...
John Chao (Tresl), Business freelancer and developerView Profile
John Chao (Tresl)5.0
Freelance Business developer in San Francisco, United States

Make Data Science accessible to fuel Company's growth

In this ever-connected, post smartphones & wearable tech world we live in, more and more People and Companies need access to data science to get answers from their data. With 10+ years of experience in the analytics space, I'm here to help - by first taking time to understand your pain point and problem statement, I offer the right set of recommendations and help implement the analytical solutions to deliver needed insights today. Sitting in the intersection of analytics, business, and people - I know what success looks like and have hands-on experience to help companies build towards their goals and aspirations.
Marc Rohloff, Business freelance coderView Profile
Marc Rohloff5.0
Freelance Business developer in Erie, United States

Mentor, Leader and Catalyst

I provide mentoring, training and leading services to small companies and start-ups around the country as well as providing business advice and acting as a catalyst specializing in solving problems that no one else can. I am an expert if a variety of languages, frameworks and services. Ask me anything.
Tim Long, freelance Business developerView Profile
Tim Long5.0
Freelance Business developer in Chatham, United Kingdom

Experienced (12+ years) C# and .NET developer with a commitment to SOLID and Test Driven Development

Learn how to get started as a software development shop, using free or very cheap development support tools. We can help you identify what tools are available and mentor you through creating your development process and work flow.
Juan Bernabo, Business freelance coderView Profile
Juan Bernabo
Freelance Business developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Agile & Pragmatic Management Coach

I am a very experienced tech, product & business mentor, lately preferring to work with people that is using Node.js, Meteor, React + Redux, GraphQL, but have a lot of experience with C++, Java and C# as well. I'm very experienced introducing agile, scrum, kanban in large organizations and have mentored at least 40 startups too on most aspects of new product & business development, focusing acquiring the right mindset and perspective, and adopting a systematic approach to it.
Cory Nestor-Hubert, Business software engineer and devView Profile
Cory Nestor-Hubert
Freelance Business developer in Phoenix, United States

Senior Data Analysis & Encryption Integration Architect.

My core competency is data analytics. My typically work is for financial institutions/startups doing Business Intelligence (reporting, excel, etc) and encryption. I also am very experience with encryption. Gathering very important information typically requires some Information security. Once the data is secured, the next question turns to how do I query the encrypted information. I have experience with all the above. scenarios.
Joel Roggenkamp, Business software engineerView Profile
Joel Roggenkamp
Freelance Business developer in Savage, United States

Senior PHP Consultant

Full stack developer with a special focus on PHP, including experience with all major PHP frameworks.
Ahmed Zidan, Business freelance programmerView Profile
Ahmed Zidan
Freelance Business developer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Business Applications Developer / Business Analyst

I have 10 years’ experience in software industry. My areas of expertise include Requirements Gathering & Analysis and Development of Software Solutions for Business Applications and Business Intelligence Programs, developing and deploying distributed applications using n-tiers architecture methodology. My university specialist is "Computers and Systems" from Faculty of Engineering.
Maxim Khatskevich, Business freelancer and developerView Profile
Maxim Khatskevich
Freelance Business developer in Lewes, United States

"Full-stack" native iOS engineer (Swift)

I have lots of experience of developing apps from scratch and launching on App Store. Software architecture is one of my strongest skills. I write rock-solid code with no tech debt quickly and in the most efficient way, thanks to tons of experience and sophisticated toolset made of best and battle-tested open-source libs. I can work either as part of the team or completely independently, do not need supervision, self-organized and highly enthusiastic. Have a very good understanding of Apple HIG. I can do basic UI/UX design to, if needed.
Sergey Khaladzinski, Business consultant and programmerView Profile
Sergey Khaladzinski
Freelance Business developer in New York, United States

SRE at HBO, Former Head of Operations at FastCompany.com, CTO at Mirtrik.by oversee dev practices and processes. Linux enthusiast. Entrepreneur.

When I started my career as junior developer, all I wanted was to write code. I didn't care about "outside picture" or why those features were needed. That lead me into creating systems bloated with features that took a LOT of time to develop. I was happy in the end, but business struggled because they get slowly moving monster that was late to the market. Eventually I realized the importance of business and always try to understand the problem from all aspects, before trying to come up with solutions. I also grew one of my own companies (ecommerce store) from 0 to 40 people, which did teach me a lot about business side of the world.
Amit Desai, Business freelance developerView Profile
Amit Desai
Freelance Business developer in Brooklyn, United States

Business Intelligence Professional

Highly Motivated Experience BI professional with expertise in different industries with strong ability to learn and deliver BI solution within tight Time environment.
Pablo Castro, Business freelance coderView Profile
Pablo Castro
Freelance Business developer in Sete Lagoas, Brazil

Software Engineer and Developer

Brazilian Software Developer from Minas Gerais "Uai!". Works professionally with software development since 2009. Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Tries every day to learn new knowledge and perfect those that already have. The most motivating thought is the thirst for solving problems and helping others. The world isn't perfect, and neither am I (perfection never pleased me at all), I believe much more in: solving the problem and then improving its solution than finding the perfect solution (which may never exist). Loves being with wife, relatives and friends and I value friendships above all else. Believes that teamwork is a fundamental tool for achieving goals, whatever they are. By having this way of thinking, I've always worked in companies that value these qualit...
Karim Ardalan, top Business developerView Profile
Karim Ardalan
Freelance Business developer in Albuquerque, United States

Business Catalyst Expert

I am the founder of AID+BC, a leading Business Catalyst Partner and Developer. We can help you develop dynamic websites using Business Catalyst. We can also help you develop apps for the Business Catalyst Open Platform. Check out BackupBC.com for more details on one of our apps.

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