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Will help bootstrapping new projects from zero, or help with doing new integrations with older projects, optimize performance, select the right tools, set up a development environment, setup new servers...
Ruby expert help Ruby - 5 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
Android expert help Android - 2 years experience
Have created a video sharing app (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAhegEj9X7U) which was reviewed by The Guardian as 20 best apps for the week. Cloudee has been pulled out of the Play store due to the parent company (Boxee) sold to Samsung
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 10 years experience
Have bootstrapped several projects into full backends with AWS topology or Heroku.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 10 years experience
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
Have converted few companies from SVN to Git
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 6 years experience
Have created several Rails applications, mainly using Mongoid ORM. Expert in optimizing and helping model NoSQL schemas
mongoid_optimistic_locking 44   13
Addon for Mongoid to allow optimistic locking (CAS)
plupload-s3mixin 11   1
Plupload S3 mixin for Django
Python JavaScript
boorgle-spine 10   0
Boorgle Mobile web using Spine.JS + Native iOS/Android app wrappers using Cordova/Phonegap
Shell JavaScript CoffeeScript
django-facebook-oauth-backend 3   1
Facebook authorization backend using OAuth for Django
design-github-example 2   0
GitHub Design example for 9folds
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Very helpful and patient
Chris Nov 28, 2016

Alon was such a huge help, I cannot thank him enough. At very short notice & with an average connection, he filtered through a HUGE rails/backbone/coffeescript app to help me solve my issue. I had contacted several mentors before him who were experienced enough, but not willing to filter through such a large app. He jumped straight in to help. He also made sure that I understood the solution, rather than just doing it himself. I would highly recommend him, particularly for Rails, JS & Coffeescript problems.
Angela Smith Jun 01, 2014

Alon was great to work with and I highly recommend him. He really knows his way around rails and how to thoughtfully work towards a solution. Thanks!
Erik Lukas May 11, 2014