How I learned Angular

Published Jan 20, 2018
How I learned Angular

About me

My Name is Budi Kusuma Utama. At the beginning of my career I am start as Web developer using javascript also as Flash animator and programmer, following after that PHP native and try few framework such as Laravel . And go back to my root using Angular JS and learn more about it and start using Ionic 1 as a start. Later I lear more Angular 5 and Latest Web tech to support my work

Why I wanted to learn Angular

Angular for my point of view and experience, is a Power full front end Framework with Amazing performance. And it can Combine with Ionic you can build impressive mobile app. And also you can combine with Electron to build desktop app. This is the framework you all wanted to learn.

How I approached learning Angular

The learning curve for Angular is medium I think. But Thanks to Type Script and RXJS inside Angular , it makes everything Fun to learn. I try a Simple Component and understanding CRUD method of Angular and Two way binding. And After that Fun is starting.

Challenges I faced

The Type script is a new things for me but its not difficult to learn, in the other hand Rxjs is a new challenge for me since I really wanted to learn NGRX state management of Angular

Key takeaways

Type Script and Rxjs combine is lethal

Tips and advice

Try it....because its fun to learn and you can enjoy the result

Final thoughts and next steps

Get Ready to create a great app using Angular 5

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