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I'm passionate for Web development, mainly in terms of Front-end development. I'm always ready to learn and improve my skills. I like working with open-minded, fun, diversified, and dynamic teams with fresh ideas that push the boundaries. I have a good knowledge of both JavaScript and PHP and I can also code up an entire site from scratch in plain HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, CakePHP and MySQL. I am currently also focusing on Angular.js and Node.js. I can also build fully responsive, mobile first front-ends, using either plain CSS3 or Twitter Bootstrap, for example. I have programming knowledge with the following (by order of proficiency): - Languages: Javascript | HTML5 | CSS 3 | XML | XML Schema | PHP | Java | SQL - Platforms: NodeJS | IBM BPM 8.0.1 - Frameworks: jQuery | AngularJS | Jasmine | SASS | CakePHP | Laravel | KineticJS | YUI | Mootools - Databases: MySQL | SQL Server | Oracle SQL | eXist-db - Others: Ajax | Apache | C++ | Google Maps | LaTeX | Moodle 2.x | UML | XPath | XQuery I have experience with the following (by order of proficiency): - Operating Systems: OS X | Windows | Ubuntu - Management tools: Pivotal Tracker | Microsoft Sharepoint - Development tools: Sublime Text | Eclipse | Bower | Grunt | Karma - Design and Prototyping applications: Balsamiq Mockups | OmniGraffle | Photoshop
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Extension for Google Chrome that allows you to inspect the styles of all elements in a page.
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