Laszlo L. Mari, senior Browser extensions developerHire Now
Laszlo L. Mari5.0
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Budapest, Hungary

IT Architect / Consultant - Ex: @Google, Built mobile apps for Hollywood celebrities, let's chat!

I am working closely with extensions that automate my life in both Firefox and Chrome.
Sam Bocharov, Browser extensions freelance coderHire Now
Sam Bocharov
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Krasnodar, Russia

Сurious Full-stack developer

Made a few browser extensions. For example, made own plugin for switching browser proxy settings, made extension for blocking buttons on web page. Worked with different browser's api (opera, chrome, firefox, safari).
Mo Moadeli, Browser extensions freelance developerHire Now
Mo Moadeli4.9
Freelance Browser extensions developer in New York, United States

AngularJS/JS/OO/All around developer

Build complex and advanced browser extnsions.
Ionuț Colceriu, senior Browser extensions developerHire Now
Ionuț Colceriu
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Ashburn, United States

Full-stack JavaScript developer, UI designer

I built extensions for some of the popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera). I created a pretty popular extension for Gmail/Tasks, available for multiple browsers:
Alex Long, freelance Browser extensions programmerHire Now
Alex Long5.0
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Tampa, United States

Cybersecurity Researcher

With development experience working with five different startups over the past three years, Alex is experienced in both prototyping ideas from scratch as well as driving progress in existing platforms. As a self-driven freelance developer, a large part of his time was also devoted to non-coding tasks including communicating with clients, providing ideas and guidance, and rapidly becoming familiar with a new project or problem-space. He is currently doing research applying data science to cybersecurity problems such as malware analysis.
Nick Karnik, Browser extensions freelance programmerHire Now
Nick Karnik5.0
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Seattle, United States

NodeJS | React | ES6 | Javascript | C# | C++ | Python | Debugging | Elastic Stack | Search | Microservices | Software Architecture | Data Structures | Algorithms | Visualization | Computer Science | Training

Nick started programming at 10 and shortly after caught the entrepreneurial bug. Since graduating at 19 with a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, he has founded multiple startups. He was accepted at YCombinator, awarded the Investors Pick at Startup Weekend, and most recently worked on a TED talk that featured some of his work. While at Microsoft, Nick was recognized for his work at Bing with the Best Idea Award, a patent in Intelligent Intent Detection from Social Network Messages, and a nomination for the Microsoft Engineering Excellence Award for creating the Big-Data Validation Framework. He is passionate about large-scale distributed systems, spatial data structures, machine learning, search, and visualization. He also loves taking courses on Coursera, Udacity & U...
Islam Sharabash, Browser extensions software engineerHire Now
Islam Sharabash
Freelance Browser extensions developer in San Francisco, United States
Gaege Root, Browser extensions freelance developerHire Now
Gaege Root5.0
Freelance Browser extensions developer in San Diego, United States

User-focused, front-end development specialist with a soft spot for entrepreneurial pursuits and lifelong learning.

I find myself consistently returning to the world of startups and entrepreneurs. Something about the endless possibilities is hard to ignore. Putting one's unique spin on solutions to tough problems in code is a feeling like no other and now, more than ever, more individuals with these skills are becoming necessary. I've always wanted to change the world. I feel that sharing my expertise with others and empowering them within the programming community is a step toward that goal. If you'd like to step up your skills or just need need to get over a speed bump, schedule a call with me here:
emiliobool, Browser extensions freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Hermosillo, Mexico

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm an experienced full stack developer proficient in multiple technologies. I have worked as a freelance for over a decade and while I have a pretty broad knowledge about technology in general I focus mainly on web technologies.
Norman Köhring, senior Browser extensions developerHire Now
Norman Köhring
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Leipzig, Germany

Freelancing programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and hacker based in Berlin, Germany.

I am a full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience in the field, primarily front-end development but also a lot of backend-end and some systems programming experience. I'm strongest in architectural decisions, keeping code clean and small, keeping or making web-applications blazing fast, minimizing the load on browser and server.
Kevin Ball, Browser extensions freelance developerHire Now
Kevin Ball
Freelance Browser extensions developer in Mountain View, United States

Experienced full-stack developer, 2X Startup CTO, ZURB Foundation lead

I'm an experienced developer and entrepreneur, and an active contributor open source. For the last year and a half I've been leading development of the ZURB Foundation front-end framework. I've co-founded and acted as CTO for 2 companies, founded the San Diego Javascript Meetup, am a regular presenter at local tech meetups, and consult on software development, communication, and leadership. I'm new to codementor, but led the ZURB Foundation training at ZURB for the last year teaching primarily in an interactive webinar format. I have also mentored both team members and open source contributors across a variety of technologies.

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