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Bridger Maxwell

Bridger Maxwell

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
I am a programmer working on my startup, Understudy. I graduated from MIT in 2013 with a degree in computer science. I've also interned on the Cocoa team at Apple.
Ios expert help iOS - 6 years experience
I started with iOS when the SDK was announced and had a game, Lumen, ready to go when the App Store launched. I've also interned at Apple on the Cocoa Frameworks group for two summers. I had a hand in creating Auto Layout. The visual format language, "|-[button]-(>=20)-[button2]-|" was one of my projects. Now I am working on my own iPad app as a startup.
Go expert help Go - 1 year experience
I started with Go about a year ago. I've used it for the server component of my iPad app. Honestly, the codebase that I am working in isn't very large or complex, but I've gotten a good feel for Go and could help a beginner.
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Always great to work with!
Donnie Wang Aug 13, 2014

First session was great - looking forward to more!
Donnie Wang Jul 17, 2014

Bridger was great to work with. He understood my problem and what I was trying to do really quickly and we dove right in and found a solution! Will definitely work with him again and would recommend him to others
Erik Lukas Jun 26, 2014