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Bradford Toney

Bradford Toney

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Python expert help Python - 8 years experience
I started programming in Python when I was 16 years old and have been doing it professionally for 5 years.
Ios expert help iOS - 2 years experience
Wrote the client for our realtime messaging app in Obj-C.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 2 years experience
Wrote several front end apps using CoffeeScript including Genetics visualizations.
Erlang expert help Erlang - 2 years experience
Wrote/ran a production system built almost entirely on Erlang. Real time messaging in Healthcare IT.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
Working with HA systems and MongoDB
nlp 14   2
natural language processing with link-grammar
C Python
dotfilemanager 4   1
A dotfiles manager script in Python.
Godel 3   2
a small project using NLP
C Python Scheme
django_couchdb_engine 2   0
for the django-nonrel