Brendan Barr, Bourbon neat freelance coderView Profile
Brendan Barr5.0
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Centerville, United States

A javascript developer with 10+ years of trying to write better code.

I am a former musician who came to programming for the money and stayed for the happiness. Nowadays, my role usually involves leading projects, working with the client to define technical and feature requirements, mentoring greener teammates, and best of all, coding. Both in code and in code reviews, I embrace as much functional programming as can fit comfortably in Javascript: identify and isolate side-effects, focus on functions not classes, and never underestimate basic data structures.
Scott Savage, Bourbon neat freelance coderView Profile
Scott Savage
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Mount Joy, United States

Full Stack Web Developer. Background in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and React.

Full stack web developer with a passion for cleanly written and well-tested code. Experienced with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and React.
Justin Gauthier, Bourbon neat software engineerView Profile
Justin Gauthier4.5
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Traverse City, United States

Front-end Web Developer

I was trained as a graphic designer but my interests are in front-end development. Turns out having a design degree pays off when translating a design into the base for all websites and applications.
Fred Rocha, Bourbon neat freelance developerView Profile
Fred Rocha
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Web engineer, jack of all trades.

Co-founder and COO at Memeoirs, the web application that lets your create a beautiful book containing your online conversations (Email, Facebook, WhatsApp). Engineering with a focus on UX / UI / Customer Satisfaction.
Jay Contonio, Bourbon neat freelance coderView Profile
Jay Contonio
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Portland, United States

Design & Technical Direction

I've been working professionally in the web industry for sixteen years, starting with websites and flyers for punk-rock and hardcore bands in the late '90s, which led to creating digital experiences for government agencies and the Fortune 500. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast, musician, and dog lover. And I lead award-winning design and development teams with a focus on accessibility and simplicity. In the last three years I've led, from concept to deployment, the user experience and development of a platform now used to educate employees at Starbucks, FedEx, and more. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
Martijn Gorree, senior Bourbon neat developerView Profile
Martijn Gorree
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Webdeveloper with over 10yrs of experience.

I'm a full stack creative developer currently employed at Fabrique in Delft. My work ranges from concepting and leading the development team to the actual nitty gritty creation, releasing and maintenance of it all. Some things I care deeply about: Quality and the finishing touches, openness and sharing, cleanliness, smart and creative solutions to complex problems. What I deal with on a daily basis; Herding cats, Web development frameworks, Free and Open Source software, Web application security, Frontend as well as Backend web development, Scalability, Data integrity, Responsive Design, Python, Django, Preventing the coming zombie apocalypse and injecting Awesomeness.
Greg Dorrell, Bourbon neat freelance coderView Profile
Greg Dorrell
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Islington, United Kingdom

Scala/Web Software Developer

Specialising in backend Scala development. Full stack web developer. I'm currently a Scala backend developer a large financial services company by day, and by night I work on a number of scala-based web apps.
Blaine Kasten, top Bourbon neat developerView Profile
Blaine Kasten
Freelance Bourbon neat developer in Lincoln, United States

JavaScript expert

I have been a JavaScript developer for 3+ years. I expertise in native JavaScript, jquery, build tools, nodejs, reactjs, and anything else related to the front end

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