Code Review - What to expect?

Published Mar 05, 2018

You have code, either you wrote them or someone else did. You want to bring the code to the next level. You need to deploy the code to use. You need it to behave the way you want it. You want the code to be maintainable for time to come. You want the code to perform better. Something tells you that you should get the code reviewed.

What should you expect?

You should expect to know what is the quality of the piece of code and a list of recommendations to improve it (if necessary), or peace of mind if submitted code was up to par (for its use).

  1. Current state of the code - is it good enough? Are there issues? Is it secure?
  2. List of suggested changes to make, or list of problem areas.
  3. Some patterns of good code and anti-patterns of bad code spotted in the code. This way, you learn.

This is my 2 cents. Do let me help you review some of your code!

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