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bek, senior Bluebird programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Balandchaqir, Uzbekistan

Javascript Developer

After using aysnc.js it was natural transition to promises. And bluebird is the best implementation of promises spec, used it in several projects.
Inanc Gumus, Bluebird freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Go & Node.js & React expert. CTO & God level patient mentor with 20+ years of experience.

From now on, I'm only accepting requests for Go language. If you're interested in learning Go Language, I can train you. But, I'm no longer available for solving your product/project problems. Please only message me if you're interested in the training. Thank you. --- Hey there! I've been creating applications for 25+ years, and I love teaching. Your skill level is not important to me. You're a beginner, intermediate or expert developer. No problem. We all are junior developers for a lifetime, always learning. I can teach you how to pick up a new skill, or upgrade your existing skills or update you on the latest technologies. I would be delighted to mentor you also on how to develop yourself and your career, or the books you should read, the courses you should take, etc. If you're tryi...
Tom Chen, freelance Bluebird developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Taipei, Taiwan

PureScript/Haskell/React enthusiast, author of react-google-maps

Tom is a JavaScript expert who has passion in creating reusable UI components with React.js. He also likes to use flux to organize complex business logic using unidirectional data-flow. He has backend experience in node.js and Ruby on Rails.
Matt Rzepa, Bluebird freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Przeciszow, Poland

product oriented software engineer

Specialize in creating API, scalable systems and web applications. Mostly working with Node.js, Elasticsearch, MongoDB and Redis. Fan of lean methodology, fast prototyping and startups.
Kunal Kapadia, top Bluebird developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Ashburn, United States

Ex Microsoft, Senior Fullstack Engineer, JS geek, Gopher

• Software Engineer with ~3.5 years startup experience. Love building things from ground up. Believes in TDD. • Have good understanding and experience in server-side development, building highly scalable and performant REST APIs in Node.js, Express and MongoDB. • Also experienced in building Frontend Javascript Applications in AngularJS and Cross Platform Apps in Ionic Framework. • Interested in Competitive Programming - Spoj, CodeChef and TopCoder. Worked on: Node.js, Express, REST APIs, MongoDB, ES6, Mocha, AngularJS,, Firebase, Ionic, GulpJS, Teamcity, Mixpanel, Loggly, Heroku, Git, Nginx, Ubuntu.
Mike Casey, Bluebird freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Easton, United States

Senior JavaScript Engineering at Aventr

Javascript focused engineer who is currently building hybrid-mobile applications using Ionic, AngularJS, NodeJS and ExpressJS. I have experience in both established monolithic code bases as well as implementing the best practices of microservice architecture. Beyond pure application code, I enjoy the nitty gritty details of scalability and deployment strategies. I have successfully helped teams launch their apps, ranging from managed PaaS to complex microservice container orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes.
Oscar Soriano, top Bluebird developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Copán, Honduras

Software developer for 12+ yrs. Programming is my passion, love what I do.

I've been developing software for more than eleven years, can't have enough, it's my passion. Most of my years I spent working with the Microsoft Stack, on most platforms - from desktop to web, from services to Xamarin. Lately though, I've been more invested in web technologies, specifically NodeJs and front end frameworks.
Seth Price, Bluebird freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Okinawa, Japan

Love problems

I have a particular fondness for backend engineering and API creation. I'm also exceedingly passionate about making new tools, especially those which require learning new skills. Always looking for new hobbies and skills. I love using CommonLisp and lisp like languages in my spare time.
R.J. Freund, Bluebird freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Oshkosh, United States

Full Stack Software Developer

I am a driven Full Stack Software Engineer. I have experience in nearly every area of web applications such as Front-End development with Angular, Back-End development with C# or Node.js, and Database management with SQL Server, MySQL, and Postgres.
Scott Hasbrouck, Bluebird software engineerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in San Francisco, United States

Full-stack CTO Javascript Engineer (NodeJS and React), 15+ Yrs engineering, 3 Yrs teaching

❖ Experienced CTO and Solutions Engineer, raised VC and built two web apps from the ground up on founding team ❖ Independently, built, launched, grew, and sold a top iOS app to 1M users ❖ Have programmed in Perl, PHP, C, C#, C++, Objective-C, Ruby
Aaron Peterson, senior Bluebird developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Sacramento, United States

Infrastructure Architect at iPyxel Creations

Multi-platform full stack developer specializing in event-driven architecture/infrastructure and project manager for a wide variety of business environments and industry with a relentless affinity for good design and solid code. Past clients include Ernst & Young, Ford Motor Company, Jaguar, Tower Records, Fraternal Order of Police, and Scale OUT, not UP.
Ziad Saab, freelance Bluebird programmerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Ashburn, United States

Co Founder at DecodeMTL

I am a full-stack web developer and educator from Montreal, Canada with over ten years of experience. I have worked for startups, agencies, and large companies. I co-founded and am currently teaching at DecodeMTL, a full-stack JavaScript Web Development bootcamp in Montreal, Canada. I am also an instructor and mentor at the local Ladies Learning Code chapter. I love teaching more than anything and I am motivated by seeing my students succeed :)
Bogdan Zaharia, senior Bluebird developerHire Now
Freelance Bluebird developer in Bucharest, Romania

Fullstack JavaScript Developer, interested in Functional Programming

Mainly JavaScript programmer. Yet constantly learning and experimenting. With a preference towards Functional.

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