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Milos Blasko

Milos Blasko

Ruby on Rails freelancer with 4+ years of experience. Programming & startup enthusiast

Bratislava (+01:00)
Worked and working on middle sized web apps and startups (YC alumni Prizeo). Mentor at local Ruby on Rails course and Rails girls events. Ready to help :) Sorry but I won't fix your css or server issues (I could but I wouldn't enjoy it).
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 4 years experience
4+ years fully focused on RoR, doing contract work and side projects. Mentor at local Ruby on Rails events and organizer of Startup Weekend Bratislava. Currently working extensively with Australian CRM company Box+Dice.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 4 years experience
4+ years fully focused on RoR, doing contract work and side projects. Mentor at local Ruby on Rails events and organizer of Startup Weekend Bratislava. Currently working extensively with Australian CRM company Box+Dice..
No icon 3rd party apis - 2 years experience
Was responsible for integration with Facebook and Twitter in my own startup and during my time at http://prizeo.com.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
Not my favorite part of web app development as I am more focused on backend. But yeah, I can do it too :)
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
Never worked with JS framework like React or Angular. I usually just use little bit of jquery here and there.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 1 year experience
Never worked with JS framework like React or Angular. I usually just use little bit of jquery here and there.
Sql expert help SQL - 4 years experience
Just regular stuff, more used to object-relation mapping tools like ActiveRecord within Rails.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Thanks for the help
Marco Sep 18, 2015

Good help. Friendly guy.
Joseph Sep 18, 2015

Milos was extremely helpful in solving my bug. He quickly grasp the different issues and didn't hesitate to dive into the code and get his hands dirty. In short a perfect Mentor.
Emmanuel Vilsbol Jul 09, 2015

Great session with Milos! We discussed about Stripe and Carrierwave/Paperclip and he also gave me great insight on my project! Looking forward my next meeting with him!
Alexandre Voyer May 10, 2015

Awesome Helped me out sorting my problem
Enoch Leonard May 07, 2015

Another great session with Milos. I'm meeting him again this week, that tells you how good my experience was with him! :)
Alexandre Voyer May 03, 2015

Milos helped me with Rake Tasks today and was really excited about my project. It's always great to work with him :) Thank you!!
Alexandre Voyer Apr 26, 2015

Really a lot of help, introduced me to scopes. I was great to get my issue fixed plus learn something new. *thumbsup
Chris Ijoyah Apr 17, 2015

Had a short session with Milos today investigating a nested form problem. He was very happy to help and search with me for solutions! :)
Alexandre Voyer Apr 09, 2015

Very helpful in not only solving the tasks, but also explaining along the way so I can learn in the process.
Danelson Apr 08, 2015

Another great session with Milos. He takes the time to investigate what is going on and gives me feedback on my Rails app. Thanks again!
Alexandre Voyer Apr 04, 2015

Milos was extremely helpful and helped me with my work really quickly! Would definitely get help from him again
Steven Apr 01, 2015

Took the time to make sure my problem was fixed! Thanks
Grace Ng Mar 29, 2015

Had a great time with Milos. I feel like we discussed plenty of subjects related to my project that helps me take it to the next level!
Alexandre Voyer Mar 21, 2015

Milos is always great to work with and knows how to get to the bottom of problems quickly and effectively. I highly recommend him!
Chase Olivieri Mar 03, 2015

Milos was very nice and helpful! He was quick to understand my project, and fortunately he will help me continue a few tasks and fix some bugs. We will continue to meet :)
Michaela Feb 27, 2015

fast and explained every step for me. Just perfect
Cyrus Zei Feb 27, 2015

Good mentor, patient. Great communication
Ian Golden Jan 29, 2015

We have not yet solved the issue, but Milos was very helpful in identifying my problem areas and providing possible solutions.
Jack Pope Jan 21, 2015

I use Milos regularly when I run into problems. Always very helpful and always solves my issues. Highly recommended!
Patrick Dec 29, 2014

work in progress--reconnecting in a bit with friendly Milos
Ralph Johnson Dec 15, 2014

Helped in solving my issues and explained about concepts I had questions about. Also hands-on practical help with the code and built a mailer.
Indrek Dec 07, 2014

Very helpful and cheerful.
Bradley Nov 13, 2014

Understands quickly and helped a lot. Would use again for sure.
Nick Nov 07, 2014

Replied quickly
Aisha Oct 30, 2014

My problems were resolved in a matter of minutes. Will use again.
Ben Sep 17, 2014

Have worked with Milos a number of times and he puts in the effort to come up with a solution rapidly.
Patrick Sep 17, 2014

Milos is great!
Asjed Hussain Sep 16, 2014

Another great session with Milos!
Patrick Aug 28, 2014

Milos was great. I will be using him again!
Steve Quatrani Aug 28, 2014

Another awesome session!
Ralph Reid Aug 27, 2014

Very knowledgeable and solved my problem incredibly rapidly! Would highly recommend.
Patrick Aug 27, 2014

Milos is very understanding and patient and that is what I need in a mentor. We didn't get to solve the problem yet, but we will together. I learned 4 things in Ruby on Rails that I did not know before working with Milos. He also help me create a better folder structure to keep things organized. The knowledge sticks because it is real-time and questions are answered to help me grow in learning Ruby on Rails. I have a better understanding about templates and using render to keep my code clean. I also learned how to create msgs in the console in Ruby, which I do a lot of when I program in JavaScript to help me debug. The learned that the toughest problem in dealing with gems that default behaviors are not good for user experience and I need some work arounds. Milos is willing to help me understand how gems work and help me solve for the problem and look for a work around to this common problem using devise and bootstrap modals. I look forward to our next session.
Keeya Wang-Jones Aug 11, 2014

Call quality on codementor is poor. This is my second time using and I still cant connect with my mentor on your interface. Had to manually setup a team viewer meeting and hangouts didnt get working.
Kevin Dark Aug 08, 2014

Good mentor. It looks like he really cares about your rails problems.
Killian Aug 04, 2014

Milos is quite informative and was able to pinpoint the errors in my code immediately.
Sandra Jul 20, 2014

Another great session with Milos. He's great about scheduling time even though he is a busy developer. Very good at walking through problems and discussing the options available.
Chase Olivieri Jul 15, 2014

Milos helped me sort my models by view count (day,week,month,etc)
Tyler Jul 13, 2014

I have had one session with Milos and he addressed a couple issues off of my list. I thought he was great so far and moved at my pace. I look forward to working with him again.
Kevin Dark Jul 12, 2014

Great mentor and works well pair programming. Milos is my go to guy for rails projects.
Chase Olivieri Jun 25, 2014

My 3rd session with Milos was no worse than the first two. Great mentor!
Tyler Jun 12, 2014

Very helpful as always, fun to work with.
Tyler Jun 11, 2014

Milos was stellar. I could tell that helping me was his first priority.
Garret Bassett Jun 11, 2014

Milos was not only knowledgable about my current issue, but he helped me fix some other issues as well. Very bright when it comes to Ruby on Rails! I will certainly connect with Milos again.
Douglas Walter Jun 10, 2014

Milos was awesome. His communication was very clear, and his coding abilities were sharp. I will be scheduling another session with him asap. Thank you Milos!
Tyler Jun 08, 2014

Milos is a smart guy with a great temperament for teaching. Recommended!
John Dowd Jun 08, 2014

V helpful, keen, good knowledge, I recommend for sure.
Edward Jun 01, 2014

Great mentor, not only fixes your problems but explains how and why he did it so you understand and are able to do it again in the future. A+
Harrison Lucas May 19, 2014

Excellent! Was a very big help on my Rails project
tom mclaughlin May 18, 2014

Great insight and excellent communicator. Milos helps to strike a great balance between driving and guiding when pair programming.
Chase Olivieri May 14, 2014

Helped out with a new API integration. Solved my issue fast!
Chase Olivieri Apr 21, 2014

Milos breaks down the learning process so that you can understand processes enough to go out and do meaningful work on your own. Exactly what a mentor should do. Will certainly be working with him again
Ryan Waits Apr 21, 2014

Milos is a phenomenal developer & very knowledgeable in both ruby and rails. He helped me walk through several custom features and provided valuable insight. I'll definitely reach out with questions again.
Chase Olivieri Apr 16, 2014

Very helpful and knowledgeable - helped talk me through the flow of my application and had great ideas for other useful gems. I'll definitely be reaching out to him again!
Chase Olivieri Apr 14, 2014

Awesome as always!
Mike Adeleke Apr 14, 2014

Milos has helped me get over a major problem quickly and efficiently while helping me to understand what's going on. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for rails help.
jack lalley Apr 12, 2014

A+++++ Awesome! Super nice and very helpful! Made a ton of progress. Would definitely work with again. Thanks.
Ayis Pyrros Apr 06, 2014

Milos was very helpful. He solved my problem quickly and helped me understand how to approach it. I look forward to scheduling another session with him.
jack lalley Apr 05, 2014

Great work. Milos helped me resolve my issues. Thank you very much.
thiago velozo Mar 29, 2014

Milos Blasko is a fantastic mentor! I learned so much in a short amount of time. He solved my issue quickly and was happy to explain how he solved the problem. Whenever I have a question or an issue I will definitely ask him to assist me again!
James Mar 23, 2014

Milos was a great mentor for this session. He helped me resolve my challenges and taught me in the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much.
thiago velozo Mar 22, 2014