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Miles Blackwood Robinson

Miles Blackwood Robinson

Software Architect at Echo & Co.

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Full-stack software polyglot with experience in both modern and mainstay frameworks and languages. I have written custom plugins for popular Content Management Systems, designed UIs for large-scale enterprise applications and have a breadth of experience integrating APIs alongside building custom functionality. I believe in open-source technology and its ethos, and enjoy working directly towards environmental, social justice-oriented and politically-minded goals. I also cook, write, compose music for multiple instruments, and am currently exploring the intersection between technology through the research and development of a constructed musical language, MaNePu.
drupal-react_blocks 19   2
Drupal - React Block example (Recent Comments)
generator-drupalformat 5   1
A generator for making Drupal Field and Views Formatters out of a jQuery Plugin (based on owlcarousel Module)
PHP JavaScript
fidance 3   0
Simple, lightweight finance-tracker
CSS PHP ApacheConf JavaScript
phlp 2   0
phlp - a toy lisp in PHP
PHP Shell
stat-signa 1   0
signature generator vue (standalone site)
CSS HTML JavaScript
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