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Bhargav is an experienced Full stack Developer who is excited about complex problems. His passion is the web and strives to help peers build blazing fast apps for the Internet. He is able to work on : - React.js on the client and the server with Flux/Redux - React Native - Angular.js , Angular 2 and D3.js - Android , Playframework with Java and Python - Git - MongoDB and PostgreSQL Some of my repos - Timezone compare - https://github.com/bhargav175/timezone-compare - Trello API Promisified- https://github.com/bhargav175/trello-promise - TDD in react - https://github.com/bhargav175/codementor-officehours - Offline dictionary - https://github.com/bhargav175/dictionary-offline
React + Redux starter app

React + Redux starter app

$44 - Delivery in 1 Day

I'd love to provide you a starter React Redux app with production and development builds with generic CSS. If you would like to go for the all new css-module configuration, you can get that as an add-on. Sass/Postcss is available as an addon too.

I would love to help build your wordpress site with CSS styles of your choice. I can build it using Sass, less or Postcss. I can deliver it in a week.

I would love to help you set up your development workflow for your next project. Your project will now auto push changes to git on build, automatically generate build files, minimise css and javascript files and bundles vendors together.

I will build a full fledged Redux app from either PSD or screenshots or verbal designs. Your redux app will be configured with DevTools, will work on the latest ES6/7 code out there. I will cover all the components, actions, utils and reducers of the app with test cases to ensure faster development. In addition, I will configure Postcss with Cssnext if you choose an addon, else I will use Css with Sass.

You have an idea and want to build a prototype? I can help you with that. I will build the backend with Django and the Frontend with React.js or angular.js. In addition, I will use either PostgreSQL, MongoDB or both.

I'd love to build your next website in HTML/CSS and Javascript from your PSD files or any other design files.

58 JavaScript
19 AngularJS
17 React
11 jQuery
8 Html
6 Git
5 Redux
3 Java
3 React router
3 Webpack
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
I have been a javascript developer since early 2011. I am an experienced ES6, ES7 developer and an expert at Object Oriented Javascript.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
I built Single page apps on React with the help of Redux or Flux for my teams. I am an expert at building reusable components, middlewares, routing and more.
No icon Webpack - 1 year experience
I use webpack as my bundler in almost every project I undertake. Webpack gives me the power to transform my futuristic code into what browsers are able to handle today. I use webpack-dev-server with hot-loaders, babel and react loaders to set up my development servers.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
My expertise in Angular.js lies in writing custom directives, services, factories and providers. I have worked on angular-ui-router, angular-bootstrap, material-angular and more!
No icon Enzyme - 1 year experience
I primarily use enzyme to test my React Components. Testing props, children and spying on methods is a breeze with enzyme.
No icon Mocha - 1 year experience
TDD is an incredibly powerful development pattern, and mocha enables TDD for me. I use mocha with gulp to run tests on watch, chai for my assertions and enzyme for React Component Testing.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
I have been working on HTML/CSS for a long time now. My expertise lies in building responsive and progressive webapps, determining and improving the performance of a website and ensuring that the best practises are followed. I use cssnext ,SASS/LESS with CSS and gulp to transpile sass/less to css.
No icon Gulp - 2 years experience
I use gulp as my task runner. I integrate gulp with gulp-sass to convert my scss to css files, gulp-git to auto commit and push on builds, runSequence to serialise my tasks and gulp-mocha to run my tests on watch.
No icon Jquery plugins - 4 years experience
I have worked on jQuery for a long time now. I love building jquery plugins which handle various things right from making asynchronous requests, updating dom, animations, sliders and carousels and so on.
No icon Twitter bootstrap 3 - 4 years experience
I have built numerous websites using Bootstrap 3. Wrote plugins for jQuery similar to bootstrap modal. Worked on bootstrap-sass, angular-bootstrap and integrated d3 too.
Python expert help Python - 6 years experience
Python was the first programming language that I learnt. I have been workng on it for 6 years now.
No icon Play framework - 3 years experience
I have worked on Play Framework to build multiple websites. One such website was a website for schools. It has role based permission based authorisation enabled to differentiate between Deans, Teachers, Students and so on. Had the ability to add blog posts, notes etc.
Wordpress WordPress - 4 years experience
I have been working on wordpress for 4 years now. I built themes, widgets, plugins and more.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
I use git as my version control engine. I use ssh-login, pull-requests, rebase,merge, reset and so on, on a daily basis.
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
I have worked on Java for 5 years now.
Android expert help Android - 3 years experience
I have been working on Android for 3 years now.
dictionary-offline 11   0
A simple project that uses Service Workers and PouchDB for an offline experience.
CSS HTML JavaScript
fizzbuzz 3   0
Fizz Buzz in Javascript
generator-react-babel 3   0
Create react plugins seamlessly!
HTML JavaScript
react-layouts 3   0
React UI Layout Library
CSS HTML JavaScript
codementor-officehours 2   2
A simple TDD React App
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Best Approach, quick solver, very professional and awesome friend to make you understand the problem with root and give perfect solutions
Rupen Sheth Jan 19, 2017

Adil Virani Jan 09, 2017

Very Good Mentor will Definately Suggest him to Others
Hitesh Jan 08, 2017

Works quickly, explains thoroughly. Couldn't ask for a better session. This guys knows his stuff!
Robert Dec 12, 2016

A knowledgeable and generous mentor! Thanks Bhargav
Dom Hede Dec 12, 2016

Yet again, very impressed with Bhargav's efficiency and ability to translate conceptual ideas into well-built code.
Jake Tunney Dec 07, 2016

Great help and did his job really well!!
Mohamed waz Dec 07, 2016

Bhargav is a super great mentor. Was very quickly able to manuever around my code and find the problem
Peter Dec 07, 2016

Very adept at explaining programming concepts of all levels!
Nathan Richards Nov 29, 2016

very helpful mentor
elschan Nov 28, 2016

Very helpful as always and knowledgeable on Android and java. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
John Nov 25, 2016

Bhargav is very patient and explains solutions well!!
Nathan Richards Nov 24, 2016

he helped with teaching me the basics of reacts and how to consume react components, also took me on how virtual dom works and webpack works,we covered a lot of basics that i needed knowledge on
susan Nov 22, 2016

As always, very helpful. Love the fact that he doesn't start the session immediately; rather he takes the time to understand what the actual problem is and then he starts working through the issues with you.
Uzo Nov 22, 2016

Bhargav was very helpful and explained the code well I would definitely recommend. He is really nice too!
sarah Nov 21, 2016

Never go wrong
Adil Virani Nov 20, 2016

Very succinct and helpful, highly recommended!
Nathan Richards Nov 19, 2016

Very Helpful, take time to explain problems with HTML and CSS files
Cordarro Nov 17, 2016

Bhargav helped me connect the dots!!! Misunderstood a key concept key concept and he patiently explained (with various examples) till I got it. Would recommend definitely.
Uzo Nov 15, 2016

Bhargav helps me run my app locally in clould9, he is awesome!! Give him my deepest appreciation!
Chien-Chia (Celine) Nov 14, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with a troublesome issue I was having with a delay in one of my states in UI router. Bhargav is excellent at troubleshooting and is an excellent mentor, and he paused the session during the debugging period. I will continue to seek his assistance when I have any issues or questions.
John Nov 11, 2016

Knowledgeable and explains well
Jason V. Nov 10, 2016

Very Good
Cordarro Nov 09, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with a bug related to a styling issue for the bootstrap date picker I was using. Bhargav is excellent at styling Angular pages, fixing broken styles, and debugging styling issues. When I have any issues or questions I don’t mind waiting a day or two (even if he is not available) just to work with him. He is probably the best code mentor on this site.
John Nov 08, 2016

Mentor was incredibly helpful and straightforward. He was able to conduct a debug on my code and solve the problem.
Andrew Nov 08, 2016

Found a solution to my Webpack/ReactJS problem. Friendly and efficient.
Will Halling Nov 07, 2016

Bhargav was very friendly and helpful. He solved the problems I'd been stuck on almost immediately. Highly recommend!
nik Nov 07, 2016

great session with bhargav - efficient with what you need help implementing while being able to explain what he's doing with patience.
elschan Nov 03, 2016

Bhargav is a very patient and knowledgeable mentor, he gave me a very good start on my startup idea -- I definitely will work with him again. Thank you so much!
Chien-Chia (Celine) Nov 01, 2016

Awesome as always. Really understands Webpack and performance optimization.
Kobe Koto Nov 01, 2016

Great mentor who is honest about wanting to help - have had many sessions with him and am glad I have a dependable and capable mentor to go to
elschan Oct 31, 2016

A great thinker and problem solver! Will definitely work with Bhargav again.
Tony Jacobson Oct 31, 2016

very patient mentor, thank you !!
Chien-Chia (Celine) Oct 28, 2016

Excellent tutor, very knowledgable! Asked for help with Express, React, Webpack, SCSS and Babel and received great help. 5/5 stars!
Aaron Michaels Oct 28, 2016

very helpful
Chien-Chia (Celine) Oct 26, 2016

great mentor.
elschan Oct 20, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with some complex styling issues for a fixed footer I was trying to implement on a table and also styling a textarea from an Angular library that I was using. Bhargav is excellent at styling Angular pages and fixing broken styles. He is an excellent mentor and I will continue to seek his assistance when I have any issues or questions.
John Oct 18, 2016

great mentor. had a difficult problem which took longer than expected but was able to help resolve it while passing on knowledge. worth the session
elschan Oct 17, 2016

Top class. Highly recommended. Expert at debugging and knows his Angular & React.
Kobe Koto Oct 17, 2016

Knowledgable and patient
Jfrevert Oct 16, 2016

Bhargav really knows his stuff. He is a very patient and helpful teacher.
Jfrevert Oct 14, 2016

Amazing work! Super helpful and patient.
chinchinhao Oct 14, 2016

Bhargav, helped with resolving Kendo UI issues.
skumo Oct 14, 2016

Bhargav quickly figured out my problem!
Laurie Malau Oct 13, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with some styling issues and also gave me advice on how to prevent my pop-overs from not getting cutoff. He is an excellent mentor and I will continue to seek his assistance when I have any issues or questions.
John Oct 12, 2016

Has a good grasp at concepts.
Sankalp Sharma Oct 12, 2016

very good mentor who is extremely helpful and patient
elschan Oct 12, 2016

This guy is very knowledgeable. After helping with my AngularJS problem, he explained the solution in a clear manner. He's completely recommended!
Christian Ovid Oct 12, 2016

Bhargav was determined to see the project through to a successful completion.
Jake Tunney Oct 11, 2016

Such a great help for me! Thanks!
Jay Oct 10, 2016

Very good professional and expert at all things Android
John Oct 07, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with some Angular logic to add my pop-over content in a template using the $interpolate and $templateRequest. I had no idea it was even possible. There hasn’t been any problem I had that Bhargav has not been able to resolve or point me in the right direction to fix. He will continue to be my top preferred mentor on Codementor.
John Oct 05, 2016

very helpful with react proj with a lot of patience. Is conscious of time for you
Elisa Oct 05, 2016

Quick and smart offline help. I have a git repo and problem. Now I have a PR where my problem solved.
Max Oct 04, 2016

Quick response on some advanced JavaScript concepts!!
Nelson Ho Oct 04, 2016

He fixed the problem efficiently!
sean Oct 04, 2016

I cannot say enough good things about Bhargav, he is amazing!! He helped me write an Angular directive for an image pop-over and also helped me style it and fixed some bug I was having with regards to ng-repeat and the pop-over. In my opinion Bhargav is the best (and probably the kindest) mentor on Codementor. He always pauses the sessions while we troubleshoot, he is just awesome. I am so glad to have him as a code mentor.
John Oct 02, 2016

I needed help combining a reactjs template with a react boilerplate. Got everything done perfectly. I needed extra help with how my computer is setup. We did a screen share and he spent couple of hours setting everything up for me. Very satisfied. Will be using him again in the near future
Rodolfo Sanchez Oct 02, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with some Angular hide/show logic that was very tricky and helped me solve it. Bhargav continues to be my top preferred mentor on Codementor. He is too kind, and pauses the sessions while we troubleshoot, I see him as a friend and a code mentor. I will definitely continue to seek his assistance; he is very patient and extremely knowledgeable…
John Oct 01, 2016

Knows his stuff! Great resource!
tate price Sep 30, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me apply the $httpParamSerializer to my code he also helped me with styling issues and helped me with a pop-over I was working on. He continues to be my number one preferred mentor on Codementor. I will definitely continue to seek his assistance; he is patient and extremely knowledgeable…
John Sep 28, 2016

Quick, efficient and to the point!
gina Sep 27, 2016

Very helpful.
Richie Khoo Sep 24, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with a solution involving styling a directive I was using in a modal. He continues to be my number one preferred mentor on Codementor. I will definitely continue to seek his assistance; he is extremely knowledgeable…
John Sep 22, 2016

Excellent mentor, very helpful.
Richie Khoo Sep 22, 2016

He did a nice job with setting up the proper beginnings to my form validation. He was able to give me a very fairly-priced quote and was willing to work with me to achieve my goal. I definitely recommend him!
Matthew Slomski Sep 21, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with a solution involving tricky and convoluted AngularJS radio button logic, he also helped me with some styling issues that I was having. He is by far one of the best mentors on Codementor (in my opinion). I will definitely continue to seek his assistance; he is extremely knowledgeable…
John Sep 20, 2016

I had another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with an AngularJS library install. He is a very patient, knowledgeable and excellent mentor.
John Sep 07, 2016

terrific guy, helped me a lot!
Trell West Sep 02, 2016

fast and responsive.
Nelson Ho Sep 02, 2016

Federico Ulfo Sep 01, 2016

Very good, will work with Bhargav again.
Federico Ulfo Sep 01, 2016

Bhargav did an amazing job, shipping quality code and explaining in details the issues.
Federico Ulfo Sep 01, 2016

First session with Bhargav studying React was really interesting. Looking forward to the next one.
James Sullivan Sep 01, 2016

Again Bhargav help has been fantastic. Many thanks.
James Sep 01, 2016

Adil Virani Aug 31, 2016

Great help!
Mohammed A Aug 29, 2016

Learning reactjs/redux Bhargav is patient and knowledgable. He did a good job of explaining concepts and working examples.
Mark Aug 26, 2016

Jumped right in and identified what I needed to learn. Very knowledgeable.
Martin Streicher Aug 24, 2016

Quick in speed fixing this webpack issue I have
Nelson Ho Aug 23, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, today he helped me with AngularJS popover logic, it seems like for the past 2 week I have had a session with him every day. He is very patient, generous with his time, knowledgeable and an excellent mentor. By far my favorite mentor!!!
John Aug 22, 2016

Bhargav helped with Angular $rootscope issue and Search Features. Thanks Bhargav.
skumo Aug 21, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with 3 different AngularJS logic/solutions again today. He is a very patient, knowledgeable and excellent mentor. He is definitely one of the best code mentors on this site.
John Aug 19, 2016

Another good session ramping up on react! I can't wait to do more.
Mark Aug 18, 2016

Bhargav did a great job getting me setup for babel/webpack/react/redux and we plan to practice building an app next! I am excited!
Mark Aug 17, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helps me with AngularJS logic/solutions nearly every day now. He is a very patient, knowledgeable and excellent mentor.
John Aug 16, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with a solution involving reshuffling some logic he helped me with previously in order to make my REST call work. He is by far one of the best mentors on Codementor (in my opinion). I will definitely continue to seek his assistance; he is extremely knowledgeable…
John Aug 15, 2016

Bhargav is great!
Everett Aug 13, 2016

A++ Mentor. Super helpful as always
Vaidas Mykolaitis Aug 11, 2016

Crazy talented and super hard working, very reliable and patient. Can't wait to do more work together!
Amanda Aug 11, 2016

Another excellent session with Bhargav, he helped me with a solution involving Boostap, Angular and jQuery. He is by far one of the best mentors on Codementor (in my opinion). I will definitely continue to seek his assistance; he is extremely knowledgeable…
John Aug 10, 2016

Did an amazing job with Javascript and HTML/CSS styling on comfortableclub.com. Understood the issue quickly and fixed it immediately. Also, very polite and respectful.
Miguel Facusse Aug 09, 2016

Great mentor, helped quickly and clearly.
Vaidas Mykolaitis Aug 09, 2016

Another very EXCELLENT session with Bhargav, he is by far one of the best mentors i have worked with. He is always helpful and very, very knowledgeable...
John Aug 08, 2016

Bhargav has been great helping me out with my problem solving. He was very knowledgeable and quick to sort the situation. Will be contacting him again in the near future. Thanks a million.
James Aug 08, 2016

I gained a very good understanding of redux via Bhargav's approach of transitioning from react, to react with flux, and to react with redux
Emmanuel Akinyele Aug 08, 2016

Amazing!!! A wiz on the computer, super quick, highly intelligent, great at explaining!
Amanda Aug 06, 2016

He's a great guy! We ended up with a hack but plan to talk further about better options :)
Everett Aug 05, 2016

Bhargav is a very patient and knowledgeable mentor. I would definitely use him in the future.
Diedrie Redley Aug 05, 2016

One of his approach is to build a conventional app, identify the challenges for scaling the app, and thus creating an understanding of the tools that can be utilised to manage the challenges
Emmanuel Akinyele Aug 04, 2016

Another wonderful session with Bhargav, I use his help nearly everyday because he is so knowledgeable and patient. I will certainly continue to use his help, he is an excellent mentor.
John Aug 03, 2016

This guy is like a coding ninja!!!
Austin Akers Aug 02, 2016

Excellent mentor, I can't count how many session I've had with Bhargav, he is very patient and informative. I am always satisfied after each session.
John Aug 01, 2016

Really great mentor.
Kim Sarabia Aug 01, 2016

As always ! the best!!
Shahaleel Jul 30, 2016

Wow what a great session! He was nice to work with, and patient and knew his way around the code. I am going to work with him again and would recommend to anyone.
Amanda Jul 29, 2016

Another excellent informative session from Bhargav, I was struggling on an issue and he helped me resolve it and explained were I went wrong. I will definitely continue to seek his assistance. He is an A+ mentor.
John Jul 28, 2016

As always, the best !
Shahaleel Jul 25, 2016

The best as always !!!
Shahaleel Jul 24, 2016

The best !!!!!
Shahaleel Jul 23, 2016

Bhargav was really helpful, taking time to explain best practices and make suggestions on how I can improve my own programming skills while also following industry standards for my project layout.
Jacob E. Dawson Jul 23, 2016

Great mentor, very helpful and willing to sift through the issues at hand - will definitely work with him again!
Jacob E. Dawson Jul 22, 2016

Bhargav is a great developer and an excellent problem solver. He understand the issue right away and comes up with a great solution.
Eduardo Jul 20, 2016

Fantastic mentor, I really enjoyed how he tackled my problem and aided me in fixing it asap
Austin Akers Jul 19, 2016

bhargavponnapalli has been very helpful during our mentoring sessions. He is very patient and takes his time to explain concepts. Thanks Bhargav!
Harry Jul 17, 2016

Nice guy, patient mentor.
Bobby Dong Jul 16, 2016

THANKS A LOT !!! He is very very patient and solved my issue!!! I will for sure come back !!! MANY MANY thanks !
Shahaleel Jul 15, 2016

Another excellent session from Brahgav, he diligently helped me with three issues that I was having and helped me resolve all three issues. He is an excellent mentor and I will certainly use him again.
John Jul 15, 2016

He really knows JavaScript, AngulaJS, HTML, I really like working with him, he is very patient.
Eduardo Jul 12, 2016

I had another excellent mentoring session with Bhargav, he is very knowledgeable and very patient. He is very generous with the time and he pauses the time for me to explain my confusion about an issue and he always explains the logic to me. I will definitely continue to use him.
John Jul 12, 2016

Very very knowledgable.
Eduardo Jul 12, 2016

Extremely knowledgeable at Android and would highly recommend Bhargav to anyone.
John Jul 11, 2016

Diligent, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. His talent and creativity have been a big help with several of my projects.
Sean Jul 08, 2016

Bhargav is such an awesome mentor! Really helped me through tough times. Highly appreciate his help an recommend him.
Hyacinthe Hamon Jul 08, 2016

Bhargav was very patient and helpful. He was extremely generous with the time and paused the session while we were troubleshooting. I will definitely use him again. Very honest and patient mentor.
John Jul 08, 2016

First class and expert at Android and in explaining it to novice.
John Jul 07, 2016

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable!
John Jul 06, 2016

Bhargav was very helpful in resolving my issue pretty quickly. Awesome work.
skumo Jul 06, 2016

Nice mentor
Bobby Dong Jul 05, 2016

My issue was resolved he was great
bobby Jul 03, 2016

Awesome, super fast!
Luan Jul 03, 2016

Nice mentor!
Bobby Dong Jul 02, 2016

Patient mentor, I like it.
Bobby Dong Jun 29, 2016

Bhargav has a very good understanding of ReactJS and was able to help me get over an issue with my code.
David Bain Jun 29, 2016

Bhargav knows what he is doing. He is quick to identify the issue and can jump straight into it. His learning curve is pretty quick and he resolved my issue exactly the wanted to be resolved.
skumo Jun 29, 2016

Quick fix for my problem, with explanation so I won't repeat the same issue
Nelson Ho Jun 28, 2016

awesome mentor how's willingly to do extra things just to help
Nelson Ho Jun 27, 2016

Bhargav was very patient with my project and shared great positivity and vision.
David Jun 27, 2016

Bhargav was very positive about my idea and had many ideas of his own. I'm looking forward to what we will create!
David Jun 25, 2016

Very helpful in resolving my problem. Bhargav went one step ahead telling me what I should do
Nelson Ho Jun 24, 2016

He analized my code and show me where to optimize. Thank you.
marco aurelio Jun 24, 2016

Great help with the test cases in React!
Nelson Ho Jun 23, 2016

great mentor to work with
Nelson Ho Jun 22, 2016

Extremely helpful, courteous and has first-class knowledge of Android and java. Would highly recommend Bhargav.
John Jun 20, 2016

Helped me out in a pinch - site was broken and he did a quick fix for a reasonable price. Thank you!
Samantha Mahony Jun 20, 2016

Bhargav is passionate and committed to helping out in any fashion. I asked for help crossing a Javascript hurdle and he showed that the way I was going wasn't best. In response he showed me a better, new (to me) way to solve my problem and walked me through an example of how to handle it. He didn't just help me with a Javascript problem–he helped me level up way I approached this problem. I have a few more tools in my belt and a little more confidence thanks to Bhargav.
Tyler Sloan Jun 17, 2016

Bhargav was excellent! A good communicator, respectful of time, and very talented!
Sean Jun 16, 2016

Great knowledge of Android!
John Jun 14, 2016

Courteous and timely!
Philemon Rutto Jun 14, 2016

Very knowledable
Eduardo Jun 14, 2016

First class mentor and very helpful indeed. Bhargav has a very good knowledge and understanding in Android framework and would highly recommend.
John Jun 12, 2016

Solid, knowledgable, helped me locate my issue in just a couple of minutes!!
Tony Jacobson Jun 08, 2016

Awesome, he was able to figure out the issue after looking at it in a few minutes, we got it knock out in less than 30 mins. Great job. Thanks Sophek
Sophek Jun 07, 2016

Fantastic! First Class! Definitely would recommend to anyone. Very helpful and professional.
John Jun 06, 2016

This guy was great. Very quick.. helped me with my problem quickly! He also taught me a thing or two in the process in regards to CSS and styling. Thanks! - CommandCopyPaste.com
Trell West Jun 05, 2016

Very helpful indeed not only in terms of resolving the issue itself but in giving sound advice of program structure etc. Would definitely recommend Bhargav!
John Jun 05, 2016

Very nice person and respected
Mohammed Alnemari Jun 04, 2016

Great advise. Really quick!
Clint Evans Jun 03, 2016

Really good Mentor! He helped me solve my problem and explained every part of it. Really good! Thank you!
Patrick Hofer Jun 02, 2016

excellent work and well documented.
newbie Jun 01, 2016