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Mehmet Beydogan

Mehmet Beydogan

Experienced Ruby on Rails Engineer | Available for freelance work

Helsinki (+02:00)
I am a full-stack software developer who specialized in web applications using Ruby on Rails and have BS degree in Computer Engineering. I started programming when I was 15. Software is a passion for me. I'm CTO/Co-Founder of 2gossip[1] and main contributor of Confdeck[2]. Recently released a side project, Gitcussion[3]. I was one of the instructors at Linux Summer Camp 2015.[4] -- I'm available for hire. Drop me an email for details! mehmet.beydogan {at} gmail {.} com [1] 2gossip is the simplest and anonymous way to follow what is going on around you. www.2gossip.com [2] Confdeck is a conference management tool. Source code is available on www.github.com/kodgemisi/confdeck [3] Gitcussion, See Reviews of Github Repositories. Source code is available on www.github.com/beydogan/gitcussion [4] Linux Summer Camp is a free organization which has 11 different courses and over 50 volunteered instructors and over 250 students. http://kamp.linux.org.tr/2015/ Personal Blog: www.mehmet.pw I'm using ScreenHero for collaboration, if you don't have it you can download from here; https://github.com/FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp/wiki/How-to-install-Screenhero
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 4 years experience
I have 4 years of experience with Ruby on Rails including Rails 3, 4 and 5 versions. I've built, managed and been part of many projects using Rails.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 7 years experience
I'm developing web applications since I was 15 years old and I learned HTML and CSS when I was 14 years old.
No icon Postgresql - 3 years experience
Mysql expert help MySQL - 7 years experience
Java expert help Java - 1 year experience
No icon Linux - 3 years experience
Android expert help Android - 1 year experience
No icon Arduino - 4 years experience
gitcussion 29   4
learn more, comment, review and rate Github repositories
CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript
dokku-man 9   0
Web interface to manage your dokku servers - DEPRECATED in favor of https://github.com/intercity/intercity-next
CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript
yandex_domains 9   0
Ruby client for Yandex Domains API
Ruby Shell
ansible-server-setup 4   2
Scalable Rails Cluster with Haproxy, Nginx, Postgresql
shortnatra 4   0
URL Shortener API built with Sinatra and Redis
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Again, Mehmet was able to help me debug my app and help me fix it in less than 10 minutes. Always happy with his help. Highly recommend him.
Widny St. Louis Mar 25, 2016

Always great at debugging! It's almost magic.
Hosseyn Mar 08, 2016

Just another great session with Mehmet. Today's session was mostly verbal before we implement the ideas discussed.
Hosseyn Feb 17, 2016

Drilled right into my problem and help craft a solution!
Stephen Feb 06, 2016

Mehmet is amazing!!!! He is super professional, quick and explains things so well. The best! A+++
Lin Z Jan 31, 2016

Mehmet have been so amazing and helpful.
Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde Jan 12, 2016

Hosseyn Jan 06, 2016

Always meets my expectations and beyond!
Hosseyn Jan 04, 2016

A+++ Super professional and very quick. He helped me fix my issue in minutes and explained everything really well! Will definitely use again!! Excellent!
Lin Z Jan 04, 2016

I have had multiple sessions with Mehmet and always had a great time. Nothing ever stopped him and he is quick to come up with solutions. Will hire again and again!!!
Hosseyn Jan 02, 2016

I have seen some mentors with 5 star reviews who don't really know much more than just social media apps, but this guy is a true expert who can work on complex applications. Mehmet understood my issue without asking too many questions and told me the solution verbally right away without searching for tips elsewhere. Eventually I have saved time and money. In contrast, I have had another expert who had no clue but wouldn't say it and wasted my time and money. I wished I had Mehmet to work with in the first place.
Hosseyn Dec 25, 2015

Mehmet is the Bomb! Really quick to identify problems and bring a perfect efficient solution. You rock Mehmet!
Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde Dec 23, 2015

Great session as always! He is very helpful and a great teacher. Thanks Mehmet!
Daniel Dec 08, 2015

Great mentor!! Very helpful and identified very quickly the best way to structure the application. Highly recommended! Thank you!
Daniel Dec 07, 2015

Mehmet is officially my go to person. In our last session, he was very quick to diagnose a problem I was having with my Delayed job and rake task. He was able to explain the problem in a way that I, a junior developer, could understand. He was able to solve my problems quickly and provided me with resources to continue learning.
Widny St. Louis Dec 07, 2015

Mehmet is a genius. He works very fast and can diagnose a problem within minutes. I was very impressed by his skill and commitment to the job. I would definitely use his services again.
Jim Dec 06, 2015

Mehmet is just super amazing with his approach to solving problems. I'd recommend him to anyone. You Rock!!!
Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde Dec 04, 2015

very quick to respond and always amazingly helpful
Maximiliane Quel Nov 26, 2015

Been stuck for so long on rspec issues but he helped through. Thanks Mehmet
Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde Nov 26, 2015

Solved my problem. Thank you!
Grace Ng Nov 25, 2015

Mehmet identified and solved my problem very fast. Highly recommend
Grace Ng Nov 25, 2015

Mehmet was so quick to understand the project and help me through the challenges.
Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde Nov 24, 2015

Solved my problem again. Mehmet is the man!
Matt Nov 19, 2015

great and quick help from Mehmet, would be happy to work with him again!
denis Nov 19, 2015

great :)
AK Nov 16, 2015

Fixed my problem so quickly! Thank you!
Darion Miller Nov 16, 2015

Very helpful, jumped right in and was able to help me with an issue that had been giving me headaches for hours.
Matt Nov 14, 2015

solved my problem :)
AK Nov 12, 2015

Mehmet was able to solve a problem I'd been struggling with for a long time. Thanks for the help.
Michael Nov 09, 2015

Difficult problem, but was able to find some answers with limited resources!
Jerica Richardson Nov 05, 2015

Mehmet was fantastic and quick in helping me find the issue in my code and even pointing me to a better direction with it.
Erik Nov 03, 2015

Mehmet is a cool mentor. I appreciated his help.
Edward Babbage Oct 24, 2015

Really professional and fast. I'm really happy with the solutions we found. Would definitively recommend and work again with!
Vera Zabeida Oct 17, 2015

Very helpful, quick and provided good explanations. Thanks!
Antonio Santoni Oct 15, 2015

Mehmet help me quickly. His first guess was already my problem. Amazing! I hope to get his help in the future again.
Can Edremitoglu Oct 10, 2015

Mehmet did it again!!!! the mark of a true savvy programmer
Sunday Adefila Oct 09, 2015

This is my second session with Mehmet and just like the first time, he was a lot of help. I will definitely continue to work with him and would highly recommend him!
Mike Oct 07, 2015

Needed emergency help. Mehmet responded quickly. He was able to identify the issue in just minutes and solve the problem. i definitely recommend him. I know I will reach out to him again.
Widny St. Louis Oct 05, 2015

He was so great and figured out quickly what was going on with my deployment. Can't recommend him highly enough!
Bo Han Sep 30, 2015

Mehmet is someone with an in-depth knowledge of several packages and a master of ruby on rails. He is therefore able to annex these knowledge to tackle and solve diverse problems. To cap it all, he has a good sense of humor.
Sunday Adefila Sep 15, 2015

Mehmet is a relentless mentor, who gives his best and asks for nothing less in return. A sure bet to bring out the best in anyone. His wide knowledge complements his smartness in unimaginable ways.
Sunday Adefila Sep 11, 2015

Super fast debugging in RoR! Very helpful session!
Erica May 30, 2015

Mehmet saved my life today. I was getting nowhere with various javascript filtering and he solved all my problems in under an hour
Adam Smith May 12, 2015

Firstly knowledgeable, secondly affordable, thirdly he is respectful to the project!!! This guy is awesome.
Jerome Apr 26, 2015

This guy was amazing!!! I have to admit that I was a little worried about how the time difference and being from different countries would effect communication, but he was easy to work with and knowledgable as well! As a student from GA that isn't quite familiar in code at his first coding job, he was a huge help.
Jerome Apr 12, 2015

Holden Steinberg Apr 11, 2015

He offered a better solution that what others were mentioned and it worked right away. thanks so much
Jeff Horsch Apr 10, 2015

Good help. Very knowledgeable and succinct. English could be a bit better.
Azmat Apr 05, 2015

He really helped me solve a vexing command line issue. I spent 6 hrs trying to resolve the problem on my own and he helped me solve it in 10 minutes without breaking a sweat.
Mark Long Apr 05, 2015

Helped out a lot and actually paused the session while he spend time to figure out the answer to my problem.
Tony DiNitto Apr 04, 2015

Another helpful session!
Rachel Apr 04, 2015

Mehmet is very reassuring, and grasps my problem very quickly, i have enjoyed my time with him and it has been really good. I will be back again if i am ever stuck
Jamie Apr 04, 2015

He's smart and helpful and patient!
Rachel Apr 03, 2015

Very helpful and speedy help. Solved my problem quickly and answer all questions. Thanks!
Pat Apr 03, 2015

This was my second time to work with Mehmet. He helped me debug some problems I was having that really helped me get over some hurdles.
Nate Apr 03, 2015

Mehmet helped me solve my problem very fast and he was great at explaining what was going on. I will definitely be reaching out to him for all future questions!
Steve Quatrani Mar 30, 2015

Mehmet was an excellent pair partner, very knowledgeable and helped me clarify some of my data types.
LeRoy Gardner Mar 23, 2015

Mehmet was super helpful and helped me with all my problems
Steven Mar 21, 2015

Mehmet was great!!! He was very fast and professional, and taught me how to fix the issue!
Tony Castiglione Mar 21, 2015

Mehmet was super helpful with showing and explaining how to parse a txt file and change it to a .csv in Ruby
Ben Halverson Mar 20, 2015

Mehmet was super helpful once again. Very much appreciate him.
Rachel Mar 19, 2015

Solved my problem quickly and was a kind, strong communicator. Will ask Mehmet for help again!
Rachel Mar 18, 2015

Mehmet was absolutely amazing. Solved the issue extremely quickly and explained everything to me afterwards so I'd learn.
Andrew Kelley Mar 18, 2015

Mehmet is great! He is very proficient in helping debug and resolve the issue. I highly recommend!
John Balladares Mar 17, 2015

Mehmet was great. He started to help me but realized that offering another solution that saved us time was better.
Nate Mar 17, 2015

Mehmet was great! I should have came to him prior to spending 3hrs on a problem he solved in 5min. Do not hesitate to hire Mehmet! Thanks again!
Mike Mar 17, 2015

He resolved my issue very quickly! Thank you
Grace Ng Mar 16, 2015

Mehmet helped me out with some error handling in a Rails model. This saved me a ton of time!
Jack Pope Mar 16, 2015