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Benjamin Hendricks

Benjamin Hendricks

iOS developer with 4+ years of experience, ex-googler ex-appler.

Edinburgh (+00:00)
French, English
Hi, I'm a young software engineer who'd love to pay forward the help that I've received! I'm really good at iOS development and Node.js web development, as well as using Git to store it all and keep it all safe. Let me know if you have questions that I could answer!

I've done dozens of interviews with real candidates going for top Silicon Valley tech jobs. In an hour long session, I'd expect we spend about half the time coding and half the time going over feedback from that exercise and seeing how to get better.

Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
Been developing simple applications for iOS since iOS 4, been following the Stanford CS193P course this whole time. My full time role is as an iOS engineer, and I continue to learn every day about all the subtleties of developing iOS applications.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
Built a fully responsive Node.js run site using heroku, with a google maps and socket.io integration. In addition, I have worked on several backend systems written in Node (running sails, postgres, tested with mocha/koa).
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Been using git for a long time, know my ways around it, and sourcetree.
No icon Xcode - 5 years experience
Master of using Xcode for everything from building a basic app to profiling a complex app to testing that app with unit and integration tests.
TutorialToastView 7   2
A simple tutorial toast view cocoapod that should be flexible to use in many situations.
Ruby Swift Objective-C
CBPhotoPicker 4   0
A customizable photo picker view controller for iOS -- Swift
Ruby Swift Objective-C
CS130-Events 3   0
CS130 Project with Mark, Matt, Ari, Shai, Collin and Ben
C C++ HTML Ruby Shell Swift JavaScript Objective-C
DynamicLabelTest 1   0
UIKit Dynamics example test using collision.
GymBud 1   0
Repository for all GymBud code, including mobile apps and possibly splash page code.
C C++ Ruby Shell JavaScript Objective-C
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Jean-Pascal Chapron Jun 04, 2015

Ben was able to expose me to best practices I was otherwise unaware of while navigating a plugin he had no exposure too in a Javascript library he'd never seen while helping me reach my final objective in under and hour. 10/10 Will choose Ben always
Paul May 22, 2015

Benjamin did a great job! Helped me solve two problems that I had been working on for a week! Thank again Ben!
Bryan Ryczek May 19, 2015

Awesome mentor! Resolved my issue quickly.
Liran Cohen May 15, 2015

Benjamin was extremely helpful, patient and understanding. I'd definitely recommend him as a mentor!
Cameron May 13, 2015

Just plain awesome he worked extremely hard to solved all of my problems thanks again !
Jean-Pascal Chapron May 11, 2015

Although we haven't finished, he has been super cool and really helpful on helping me understand what I'm doing
Joana May 11, 2015

I came to Benjamin with a a seemingly complicated iOS issue I'd been stuck on for more than a week and one that he said he'd not dealt with before. But in 90 minutes' time, he had moved me light years ahead on it. Very helpful, very knowledgable.
Chris White May 10, 2015

Ben is amazing.
Keith Rumjahn Apr 17, 2015

Thanks so much for the quick help! Solved my problems in just a few minutes! Will look for him next time!
Chris McDaniel Apr 13, 2015

While the issue wasn't resolved, he was still helpful in troubleshooting.
Seth Miller Apr 05, 2015

Mentor was helpful and tried hard for solution
Manbir Apr 05, 2015

Ben is super quick to figure out the problem and several solutions but can slowly and carefully explain the answer. Also willing to adapt to different learning styles.
tsj2345 Apr 02, 2015

Very nice person, very useful. Solved my issue. Will ask for more help in the future!
Cristiano Mar 30, 2015

Had good ideas, but this problem was too difficult for us both.... UPDATE: Then 5 minutes after the session it came to me. If I hadn't worked with Benjamin then I wouldn't have figured it out.
Nathan Cain Mar 29, 2015

Pointed me in the right direction
steven kauyedauty Mar 26, 2015

Very patient mentor was able to help me get my example code to compile and now I am ready to proceed with more advanced examples in the practical book! Saved me hours (if not days) of debugging. Would use again!
Jacob AI Mar 18, 2015

Great Mentor!! This is my first time using Codementor, and the mentor is amazing!! Will definitely come back to this mentor if I have more questions!! :)
Mike Mar 17, 2015

A great Mentor
Nick Grosvenor Mar 17, 2015

He was awesome, the best, def hope to use him again!
Nick Grosvenor Mar 16, 2015

Helped me work through each of my problems and then explained what was going on at each step. Very impressed and definitely booking again.
Josh Mar 16, 2015