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Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen

CS Student and Googler

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Hey! I'm a CS/Computational Linguistics graduate, ex-Google intern, and python fanatic. I practically dream in it at this point. I've also worked as a CS and Math tutor/instructor for five years now, and love every second of it. Currently working as a data scientist with a focus in Natural Language Processing.

Hi! I look at *tons* of resumes on a weekly basis, and also conduct a number of interviews for both python developer and data scientists positions. I'd love to help you prepare for your interview, or do a mock interview with feedback to help you improve your interviewing game. I've both conducted dozens of interviews, as well as done lots of them, from startups, to Google/Apple/Amazon/Facebook. Price is for an hour session. Included is a resume critique/review.

4 Python
3 Machine learning
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
I write python about as much as I speak English nowadays. I've worked with Python in scientific computing, web programming and everything in between! I've worked in it from academic programming to engineering at Google.
No icon Nlp - 4 years experience
I'm part of a NLP research group, and have worked on many academic and applied projects in the field.
No icon Machine learning - 4 years experience
I have lots of experience with Machine Learning, especially with relation to image processing and natural language processing. I'm currently part of a Natural Language Processing research group.
Java expert help Java - 6 years experience
I've been writing JAVA for about six years. I've written network code, solved algorithmic problems, and everything in between.

I'm a Machine Learning Researcher, Hacker, and Teaching Fanatic. AMA

Hey! I'm Ben. I just finished my undergrad degree. I've been teaching Math/CS for about 4 years, and I was apart of two research groups at my university. I do work in NLP (Natural Language...

SpamClassifierOfficeHours 10   14
The code from my codementor office hours on an introduction to machine learning and natural language processing
Salary_Data 9   3
HH Salary Data
TwitterIntrusionDetection 5   1
Basic Intrusion Detection System for twitter accounts
Shell Python
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CSS HTML Python JavaScript
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Deep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional Neural Networks (or ordinary ones) in your browser.
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Very knowledgeable, gave good insights.
Jeremi Sep 19, 2016

Once again, he showed me fantastic ways to code in a way that not only solves my initial problem, but sets me up for success in the future with other projects.
William Kubicz Aug 08, 2016

Ben did a great job helping me get a good introduction to different machine learning approaches
Samer Bechara Aug 04, 2016

Fantastic mentor, give him my highest recommendation!
William Kubicz Jul 28, 2016

Fantastic mentor who has given me some invaluable techniques and ways to think outside the box.
William Kubicz Jul 26, 2016

Fantastic mentor who not only helped me with my issue at hand but gave me tips and tricks that will help me in the long run.
William Kubicz Jul 13, 2016

Friendly and knowledgable
James Shul Jun 27, 2016

Good session on scikit
William Driscoll Apr 11, 2016

Really great at interview prep!
William Driscoll Apr 10, 2016

Always a pleasure
William Driscoll Apr 08, 2016

great training session!
William Driscoll Apr 03, 2016

another great session!
William Driscoll Mar 29, 2016

Great session, very informative!
William Driscoll Mar 28, 2016

Fantastic mentor. I am learning so much.
Miriam Feb 05, 2016

Miriam Feb 04, 2016

Ecstatic with the results of this session. Excellent explanatory powers.
Miriam Feb 03, 2016

One sharp dude! Keep up with him and you'll be too.
Miriam Feb 01, 2016

Best match ever. Ben matches my pace + delta and slows down if necessary. Excellent teacher: clear explanations + great powers of anticipating what I need.
Miriam Jan 27, 2016

Thanks Benjamin, let me just try what you suggested and get back to you.
ned Aug 25, 2015

Ben is very knowledgeable and was able to set me on the right path. I look forward to future sessions.
richard b. Jul 12, 2015

Great session, got all my qs answered.
ap May 27, 2015

Another great session with Benjamin! Great mentor - I don't think I could learn any faster than I do during Q&A's with him. - Thank you!
Markus May 17, 2015

Fantastic! Helped me get to the root of the problem!!!
john asenso May 12, 2015

Great session! Benjamin is well versed in explaining Machine Learning to a newbie, I learned just what I wanted and more. Looking forward to next time!
Markus May 08, 2015

Handled my situation well, and I learned something.
kyle May 04, 2015

Ben provides a great balance of how to with why. Well versed in NLP and very adept at Python.
Tiffany Sumuel Apr 20, 2015

Ben has a wealth of knowledge and an ability to translate that knowledge into learning for others. Often those who know cannot show.
Tiffany Sumuel Apr 13, 2015

Benjamin was able to explain the code to with ease. He made me examine the code and look for errors. This helped me understand what I was doing and why. I highly recommend him.
J. Simmons Nov 24, 2014

Awesome teacher/tutor. Will use again.
miguel sanchez Oct 22, 2014

Very clear and helpful. A natural teacher.
Jeff Aug 25, 2014

I will continue sessions with Ben, If you need a mentor that knows his stuff and explains it so you understand!
marcomcse May 24, 2014

Ben was awesome and I look forward to working with him again!
marcomcse May 22, 2014

Ben is great. Knows Python cold and is also great at explaining it. He's also patient.
Matt Messinger Apr 04, 2014