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Ben Edmunds

Ben Edmunds

active leader, developer, and speaker in various development communities. PHP/JS expert.

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Ben Edmunds leads development teams to create cutting-edge web and mobile applications. He is an active leader, developer, and speaker in various development communities, especially the CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP framework communities.
Php expert help PHP - 12 years experience
I've been using PHP since the start of my career. Over the years the frameworks have changed and the language has evolved so I've made sure to keep current on modern PHP. I'm an accomplished leader and speaker in the PHP community.
No icon Security - 10 years experience
I am the creator of the most popular authentication package for the CodeIgniter PHP Framework, Ion Auth. I am also the author of the Building Secure PHP Apps ebook. Security has been a large focus of mine for several years now. I'm passionate about bringing good security practices to every developer I can.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
I've been using vanilla (plain ole) JavaScript for over a decade now. In the past few years I've slung my fair share of jQuery. More recently I've been developing with AngularJS.
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
I've been using GIT for several years now and can help you get up and running on it if needed. I can also help you work through your GIT workflow or any issues you've experienced.

I'm the co-host of PHP Town Hall and the author of BuildSecurePHPapps.com. Ask Me Anything!

My name is Ben Edmunds - PHP Town Hall podcast co-host. I'm also the author of BuildSecurePHPapps.com and creator of CodeIgniter's Ion Auth. Ask Me Anything!

CodeIgniter-Ion-Auth 1709   826
Simple and Lightweight Auth System for CodeIgniter
codeigniter-cache 223   58
Cache Money!
CodeIgniter-Twilio 98   41
CodeIgniter library wrapper for the Twilio API class
CodeIgniter-Standard-Project 96   59
A default template CodeIgniter project with custom MY_Controller and basic layout
Node-Express-MVR-Example 65   28
Example Node.js Express project to get you started with a MVR architecture